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Nintendo UK Says Mario Kart 8 Will Have A Year-Long Marketing Campaign

Nintendo UK has revealed to MCV that their flagship Wii U title Mario Kart 8 will have a year-long marketing campaign. The first step is a social media programme which is designed to get gamers nostalgic about classic Mario Kart games. This will then lead up to a full-blown online and TV marketing campaign that will run till the end of the year. (Mario Kart 8, Nintendo, Wii U)

AKR  +   435d ago
This is going to be very interesting to see; and it makes sense.

Mario Kart is Nintendo's BIGGEST system-seller (excluding the Wii Series. The last three Mario Karts sold in the MULTI-MILLIONS. The lowest selling entry is Super Circuit; yet it sold 5 million+ units.

Moral of the Story: - This is Nintendo's ace card, and they're going to use it as best as they can.

P.S ~ Proof the sales right here: http://vgsales.wikia.com/wi...
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randomass171  +   435d ago
A year long marketing cycle? GOOD! I and many gamers like me have been totally perplexed at Nintendo's marketing or lack thereof. A year long marketing campaign for one of their heaviest hitting exclusive franchises is definitely in order. Combine this with Smash Bros. and maybe even a price drop at the end of the year, and I guarantee that Wii U will see its biggest boost yet.
I wish Nintendo would go back to the days of old. They lost me after the GameCube, because they were no longer a gaming console just a gimmick. I don't care about the sales, I would just perfer a real Nintendo console like the GameCube.
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   434d ago
If you thought that the Wii was nothing but a gimmick, you missed out on some incredibly good games over your unwillingness to get used to a new controller.
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Vegamyster  +   434d ago
Nintendo has always tried new things or tried to refine old concepts, each console was different and unique so they're doing exactly what they've always done. The Wii-U has the touch screen but it hardly relies on it and its more of convenience to make things easier, its biggest benefit is offscreen play. The system currently has a good selection of exclusives with other upcoming ones.
BakPAin  +   434d ago
Gamecube was also my last Nintendo system. But the Wii U is looking good. Im waiting til after E3 to make decision. Just want to see what they have in store for future.
Activemessiah  +   435d ago
Wow, looks like someone at Nintendo finally got the memo.
ChickeyCantor  +   434d ago
They didn't. They really didn't.
Venox2008  +   433d ago
Fast Racing Neo for Wii U incoming, a good alternative to F-zero, cant wait :)
randomass171  +   434d ago
Better than late than never. Kinda seems like Nintendo's catch phrase. But when they get to the party, they know how to deliver.
Father__Merrin  +   434d ago
this is the problem with Nintendo. promote their own but not third parties. I remember seeing 3ds stands at demo units with boxes of different Mario titles plastered all over stand.

but they might use this to peak interest in the wiiu
OtakuDJK1NG  +   434d ago
exactly what big third party Wii u game is coming in two months.
Nintendo is promoting Indies and exclusives on their YouTube channel.
BakPAin  +   434d ago
Why should Nintendo promote 3rd party games tho?

Idk but when I play a Nintendo a system it was usually for their games. If I need 3rd party I go with Xbox or PS.
AKR  +   434d ago
They're promoting Child of Light on their YouTube channel; which is being made by Ubisoft - even though it's not exclusive.

If you look at the U's eShop; third-party titles have tiles just as big as the first-party titles and exclusives.

Nintendo does promote third-parties; but of course, they'll give their own products a bigger push. Sony & MS mostly rely on third-parties (especially MS!) - so of course they're going to appeal to them more.
randomass171  +   434d ago
Nintendo does promote third parties. They post trailers on their YT channel and there's always news on their website. TV commercials are the responsibilities of the third parties though. It does not help if the third parties themselves don't do anything to help their games sell on Wii U.
WeAreLegion  +   434d ago
Good idea. With a good marketing team behind it, it can push the system until Super Smash Bros. releases, which should help even more.
LKHGFDSA  +   434d ago
starting 2016
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   434d ago
Starting March 30th and running till the end of this year.
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dcj0524  +   434d ago
Nintendo has a marketing team?
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   434d ago
A marketing team in sore need of retraining, but yes.
pcz  +   434d ago
waste of resources
why dont they share their marketing budget between many games, instead of blowing it all on one game in a ridiculous one year campaign.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   434d ago
At no point did they say they were using their entire marketing budget on one game.
Quit making things up.
pcz  +   434d ago
where are the other nintendo ads then? exactly.

its obvious and evident that they are saving all or the vast majority of the budget for this one game.

meanwhile dozens of other releases hit the shelves with not so much as a poster on the wall to let people know the game exists.

this is why nintendo are losing.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   434d ago
No, it's not "Obvious and evident".
You're assuming shit based off of a lack of other ads, and that doesn't hold up as solid evidence.

You're making shit up for the sake of spinning a positive article into something negative.

Get proof that they've said they've used their entire marketing budget on this one game, or shut your trap.
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deafdani  +   434d ago
Dude, why are you feeding the troll?
pcz  +   434d ago
a year long ad campaign is not positive news. its absurd. it IS a total waste of resources that could be better utilised by sharing the cost with many games instead of a year long campaign devoted to one game.

its self evident because as i pointed out, there are no other ads for nintendo wiiu games, but now they reveal they will throw a years budget on mario kart. you can only laugh.

its not impressive or positive news, its just plain bad business. bad marketing.
AKR  +   434d ago
Everything N does is wrong in your eyes.

People have been losing their hair over how Nintendo hasn't been advertising their games that much.

They're having a year-long ad campaign for their most financially-strong title and it's a BAD thing?

... As to how you manage to have 5 bubbles and KEEP them is beyond me, with the foolishness you spout.
pcz  +   434d ago
''They're having a year-long ad campaign for their most financially-strong title and it's a BAD thing? ''

anyone would think mario kart was nintendos sole title for the wiiu.

it seems nintendo are literally placing all their chips on mario kart.

'' As to how you manage to have 5 bubbles and KEEP them is beyond me, with the foolishness you spout.''

lets be mature and not get personal please :)
randomass171  +   434d ago
Mario Kart is the Wii U's biggest confirmed game release this year until Smash comes out. Why the heck wouldn't they have a massive marketing campaign for it?
pcz  +   434d ago
if a company only had one product, then of course they would advertise that sole product for years.

but a company like nintendo who have many products... for them to spend an entire year advertising one of those products, while many other come and go with NO advertising what so ever.. that is just BAD.

there is no defending this. everyone knows nintendo need to advertise the wii and its games more. but spending an entire year advertising 1 game is not the solution.

you might not like it, but im right.
Blues Cowboy  +   434d ago
Cool. Still don't care about marketing and sales, though, because I'm a gamer.

Not a marketing executive. A gamer. Who plays games.

Kinda sick and tired of discussing corporate strategy and arguing over numbers in balancesheets, both on sites and forums, while the games seem to keep sliding out of focus (and when they are talked about, it's in terms of resolution and frame rate).

Can't wait for MK8, btw.
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AKR  +   434d ago
I honestly don't know why so many gamers get overly-concerned about this stuff; despite it not having ANY EFFECT on the outcome of the product they end up ranting about.

It's great to share your opinion, true; but more and more people are starting to take it on a personal level; as if they helped create these things!
link2Dpast  +   434d ago
Forget one year just make it the whole gen cycle. Make it the norm from now on, mario kart should always be accompanied with the system, just how in the old days a incredible mario game came with the system a formula Nintendo should of never broken.

Mario kart is Nintendo's new mario. With Dlc now more mainstream this game could never get old if done right
itsyaboy14  +   434d ago
Oh no this means we won't see any games till next year smh

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