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Phil Spencer: Xbox One June and July Updates "Look Really Good;" Small Games Good for the Platform

Microsoft has just put the April Xbox One software update in the bag and is preparing to roll out the preview of the one for May, but Xbox Division head honcho Phil Spencer is already looking to those coming beyond next month, and apparently he likes what he’s seeing, and he'd also like to put more smaller games on the platform to help with the wait between big releases. (Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

corvusmd  +   532d ago
Keep the good news rolling
christocolus  +   532d ago
I think external hdd and 3d bluray support will be included in one of those updates..

Also im gueesing the june update will include some big feature which will be announced and made available for download as MS E3 conference kicks off.
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UnbiasedOpinions  +   532d ago
Wow more updates? amazing Microsoft, great news, what else is big is he confirmed Xbox 360 Minecraft saves will transfer over to Xbox One Minecraft, thats huge news for Minecraft fans
georgeenoob  +   532d ago
Wow. Amazing support by Microsoft. Can't wait for E3!
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Pon4  +   531d ago
You are definitely right bud I can't wait
FriedGoat  +   531d ago
Phil Spencer was surprised GAMEROOM wasn't successful?

The future looks bright for xbox LOL.
JimmyDanger  +   531d ago
@Fried Goat

I buy quite a few retro games - and Game Room had a fantastic interface, beautifully presented and easy to get into.

It was let down by the fact it basically only had Colecovision and 2600 games. For whatever reason, all the "big guns" of the classic arcade days of my youth, the Taitos, Capcoms, Segas and Konamis were only interested in putting their B and C team releases - if they supported it at all - and save their better & better known releases for their myriad respective, retro re releases and packages.

Which was a shame - I must have over 100 old school arcade titles on XBL (including things like Capcom Classic Arcade Cabinet, which I might add, has an inferior interface/between game experience to Game Room, as does most every retro comp) and it would be good to be able to launch them all from the same app that tracks scores,unlocked content and who's playing what.

It was a good idea, but disappointing that MS bought the drinks, put up the streamers - and no one came to the party.
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truefan1  +   532d ago
Fantastic news, they are working on 3 months of updates simultaneously. Keep up the great support MSFT.
jessupj  +   532d ago
This is quite amazing.

The usually suspects are here praising this news.

Normally that would be all fine and good, but for the last few months said usual suspects have been basing indies any chance they can get.

So now all of a sudden indies are great? Serious question.
TRS_Gear  +   531d ago
Honestly can people on this site get anymore butt hurt? Who could possibly 'Disagree' with a comment as harmless as Corvusmd's?
Kingthrash360  +   531d ago
mostly due to the lack of actual "news" in the article.
and the misleading title.

while it is good news ....why are updates news to begin with. since phil took the helm thats all i hear...updates. every system gets updates..vita, wiiu,ps3, 360, ps4, x1, 3ds, pc and apple, phones, bluray players, cable boxes, car stereos..i mean i can go on. like i said its good news but why o why is this so over hyped? its really common. if it was a new game then hype it or a new app or somethin, but since tf came out ALL I HEAR is "update AWSOME" "UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE"
i think thats where the disagrees are coming from...gamers want games...updates are nice but i'd rather hear more games news than updates.
FriedGoat  +   531d ago
I think people mostly disagree because his comment doesn't really add anything to the discussion.

It would be just as useless to write "yes".
k3rn3ll  +   531d ago
Like how the disagree for your comment "keep the good news rolling" shows how many people dont want the xbox to succeed. Sad sad sad. I get liking one more than the other but come on. I prefer xbox but ill eventually get a ps4. Also both doing well is great for the business. But some people want to hate on xbox just because its popular to do so. You hold a grudge like bill gates and phil spencer slept with your ex girl. Some people need to grow up and embrace other gamers. We are supposed to be a community
Pogmathoin  +   531d ago
Looking at all the comments makes me laugh. Look, enough about all the crap, both been out 6 months, one obviously doing much better, though both selling great. Way too much negative on anything that moves. Play some fckn games and stfu at this stage please.....
xx4xx  +   532d ago
Speaking of June updates, I'd hope that they have a nice update to announce at E3 (goes live post presentation).

