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Sony's Shu Yoshida Talks on the Value of Playing the Competition's Games: "I'm a Very Good Customer"

During a conversation moderated by PS4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, on April 10th, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida talked about the value of playing games made by competing companies. (Mark Cerny, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida, Wii U)

NYC_Gamer  +   493d ago
It's good that workers at rival brands aren't blind by loyalty and are willing to buy other machines
KonsoruMasuta  +   493d ago
If only fans of those brands learned how to do the same.
TomShoe  +   493d ago
Hey, keep your friends close...
jc48573  +   493d ago
I love Sony, but that didn't stop me from buying other consoles.
Baccra17  +   493d ago
I can barely save up $400, let alone $900 dollars to have both machines. You want gamers to do the same feel free to pay up or stay quiet.
KonsoruMasuta  +   493d ago

Okay, some gamers can't afford multiple consoles.

That doesn't give them the right to bash and troll the consoles they can't afford.
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Calvin_ISA  +   493d ago
Then you have the people who bash those who can't buy both for being poor. Nobody wins. :(
Army_of_Darkness  +   493d ago
I'm a gamer... but I have no console or games! I experience all my playstation games through youtube baby! ... so yeah, I definitely don't win. Ever.... o_^
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AceBlazer13  +   493d ago
They need to know what the competitors are doing. I have no need or desire whatsoever to purchase an Xbox console. Nintendo and PC, now those are worth buying.
IVanSpinal  +   493d ago
Not even a Super Nintendo? o_O
Poor of you man.
Sevir  +   493d ago
You're casting a broad net for one type of fish!

Not all fans of one brand bash another, and some can quite well afford to have multiple consoles. They just choose not to sink cash in another product, based on information and perceived product value... If their are negatives that out weight the positives then they have every right to highlight the negatives and purchase whats the right value for their needs...

You'll always have those, the passionate and the plain out stupid that come here to get a rise out of everyone! Its the internet. Small dogs bark the loudest behind large fences! as such N4G is such a place. Just enjoy the hobby and your purchases and let the kids bicker. Cheers
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Septic  +   493d ago
Does he own a X1?
scissor_runner  +   493d ago
Yet they learn nothing about gameplay. Can sony please find a game designer that can make a fun addictive game that requires skill? Let's see a sony rts, 2d adventure game without floaty platforming and frigging rpg! It seems they only play halo and gta. Come on sony bring your console a game. We know you can do pc mediocrity and talk it up!
air1  +   493d ago
TheDarpaChief  +   493d ago
Your username describes you perfectly
slivery  +   493d ago
I cannot even begin to comprehend you. That saying about people living under rocks describes you perfectly.. You have missed so much in life.

Hard to imagine you have ever even played a single Playstation game period with the way you write.
scissor_runner  +   493d ago
Every one replying is the reason why sony has to sell every thing off to stay afloat. Sony selling square shares back? Really? Selling a gimped box at a lost with two very unpopular console spells trouble for sony. Unless their business model is creating streaming accounts sony has failed it's investors. They failed their gamers with mediocre games. It will be hard to bribe 3rd party now.

Hopefully the writing isn't on the wall. It's looking really ugly right now in castle sony. Pr won't fix that giant hole in your piggy bank... These guys need a tetris.
scissor_runner  +   493d ago
It's incredible how I get disagrees for ask for better sony games and more genres. I mean you guys must want sony to die.
Sevir  +   493d ago
O_o........ I Cant even .... sigh! >_>
Highlife  +   493d ago
Did Sony kick you in the nuts? Really you are so far off base.
Inception  +   493d ago
@ scissor runner

"Can sony please find a game designer that can make a fun addictive game that requires skill? Let's see a sony rts, 2d adventure game without floaty platforming and frigging rpg"

Lol this is the 1st time i saw a person who said ONLY RTS, 2D aventure, and RPG that require skills and fun. Even Puzzles like Tetris and Bust a Move also required skill and i had tons of fun with both game.

