Ever wondered what the schoolgirl from Kill Bill is up to these days? She stars in game commercials

Chiaki Kuriyama, the beautiful actress who played Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill, is now starring in a new Puyo Puyo Quest commercial, and it’s weird.

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jujubee881160d ago

Those connect four games on touch screens can be addicting. Also she's beautiful! ^_^

jc485731160d ago

Didn't Sega also use her likeness for Nightshade?

Inception1158d ago

You mean Yakuza: Dead Souls. Hibana a bit looks like her, but in Yakuza Sega did hired her for her voices and motion capture as Misuzu Asagi.

Septic1160d ago

Lol wtf is going on at 0:26

randomass1711159d ago

Err... I think it was a crying schoolgirl.

Septic1159d ago

Lol but that shot is so random. Ah Japan....I love thee

randomass1711159d ago

Haha, random is how the Japanese do sometimes. You ever see the Japanese Luigi ad where Peach screams in horror at the sight of Luigi? It's quite a watch.

Septic1159d ago

Nah I haven't mate. Youd think after watching some messed up anime I wouldn't be surprised anymore but damn...they somehow always manage it.

randomass1711159d ago

Well here you go. Enjoy all of its obscure glory.

maniacmayhem1159d ago

I wonder if the Japanese think our commercials are strange?

randomass1711159d ago

Ain't that the million dollar question right there lol.

jambola1158d ago

I can finally sleep at night now that i know this

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The story is too old to be commented.