Xbox One Day One Edition Now Available at Amazon

If you’re looking to buy an Xbox One, but would like the perks included with the limited Day One edition released when the console launched, you may be in luck, as availability of the sleek black-boxed version has popped up on Amazon.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

It's not "Day One" anymore.

Ron_Danger1306d ago

Really puts those shipped numbers into perspective.

Eonjay1306d ago

Okay so obviously they didn't make more.... so where were they hiding Day One consoles? O_o

MysticStrummer1306d ago

On 11/22/14 the Day One Anniversary Edition will go on sale, with the word "Anniversary" written in crayon.

johndoe112111306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )


Food for thought. Microsoft SHIPPED 5 million consoles to date. Sony has SOLD THROUGH 7 million. Should we assume that sony has manufactured more consoles than microsoft thus far? I don't think so. They probably have manufactured around the same amount but the demand for the xbone was way less so microsoft probably has a ton of xbones somewhere sitting in warehouses that were never shipped due to the much lower demand.

Like I said, food for thought.

gamertk4211306d ago

@mystic. OK, that was funny.

Clogmaster1306d ago

I think the reason why Sony is able to say what their Sell Through number is would be because it's so easy to measure since almost every single PS4 gets picked up.

Gunstar751306d ago

Are you seriously suggesting that MS didn't sell (at retail) all the units they manufactured??

Either Microsoft were able to produce a phenomenal number of D1 units then, or they sell less than a quarter of what they have claimed....

randomass1711306d ago

Makes you wonder if the Titanfall bundle has sold more than the Day One bundle...

Gunstar751306d ago

Loving my n4g disagrees.

Its like a badge of honour, with no actual argument against my comment.

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nbalive20141306d ago

I believe microsoft are trying to just sell off those day one editions which did not sell

Tony-A1306d ago

It's definitely not a good sign when "Day One" Editions of a console that launched over 5 months ago are still being sold by retailers, especially one as large as Amazon, and this definitely puts everything into perspective.

1.2 million units shipped in 2014 alone looks horrible when compared to the biggest competitor, whom managed to actually sell through much more than that. It sucks for MS because they're actually on pretty good terms when compared to their previous platform, but with the PS4 literally showing no signs of fatigue, all positive correlations with the previous generation are shot and buried.

Next month marks a year since we first heard of Xbox One and we're still struggling to find a positive note on the Xbox camp. I think the best thing that's happened to them so far was Spencer taking over.

SniperControl1306d ago

Tesco and Game near me have them in stock as well, still priced at £420.

Concertoine1306d ago

Did they expect to sell several million day one editions? Im curious to know what percentage of xbones are day one editions. Obviously these are just stragglers and MS isnt still making day one's, but i mean i would guess at least a third of all xbones sold were day one editions so they must've made A LOT.

Jazz41081306d ago

Ms kept a good amount back to replace faulty units as well as did Amazon. Thats all this is.

HaveAsandwich1306d ago

but they sold out of day one editions..........

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Magnes1306d ago

Like night vision goggles when your 40 it's even better on day 153 lol.

randomass1711306d ago

It'd be pretty funny if next to the one someone scribbled "hundred fifty three" in permanent marker. :P

Ch1d0r11306d ago

154 right now right? haha Thanks for counting or looking it up. You stole my post! lol

GeofferyPeterson1306d ago

Really? Day One Edition? Buy it if you plan on locking it in a air tight case
for 20 years and then it might be worth a few bucks.

pheature1306d ago

yeah less than a broken ps4

rainslacker1305d ago

Highly unlikely. More recent consoles were made with such bulk that they are super cheap 20 years down the line as they're very easy to find. Even boxed and new they generally only pull a little extra over a used version. Most reasonable collector's would open it anyways to insure that it works. Kind of a downfall to buying factory new retro consoles as a collector, although there are ways to mitigate the used status.

The only ones that really raise significantly are those limited edition versions that come out, which isn't really what this is. If it were one of those white ones given to Xbox staff and they never release a white version, then it will be worth quite a bit in 20 years.

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PS4isKing_821306d ago

God this is very tempting but that $500 price tag :(

Ch1d0r11306d ago

yup. I feel sorry for those people that payed over $700 for the PS3 on release.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1306d ago

I guess you don't realize how advanced the PS4 was at the time ? I ain't gonna lie my parents bought me a PS3 for 600 dollars when I was 10. I was so happy, now I'm 17 going on 18 next month and I buy my own consoles and I won't buy an Xb1 for 500.

OT: Damn day 1 editions still available ? Holy crap.

garos821305d ago

It was still cheaper than any blu ray player at the time and cheaper than the competition with its relevant extras such as add on wifi and hdd