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Mid-Week Musings 4/24: Sony's Indie Plan Succeeds Where Microsoft Fails

It's a fresh batch of weekly musings as we tackle the startling disparity in releases between the PS4 and Xbox One, especially where downloadable titles are concerned. While Microsoft has dropped the ball early in this generation, Sony has executed their indie plan to perfection. With Sony winning the battle, the war, and the public perception contest, what's next? (Culture, PS4, Xbox One)

mpnothanks  +   276d ago
Good read.
piccolo930  +   276d ago
Thanks for reading! Do you think Microsoft's ID@Xbox program will be able to get their indie program back on track, and get them back in the good graces of these smaller developers?
mpnothanks  +   276d ago
Well, MS isn't stupid. We saw that with all of their reversals pertaining to their original XB1 ideas, so I have to assume eventually they will catch on and make their platform much more inclusive. They gotta drop the ridiculous parity clause.
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TheDude79  +   276d ago
Even though Microsoft is currently trailing in the Indie department, I'm still confident they'll do what they need to do. I'm really excited for Below
piccolo930  +   276d ago
Both of Capy's games in production for the XB1 look incredible. Below looks like a showstopper, and I've had my eye on Super T.I.M.E. Force since it was first unveiled. Really intrigued to see what The Behemoth has in store for "Game 4" too. All three of these games, at least for the time being, are only announced for the Xbox one and/or PC, representing a nice feather in Microsoft's indie cap.

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