Update containing auto sign in, external HDD, 3D blu ray support, etc would be nice. :)
BX81  +   532d ago
Yeah, auto sign in without kinect would be nice.
SouthClaw  +   532d ago
I really don't understand why you cannot auto sign in. It would not be a hard feature to code for... Xbox turns on > log onto profile X > done. Surely its harder to code for the Kinect login. It makes no sense. It is a pet peeve of mine right now. Only thing I can think of (not saying this as an anti-Xbox person) is they want you using Kinect.
Nicxel  +   532d ago
If it already works perfect with kinect (mine does anyway) why would they feel like they have to do it a different way without kinect? That makes no sense.
Alsybub  +   532d ago
I have to say that I never knew it didn't auto login if the kinect is not attached.

You would think there would be an option to set a default account but then it works so well with Kinect why would you not use it? I suppose, only if it completely ruins the look of your setup.
nicksetzer1  +   532d ago | Well said
Glad to see these consistent monthly updates and support, hoping for DLNA, mp3, and external USB support. Anything more is just "gravy."

Monthly updates, secure network, dedicated servers for all, and a quick efficient interface, that is why I still prefer XBL, free games are really nice, but they shouldn't be in place what I am actually paying for.
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supercpu  +   532d ago
WELL said bubble up for you .
Dudebro90  +   532d ago
Dlna is already there. Has been since launch.
nicksetzer1  +   532d ago
Playto ≠ DLNA

That said, I am glad we at least have that.
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tokugawa  +   532d ago

except the psn doesn't have dedicated servers for all though.
MidNite  +   532d ago | Helpful
If your trying to stream movies using DLNA, to your xbox one, just download the xbox video app in the app store. Then select from your phone/tablet stream too option AFTER you select play, I use my SG3 perfectly since launch.

If using windows computer or laptop RIGHT click the video or image and scroll down select PLAY TO xbox OS.

You can also use Kinect to control your media, I'd turn off the hand gestures in Kinect settings while viewing movies its a pain.

Not sure about Mp3 good luck.
ovnipc  +   532d ago
I didnt know that. Thanks man! Bubble for you! I love the xbox and it keeps getting better.
Alsybub  +   532d ago
Bubble UPnP on Android works perfectly. You select the DLNA server you wish to use and the Xbox as the player and that's it. You can even setup playlists and let them play through.

It's designed for music but works fine with video and photos. If you're rooted you can even stream music from services like Spotify and Deezer straight to the Xbox.
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DJustinUNCHAIND  +   532d ago
supercpu  +   532d ago
LOOKING FORWARD to testing them out ;) keep up the good work ms ... big thumbs UP!!!
KNWS  +   532d ago
There is new update for May for beta registered users of xb1. The official update likely then before E3
supercpu  +   532d ago
i'm one of them lucky ones ;) looking forward to it .
DefenderOfDoom2  +   532d ago
Way to go PHIL! "small games to fill the void!" Great statement! More games, equal more fun for the gamers!
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colonel179  +   532d ago
Are they doing monthly updates? I want that for PS4!

There will be a time when monthly updates will not be necessary, but at the moment both consoles should be working every hour on getting both consoles at least to where predecessors were!

In that regard Microsoft is doing a better job than Sony. Sony keeps being secretive about their updates and also they are still not consistent on delivering them.
Lawboy2  +   532d ago
The updates are coming...for both...
KNWS  +   532d ago
Sony is using the old way like Microsoft did on the 360

Microsoft cloud can push out updates and tweak and modify when required. Sony cant do this, so they have to be sure their update is perfect before releasing.
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UnbiasedOpinions  +   532d ago
Well to be fair Microsoft specializes in Software, where as Sony doesn't really, they specialize in Hardware so expect Sony to lag behind in this regard
IndoAssassin  +   532d ago
MS whole business is built around OS and updating OS. They have the infrastructure and man power in place to have people shift from Windows to Xbox to work on these updates then move back to Windows as they are not needed.

Sony does not have this manpower or infrastructure as they are a hardware based company. So this will be like this all Gen. If you bought your console Cuz you like updates more than games then more power to you.
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AceBlazer13  +   532d ago
Small games good for the platform.

The Users think otherwise Phil.
Gamer666  +   532d ago
I don't mind small games...

I do mind shovelware.
MichaelLito79  +   532d ago
I would like to see E3 and then Phil say starting tomorrow this game will be available at your local game store or this game will be available to download and he surprise us with a new exclusive for summer. How cool would that be.
OpieWinston  +   532d ago
It'd be cool if they had a new game lined up for a late June or early July release.

