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Submitted by ValKilmer 651d ago | news Sells eBay Bundle of PS4 With Killzone and Knack For $450

Hardcore Gamer: If you're interested in getting a PS4 and also want Killzone: Shadow Fall, then you're looking at spending $460. Thanks to's ebay sale, you can get that combination for $15 less and get Knack as well. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, PS4)

ValKilmer  +   651d ago
*sigh* If only Knack wasn't so terrible...
The_Infected  +   651d ago
They they picked the two wrong games for a bundle IMO.
Farsendor1  +   651d ago
killzone is fun when playing with friends and knack can be fun if you have kids around.
The_Infected  +   651d ago
Well I don't like Killzone at all and I've never played Knack but I've watched a lot on twitch and I don't think it looks interesting at all. Just my opinion though.
Farsendor1  +   651d ago
killzone isnt a great game, shooting in multiplayer is fun and the maps are good. its decent enough
Sharius  +   651d ago
hey, atleast you have PS4, right?
GundalfDeGrej  +   651d ago
Killzone isn't that great either in my opinion but maybe I'm in the minority here. I'd say the best games right now are AC4 and Infamous. Those games should keep you satisfied until the next big release.
caseh  +   651d ago
Next big release is Watchdogs but after that it's pretty bleak until September.
GundalfDeGrej  +   651d ago
I guess it's up to the buyer if he think it's worth it or not. A lot of people are waiting for more games to come out and I don't blame them. It's the same for all current gen consoles. E3 can't come soon enough!
blakstarz  +   651d ago
Knack is a good game..Its not bad for a simple platformer game, crank up the difficulty and it becomes even more fun.
badboy776  +   651d ago
$22.50 a game basically.
thecowsaysmoo  +   651d ago
Too bad they couldn't bundle a game like dead rising, forza, titan fall and plants vs zombies.
Kribwalker  +   651d ago
They are bundling games for cheaper with the system, and I am seeing ps4 all over the place now stocked up. :O they're doomed, they aren't selling anymore, retailers discounting them with free games.

See what I did there, in case you can't figure it out, I've used all the BS people say about X1 in this situation about the PS4. Because it is essentially the same thing

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