GameInformer- Dark Souls II PC Review

GameInformer- The PC version of Dark Souls II is the definitive one to own. It’s a good step up in the graphics and performance departments, annoying load times are drastically reduced, and players can even opt to play with the mouse and keyboard if they so desire. It shows that From Software spent a considerable amount of time attempting to come up with controls that would feel natural on the PC, but after an hour of fiddling with the mouse and keyboard option, I moved to a wired Xbox 360 controller.

There are no new exclusives to the PC version, but the performance really shines in comparison to both console versions. Forget the occasional frame-rate drop or screen tear; the experience on PC is consistent, and absolutely feels like the way this title is meant to be played. Seeing the action in a solid and unwavering 60 FPS is a true joy.

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Massacred1518d ago

Seems like a big step up over the first Dark Souls PC port.

AnEwGuY1518d ago

Well, that's not saying much though. The fact is, this is still nothing more than a console game, ported to PC. My rig can play literally any game at it's max settings...including Skyrim with dozens of mods... at insane fps. But DS2 doesn't demand anything from my hardware, that couldn't be achieved with a 5 y.o. PC. From Software simply doesn't make graphical's just no their thing, apparently. Even the original Demon Souls on PS3 was nothing special ; hell, The Witcher 2 on the 360 looked better.

kevnb1518d ago

It's a great game that is even better on pc, nothing more needs to be said.

KingOfOldSkool1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

When your games typically have engrossing game design to go along with art direction that is head and shoulders above many of its genres recent releases, there's no real reason to force them to be graphical showcases.

alexkoepp1518d ago

Just built a new gaming PC with a R9 290X in it, I'm gonna give this game a try once I clear out a few games in the backlog. Doesn't look like anything worthwhile is coming out until fall so I should have plenty of time to catch up.

1518d ago
Kivespussi1518d ago

When demon's souls came out it was a pretty great looking game at that time. Sure, it's starting to show it's age now but back at 2009 it was pretty impressive.

Also: No one cares about your PC. Really.

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finito821518d ago

this should come to ps4.

HighResHero1518d ago

That would be great. I'm not paying full price for a DL with DRM. I will wait and/or get it when I get another PS3. Looks great though :]

kevnb1518d ago

The ps3 disc has drm on it, go ahead and try to make a backup...


Beside the startup crashing the game is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm glad I waited to get the PC version, like Castlevania LOS 2 it was worth the wait. I'm loving getting my ass kicked!! 9/10 easy

spartan_dx1518d ago

Try it with sweetfx then you'll really be amazed ;)