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randomass1711213d ago

Come on Johnny, what are we waiting for?! :D

FriedGoat1213d ago

I agree. Been a pc gamer for over 20 years, now is not the best era for pc gaming, unless you love average third party games, indies and Mobas.

Early 2000 was the best time for pc gaming, it has no decent exclusives, where are the quakes, unreal tournaments, dues ex, kingpin, total annilhations, dungeon keeper, end others? No where to be seen. I haven't played a pc exclusive anywhere near as solid as the say halo or the last of us in over 10 years.

People may buy a lot of cheap junk on steam, but that doesn't mean the industry is bigger.

levian1213d ago

I wasn't able to play PC games back in 2000 (I was 9, and playing Runescape around then!), but I'd agree. Just this year I've been going back and playing some older games, and man they're awesome. I wish we got stuff like that today.

Honestly, I still prefer to play on a console. My computer desk setup sort of sucks to it gets uncomfortable to play for more than an hour. I like using my controller, and not all PC games are well adapted for gamepads.

There are some games that I just love on PC though, so far it's Fallout and any TES game. It just feels better, even without the ability to mod. Quicksave doesn't hurt either!

thorstein1213d ago

I would say even pre 2000 was a great time for PC gaming. This is not to say there aren't some amazing PC games out now, certainly there are but when PC was king and consoles were niche, PC gaming = amazing.

RPGs alone were worth the price of admission. Anything Black Isle touched was pure gold. Richard Garriot was the king and Interplay could do no wrong.

Add to that sims, strategies, and Space Operas like Wing Commander, Tie Fighter, Homeworld...

Yes. I would love to see a resurgence! But, I don't think that right now is the time

combatcash1213d ago

League of legends,DOTA,WOW other mmo's ,Diablo,Starcraft,company of heroes,the original witcher stalker, the arma series plus all multiplats are better on pc tons of quality free to play games and indie games Day z and so on., I agree to a degree with you that pc exclusives are limited and now going multiplat but the fact is there's a lot more variety on that platform. By the way most of the stuff that is cheap on steam is games that people are paying a full 50-60 dollars on console for.

Clogmaster1213d ago

Planetary Annihilation? I know there's nothing like TA, but it's a nice successor.

papashango1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

2007 was the end of proper PC gaming. The next generation of gaming imo hasn't started yet.

It won't start until devs remember why they created games on pc to begin with.

BlackTar1871213d ago

Witcher and stalker are great and amazing PC games

Ghoul1213d ago

natural selection 2

hybrid of RTS and FPS

the best online mp shooter ever created.
pc only since the gameplay never works with a controller

try it out it has a steep learning curve but you will get rewarded with incredible intense and dynamic matches

FriedGoat1213d ago

I like how people who voice their opinions and add to the discussion can see where I'm coming from. I guess these ghost disagrees are from people who unfortunately never got to experience the golden age of pc gaming.

@combatcash MOBAs, RTS and mmo is what the pc is these days, for me, I'm not a big fan. The witcher is no longer pc exclusive and ARMA is not exactly a polished masterpiece, it's a buggy mess. I been playing since operation flashpoint. DayZ is fun, but again, it's not even finished. Diablo is also going to consoles and that doesn't leave much now does it? I'm looking forward to star citizen, it could give me a blast back to starlancer all those years ago, but as I said, PC just doesn't have what it used to.

I'm kind if thinking like papashango, I think next gen for pc hasn't started yet.

DevilOgreFish1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

FriedGoat - "I agree. Been a pc gamer for over 20 years, now is not the best era for pc gaming, unless you love average third party games, indies and Mobas. "

Pfff, Steam, Steam big picture UI, Xbox/PS controller support, DX12 and Mantle are the best times in PC's life. not to mention the abundance of developer support.

with PC, I've never ran out of games to play or things to do.

FriedGoat1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

@DevilOgreFish, steam and all that controller stuff mean nothing, I could get drivers to run whatever controller, I don't need steam, that just makes it easier. DX12? Mantle? What are you talking about? Tech and driver support don't mean squat when you don't have any meaningful games to back it up. I'm talking about quality exclusives. Sure, pc has an abundance of games, the majority of it shovelware. But compare today to the late 90's and 2000's (if you were there, which I VERY MUCH DOUBT by the sounds of it).

What i'm saying is, you would not be able to name a pc exclusive that stands up in quality to the likes of last of us. But 15+ years ago, you wouldnt be able to name a console game that rivals PC games like Dues Ex, Half-Life or Quake 3/UT.

that's the tell tale sign that PC gaming's prime has been and gone. (not saying that it won't come back again) but big companies have to support it. Indies and mobas, RTS and MMO just don't cut it.

I've been playing pc all this time, I know what's happening. All these new kids, jeeze.

Oh and ghoul, Natural Selection 2 has nothing on Rocket Arena 3.

incredibleMULK1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I know. I let some friends talk me into building a mid spec PC and one of the only games I play, crysis 2, is being taken off line. Call of duty ghosts only has like 3,000 players. I guess I'll just play average 3rd party single player, not a big fan of portal, left for dead, or the other popular PC games. I might try counter strike though. All these people rave about steam...and all steam is, is a game store, its not saving crysis 1&2 from going off line but meanwhile I can get on live and psn and play. Plus I can voice chat with people in the game, which I couldn't figure out on PC.