Hell it'd be sweet if something like a Conker/Banjo game was ready to be released now.

I'm hoping for a game to play in the summer...Fall is looking pretty strong while the Summer is pretty weak. I don't want Watch Dogs to be the only thing to hold me over.
Illusive_Man  +   532d ago
Two potential bombshells that I hope happen at E3:

Titanfall or Forza bundle drops to $450 or $400.
Xbox Live Instant (LiveWire lol IDK) - X360 streaming or direct emulation.
Mikey94  +   532d ago
Phil spencer couldnt have been a better choice for head of xbox. Such a amazing person always makes the right choices. And most importantly hes all about games.
KillerByte23  +   532d ago
Probably a complete revamp of the UI, Like what they do with the Xbox 360
mhunterjr  +   532d ago
I really doubt they would revamp the AI so soon. These updates are planned out in advance... If they thought they'd need a new UI within 7 months, they wouldnt have launch with the current ui in the first place
no_more_heroes  +   532d ago
Probably not so soon, but almost definitely in a few years. Depends on environmental requirements (by that, I mean the videogame market environment).
AutoCad  +   532d ago
Another reason why i chose xbox..
Updates Updates and Updates..Glad i dont have to wait 3-4months for a significant update to roll out.
stormfire78412  +   532d ago
Wow!!...lots of good news from Ms today..they made a huge profit (good Xbox profit) and there rolling out more updates...congrats and keep it up ms
Darkfist   532d ago | Trolling | show
Obscure_Observer  +   532d ago
Future definelly looks bright. E3 is gonna be HUGE

Congrats to Phill and the Xbox Team!

Way to go guys! Keep it up! ;)
Rimeskeem   532d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Mrveryodd  +   532d ago
iOS emulator using kinect
Mrveryodd  +   532d ago
Or android
KillerByte23  +   532d ago
Good news for Microsoft today

- Office 365 Home, 1 million new subscribers in 3 months making total 4.4 million
- Surface Revenue grew more than 50% to nearly $500 million
- Bing Search Share in USA grew to 18.6%
- Search Advertising grew by 38%
- Windows OEM revenue grew 4%
- Windows OEM Pro revenue up 19%
- Commercial revenue grew 7% to $12.23 billion
- Office 365 revenue grew over 100%
- Azure revenue grew over 150% and the company has announced more than 40 new features to make the service more attractive to cloud application developers
- Windows volume licensing revenue grew 11%
- Lync, Sharepoint and Exchange grew double digits
- Confirmed that they are expected to close the Nokia deal today
- Xbox Revenue up 45%
- Shipped 1.2 Million Xbox One consoles
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candy_mafia  +   532d ago
I'm big on smaller games, I love indie titles on both my PS4, X1 & Wii U....BUT!!!

Certain (fanboys) members of the gaming community have ripped into PS4 (unfairly) users for having 'small games' (indie) to fill the AAA gaps, yet MS say they think it's good to have smaller games on the X1 platform to fill the gap and.... SUDDENLY IT'S OKAY???

I've never known of a Corp. to have such strong mind control over their minions. MK Ultra in full effect! You fanboys are a joke & cannot be taken seriously! what a total bunch of #'@@!!!!

So sick of the BS >HYPOCRISY!!!
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Notramagama  +   531d ago
XBox users dont hate small games... Indies were big on the xbox platform first...

However, we also were introduced to shovelware as well first because of the result of small game saturation. To Xbox people it's about quality games, not numbers alone. Sony has a lot of shovelware when they announce baseless numbers like "1000 games headed to PS4".

As a Day 1 360 owner, that just screams 80% shovelware and Sony def will emphasize quantity a little too much. (not saying they dont have their quality in places too)

I just dont care to hear numbers, only quality ones. It's already been proven that grabbing every indie game coming your way = a majority of shovelware. Maybe it'll be different. More than likely not...
oSHINSAo  +   531d ago
I´m going to take a risk here, and say, backwards compatible is coming to xbox one
urwifeminder  +   531d ago
Wow way to make a profit MS thanks for saving me from quitting console gaming.
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DoubleM70  +   531d ago
Update every month. MS this what they do software their strong points.
kewlkat007  +   531d ago
Anybody thinks the xbox one can get Chromecast support?
finito82  +   531d ago
nice updates for the xbox

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