Despite Outcry Over Length, Over 1 Million Copies Of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Shipped

GI:Konami has announced that Ground Zeroes has shipped over one million copies of its cross-generation title. This includes digital and retail copies sold to customers as well as copies sold to retailers that have not yet been moved to end users.

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sobotz1693d ago

The collectors and a die hard fans will buy it no matter what, the alternative cover looks cool though. For me, it's worth the rent's price

PCGamingNoobs1693d ago

i was itching to buy it as i watched the price slowly fall but in the end i played it at my brothers house, and it actually made me want to buy it more. even though i did finish it in 55 mins (not including cut scenes lol)but i was running through just to digest the story.

Personally i dont mind these "prologues" but this one seems a little pricey, but its got me hyped as hell for phantom pain.

1693d ago
Septic1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I think it is a complete utter rip off. After reading how short it was, having played it I was still shocked at how brief it was. This was a demo. An impressive one but a demo that we were asked to pay extortionate amounts for.

And Kojima got away with it. Its ridiculous and I would say it to his face. Having played it I'm very excited for the final game but it doesn't justify this dodgy practice. Im so glad I borrowed it off my mate.

gaffyh1693d ago

Thing is, 1 million isn't that much for MGS in a month. It would probably sell a lot more if it was a full game.

BattleAxe1693d ago

The average consumer that doesn't read gaming news, and sees this game sitting on a store shelf has no clue that they're in for a 2 hour treat. So, this should be a surprise.

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Gamer19821693d ago

Title clearly says SHIPPED! This includes digital sales and across all consoles. Normally 1 million would be a great number if it was sold and not including digital as we rarely here of digital numbers.. But shipped across 4 consoles plus sold digitally and its just hit 1 million so the real numbers probably around 750k across 4 platforms putting each one around the 200k mark each sold.. Is that really a success? I think its about right for an overpriced demo and in fact for a MGS game 1 million shipped+digital is a massive failure especially over 4 consoles..

I'll put this in perspective for you. MGS4 sold 5.86m on PS3 ALONE in lifetime sales so far according to VGcharts and it sold 1.3 million on its first day ON ONE CONSOLE MGS4 outsold this game across 4 platforms!

TheTwelve1693d ago

MGS4 sold like crazy in the low-install-base-early-days of the PS3, too.

Nitrowolf21693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

"This is an instance of vocal gamers not reflecting the purchase habits of the broader population. More pessimistically, it's an instance of the loudest voices also not acting in accordance with their own stated beliefs. This happens more than you would expect, as evidenced by the classic Modern Warfare PC "boycott" example and the overwhelming success of Bethesda's Horse Armor DLC for Oblivion. People might say they don't like some of the things that publishers do, but the sales data tells a different story."

TBF, they (gameinformer) are WRONG. This is pretty low for a MGS game in general, and considering that it's the first MGS game to be available on 4 consoles, two of which with an install base over 100 Million combined, and the next gens about 10 Million over, this did rather poorly IMO if THEY ARE USING SHIPPED NUMBERS.

And i know MGS4 was a main one, but for beign on one platform at an install base of 13 Million and pulling 2 Million in comparison to GZ which had an install over 110 Million, it's not that huge of feat. I could promise that if this was the full game, it would have done waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

-Foxtrot1693d ago


Seems to me the site is trying to get on Komai's good side

For those who did buy it, I'm sorry but all Komani see now is a massive "SUCKER" sign stamped on your forehead.

randomass1711693d ago

Pretty much. Sigh. Won't surprise me if we see more of these hour long games for $30. And I really hate the justification that people are getting their money's worth by playing it over and over. That really seems to be the only real defense.

ZodTheRipper1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

My justification is that Kojimas games have been entertaining me for the last 10 years on a regular total I've I have about 15 playthroughs on all MGS games. Also GZ has plenty of content for fans of the gameplay, I enjoyed it for about 12 hours and I will play it again if the new missions are released next week. You can criticize the price (I think 20€ would've been fairer) but you can't deny the games' quality.

Oschino19071693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )


You write a blog condemning the game last week while your words a few days ago about this very same game sounds different...

"The value of this game is completely subjective and therefor the opinion of the player alone. So I feel no gamer should be faulted for their stance on the issue."

Now today you are back to the immature BS.

Lol flip flop much???

Only difference between you and -Foxtrot is he doesn't ever pretend to be mature to make himself look good.

randomass1711692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Yes, I DID say the value was subjective and in my subjective view that the game is a very brief cash grab and that most peoples' defense is that the game can be played over and over. I'm not attacking anyone, I am saying I am disagreeing with that argument. Why don't you stop being insecure and accept that my opinion is different from yours?

edit: If you're going to quote me, don't take it out of context just to make the other argument look bad. It just makes you look like a dishonest fanboy. The REAL difference between me and Foxtrot is that I'm generally less critical than he is. This is one of the times where I feel criticism is very necessary because Ground Zeroes represents a bad potential trend in the industry that I don't want to see become a regular occurrence especially when other prologues and epilogue games have been released and priced much more fairly.

TheoreticalParticle1693d ago

It's probably less about trying to get on Konami's good side are more about GI trying to help Gamestop move a good portion of those 1,000,000 that are sitting on Gamestop shelves right this moment.

Staying on Konami's good side is probably a distant second.

NYC_Gamer1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I won't be surprised if other publishers go down this quick cash grab route..MGS:GZ sets a brand new terrible trend for the whole gaming industry in my opinion.

randomass1711693d ago

Indeed it does. It's why I actively chose to avoid GZ despite being a Metal Gear fan. I love the series but it was a genuine ripoff to me. Could not in good conscience buy it.

KonsoruMasuta1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

This was already a trend. Gran Turismo Prologue comes to mind.

youndamie1693d ago

Yea but it's content didn't last less then two hrs

Joe9131693d ago

I doubt it first off the only other developers that could do this is Rockstar with GTA and other than that no other game has the fan base to pull this and get away with it like Nitrowolf2 said this sold bad for a MGS game so I doubt Konami would even try it again unless of course they want to kill the MGS franchise lol. Second off to each their own or whatever to those who don't want to buy it good for you but to call those who did buy it suckers or anything else is dumb imo you may not agree with what Konami did but to call ppl names who did not have a problem buying the game is childish yea the story is 2 hours but I did get more play time out of the game than the last 3 games I bought for a full $60 bucks how is that being a sucker and I doubt Konami would call anyone sucker they prob kicking themselves for doing this cause they pretty much turned a bunch of loyal fans against themselves. I do not get very many 3rd party games only one I do get is MGS, GTA, Batman that's it everything else I play is first party so when a MGS game come out I am getting it.

Ghost_Nappa1693d ago Show
wheresmymonkey1693d ago

It's really good, its just that the main campaign is way too short. The side ops are fun and all but they are basically padding to make up for the lack of campaign. I think it would have been better if they'd just released the campaign only for under a tenner and been done with it.

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