Anyway sony already produced RPG for years. Here's some of the list:

- Legend of Dragoon
- Legend of Legaia
- Popolocrois
- Demon's Souls (co dev with From Soft)
- Wild Arms
- Soul Sacrifice
- White Knight Chronicles (co dev wit Lvl 5)
- Rogue Galaxy (co dev with Lvl 5)

2D adventure without floaty platforming? What about 3D adventure like Ape Escape or Jumping Flash, did you play it? Oh forget it, i'm sure you haven't.

And RTS, Starhawk is the closest to that. It combine TPS & RTS.

FYI, sony already tried almost all genre in video games. RPG, racing, TPS, FPS, platformer, puzzle, user generated content, rhytm games, turn based card battle (eye of judgement), survival horror, open world / sand-box, sports, hack & slash, fighting, you name it. Heck, i even don't know what genre for Tokyo Jungle, The Last Guy, or Mr Mosquito

So no offense mate. If some people said sony only play Halo or GTA than those people need to educate themself.
scissor_runner  +   493d ago
So the guy in the article is playing other systems but doesn't realize gamers want other types of games. He says he is a great consumer because he buys stuff? Really..... Sony just wants you to buy stuff it seems. Don't worry about support 3rd party is supposed to do that huh? Yet most of those games will be on pc...

All the other sony fans above are simply dumbfounded. Some even admit they can't even comprehend what I said lol. They can only try to insult my user name and ask about my balls lol. Really guys study up on gaming. We wonder why EA treat people like sheep. I mean are you guys even gamers or just marketing people paid to do PR?

I'm looking for these games from sony. I have a pc and I get all of those games from pc.... I want to get a ps4 where are my games sony? Oh those games don't sell well nintendo doesn't have that problem. 3rd party makes those games right? OK so what you are saying is sony has no exclusives in those categories because they don't sell. Who's fault is that? I think sonys.

Sony listens to their gamers then I've been there since the ps1 even had the blue development ps. I remember when sony experimented more now we need them to make those games work. You get my attention trying them. I only buy if you make something cool and replayable. I can wait I have a pc wiiu 3ds ps3 and would like to get ps4. I have Titan fall on pc. Steam os on another pc and I love it.

Thanks inception at least some one remembers old sony games so I'm asking where are these games on the ps4? Sorry if I was not clear. I'm not talking about trying them. I'm talking about make a hit game that people want. Star hawk was great... where is that sequel! Where are the sequels to all of these games. Every thing is story based. Heavily story based. Where is the move support? What about the camera? Come on sony there are more gamers than the story gamers. Real gamer are not going to waste time complaining about this so I'm doing it for them. There are lots of other types of gamers out here!

Seriously read what I typed.... I want new and better games from sony not attempts. Why release another movie game when others want a sequel to a game inception has listed? We want a AAA effort.

Maybe sony doesn't believe in these types of games?

If this is the case apple might as well replace sony sense they don't make games either. Or maybe nvidia or intel. At least I could get excited about the hardware. Stack dram is going to be crazy fast.
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Hicken  +   492d ago
So exactly how do you get away with trolling like this on a regular basis?

Sony has perhaps the most versatile library out there, both in genre and gameplay. No matter what generation, their exclusives run the gamut.

But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. I'd think that something other than trolling would be more effective, though. Especially when you're so bad at it.
nicksetzer1  +   493d ago
Funny people on sony's payroll don't mindlessly bash the competition, but the unpaid brand loyal forum/comment section trolling fanboys do.

Being a fan of good video games (rather than nametag) is always the better route.

EDIT: Thank you scissor, for providing such a fine example of the type of person I described above.
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No_Limit  +   493d ago
@ Morganfell,

Dude, you should be the last person to list another person's comments to prove a point as you are one of the biggest offender of bashing a console or brand that is not to your liking. LOL

I just needed one link to your history and EVERY comment that you had ever posted on a MS/xbox article is a troll/bashing/negative comment of some sort. http://n4g.com/user/comment...
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morganfell  +   493d ago
Where, where? Show me one time where I made the claim listed by nick? Where did I ever claim to be this middle of the road, super impartial non-competition bashing individual. SHOW ME WHERE!!!!

You butted into this and shot off your mouth with no understanding of a point even a third grader would grasp. Do you realize how you look right now?