Mega241213d ago

Marathon was a good pc game! Hell, no one knows about marathon?

FriedGoat1213d ago

Marathon was a Macintosh game.

starchild1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

You people and your damn obsession with exclusives. That's ammunition for stupid fanboy wars and little else. All I care about is the overall experience I get on a platform.

I have been gaming on the PC since the late 80s and I honestly believe that things have never been better on the PC than they are now.

You can point to high profile PC exclusives from the past all you want, but it is a demonstrable fact that the PC today gets more high scoring exclusives than any other platform and still has high profile exclusives like Star Citizen if you really care about hype and things like that.

You're a Sony fanboy so of course you are going to focus on the couple of very hyped high-scoring exclusives on a platform, but how in the world does that affect a person's overall experience on a platform in any significant way? The vast majority of games are mutliplatform and even in terms of exclusives personal taste is going to be a bigger determining factor than anything else. I'd rather a platform have the widest selection of games that I can choose from than a platform that has 2 or 3 very hyped award winning exclusives but has a smaller library overall and inferior versions of most games.

There are so many things that are better about PC gaming today than in past decades. For one thing, the PC used to miss out on a TON of 3rd party games that would only be available on consoles. You basically HAD to own a console unless you wanted to miss out on over half of what gaming had to offer. Nowadays the consoles only have a small handful of exclusives and nearly every 3rd party multiplat is available on PC with better graphics and performance.

There also used to be far more issues with drivers and other incompatibilities, but I find most games on PC these days just work (with a few exceptions).

Steam has also massively improved PC gaming. The competition between Steam and other digital distribution services has resulted in cheaper games and a wider availability of PC games in general. This has caused a surge in PC game sales and developers and publishers have taken note and continue to bring more and more of their games to the PC.

PC gaming has been growing for a reason: it's better than ever.

dcj05241212d ago

Try some of the Indies or MMOs. Those are AMAZING.

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sungam3d1213d ago Show
3-4-51213d ago

PC gaming has probably never been easier to get into than it is right now today.

* Quality PC's for cheap thanks for places like New Egg & such.

* Tons of games of every genre. Multiple control styles.

Certain games are just better on the PC, and some play much better on handheld or console.

Roccetarius1213d ago

Correction: some games just play better with different control input. :)

It's just a matter of software.

DefenderOfDoom21213d ago

nice comment , but my beef with PC gaming is " I can not afford even low end PC rig to game on . but i really really want one!!! . Maybe the big oil companies can throw me a little money . Oh well , at least i have a PC to post comments , search the web , and play that little hockey game at the bottom right corner , when i come to N4G site!

ATi_Elite1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I became an EXCLUSIVE PC GAMER after Half Life 2 and NEVER looked back.

Sure I still play the TOP RATED console games from time to time because I am a GAMER but my primary focus and my ONLY system is PC Gaming and all it's GRAND EXCLUSIVES and MODS.

The New technology, The Customization, The Freedom, The Exclusives, The Mods, PC Gaming is GLORIOUS!

P.S. PC has way too many good games. You wanna play New games but meanwhile your old Games get better through support or mods thus making them impossible to stop playing.

heisenberguk1210d ago

You want to reply to someone else then reply to them, don't use me to do it!

ATi_Elite1207d ago

Now Witness the Power of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race and the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!

Muh ha ha ha ha ha Whose your Daddy Now!

heisenberguk1207d ago

I own a PC too you clown! JOG ON!!!

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Articuno761213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Wow, only just now? I was under the impression that this happened ages ago given that various pricing types outside of the standard $60 retail box model(F2P,subscriptions, cheaper digital prices) have been around for a while now or are more common on PC.

For consoles to get back they need to widen pricing so that there is something filling in the massive gap between cheap indie releases and full price ones (an area I can see A/AA Japanese developers filling).

Ares84HU1213d ago

You mean Rayman, Trials Fusion for $39.99 and MGSV:GZ for $29.99?

I think games shouldn't be $59.99 anyway. It's just crazy expensive. Especially for digital downloads. Every game should be $49.99 retail and $39.99 Digital Download. But money hungry corporations will never agree though I feel like they would sell more since more people would be able to afford the games.

Articuno761213d ago

I'm thinking more like games that are full packages but cheaply produced. Stuff like the Atelier series for example - mini-RPGs that are far more substantial than your usual indie game, but not as bleeding-edge as the newest AAA release.

respekanize911213d ago

TRIALS is 19.99, 39.99 nets you the season pass and some extra stuff. and the game is great no matter what the price. Rayman was excellent also

levian1213d ago

And here in Canada it's $69.99. Say what you will about our dollar dropping but that doesn't mean squat to the people being affected. Just means we're stuck paying more while our salary stays the same.

I usually game mainly on PS3 and soon to be PS4 when more games come out for it, but PC is looking better and better. That $10 difference in AAA games is now looking to be $20, unless they raised the prices on Steam for Canada... Haven't checked yet

TheBurger291213d ago

Games like CoD and other lazy repetitive games should be $4o. I think that games that are actually built well and are not a total pile of crap should be $60

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randomass1711213d ago

PCs have actually had a solid market to work with for decades. What people don't consider is that all this time the PC games market has been coexisting and improving thanks to the existence of consoles and vice versa. More competition is more helpful, period.