Ten Facts You Never Knew about Video Games

A collection of little know facts about videogames and the videogame industry.

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SlyGuy1180d ago

Interesting. Some cool tidbits here.

"...the circle and cross stood for “yes” and “no” respectively"

Is that why in the few Japanese games I've played (and MGS) circle advances the menus and cross cancels it?

Ultr1180d ago

Yes. Also ff7 as far as I remember

1180d ago
waltyftm1180d ago

David Jaffe's idea for GOW3 was awesome, i hope he comes back for GOW4 on PS4.

Ultr1180d ago

hm I dunno, it just doesn't make any sense to take on other mythologys.
I think that would absolutely destroy the franchise.
Better they make a new game, totaly based on other mythologys rather than blend them to total chaos

Hicken1180d ago

Sure it makes sense, as long as those mythologies existed at the same time. It's what would have happened, had those civilizations contacted each other. And some did.

waltyftm1180d ago

That's exactly what i want in the next GOW, Total Chaos.

Ultr1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

yeah but it wouldn't be about Kratos anymore and his story would fall to pieces.

danncampello1178d ago

Always love some facts about things I love