By the way, I am still waiting...Where is that post where I said I didn't bash? I bash but I do so with facts. Huh, where is it? Go on. Otherwise you look pretty foolish for failing to see what was being stated. Well? Anything else?

In fact, I have stated the opposite over a hundred times on this site. I am a full head on Sony drone/fanboy/droid whatever term you wish to use. BUT AT LEAST I AM HONEST ABOUT IT.

It amazes me that people like you cannot read, let alone make a gradeshool deduction. The entire point of my links was to show him he isn't the impartial person either but rather just like the person he was attacking.


Here: http://www.rif.org/ Maybe this will help. Now that you have successfully pwned yourself, get back to that boss battle on whatever game you were playing before you came here and made such a monumental error by failing to understand the most basic of conversations.
scissor_runner  +   493d ago
Nope I'm just posting on stuff in the xbone and wiiu news feed lol. Why do I want to read about lame pr about how this guy plays games.... Yet can't make games as good as nintendo wii? We are talking about games here not graphics pc has that crown even if you can't afford it.

so I can't ask sony to make a game I would like huh? But you can bash the specs, subject matter, pr marketing down to even the success of both companies and I'm the bad guy.

You know a killer can be honest about being a killer.... that does not make it right.

Seriously I'm tired of the blind praise sony is getting because it is not helping. Sony needs to know why their games are not selling. I would say 20 million gamers are sheep out of 80 million. That leaves sony a lot of ground to make up so they can pay their bills.

When sony dies everyone will just act like it did not happen. These guys are in serious trouble. Even the band on the Titanic kept on playing as it sank..... so people would not panic.

The facts are sony has a huge fanbase but can't make money some how. Yet still fail at making games that gamers, not cgi buffs want. If the god of war team dies I'm done with sony.

Ms has tons of money but can't make a game to save their life. The sdf has out done themselves. Yet one flaw is exposed... Ms can and will buy off the entire industry with the same ps2 tactics, this is what they do.

Nintendo struggling harder than ever before while making better games lol oh and you all hate them.

Funny stuff indeed. Throw what ever lame cliché at me but you won't change the fact that a 4 gen company still lacks console driven games and is masquerading as a pc.
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rainslacker  +   493d ago

Have you ever considered that it isn't blind praise for Sony. Have you ever considered that people really like the games they do bring out? Considering how they are generally highly rated, it just seems to be a common theme that Sony makes great games.

Many examples of games that you are asking for exist. Do you actually look for them? RTS? You know how poorly those sell on consoles? 2D adventure game? You know how poorly those sell from any developer?

I don't know if you saw the recent NPD reports, but Sony has sold over 20 million units of software since the PS4 release. That's money and profit. They aren't losing money on the PS4. So it would seem that PS owners are certainly making money for Sony.

There's nothing wrong with asking Sony to make games that are more appealing to you. Not in the least. But you come across as ignorant and demanding, and while I won't judge, it seems like your argument is a thinly disguised fanboy troll attempt.
Massacred  +   493d ago
Yup. and let's not forget that competition is healthy for the game industry.

Consumers win here. Company's can be inspired to do things on each others systems by actions.
randomass171  +   493d ago
Yoshida is such a great guy. Fantastic for the industry. I wish most of the fans shared his open mindedness and humility when it came to the competition. :)
Magnes  +   492d ago
I'm pretty sure he is buying competition's games and hardware for research purposes not to promote or help the competitions brand. Let's be real here..
Farsendor1  +   493d ago
oh gosh we are going to get tons of articles from that one video now. just like the cerny keynote before the ps4 launched.
No_Limit  +   493d ago
LOL, it is Dualshockers. One quote is one article from them. Expect a ton more from the very same article within the next few days.
DeadMansHand  +   493d ago
God, I hate dualshockers so much. 1084 submissions a day and half are tweets or "insider" info pieces. It's so obvious that they just troll n4g for clicks because they know there are a lot of Sony fans here.

Thank God for GAF.
jc48573  +   493d ago
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   493d ago
yet some of your own loyal followers can't do the same Yoshida
jc48573  +   493d ago
You can't blame them. Some of them need jobs to be able to afford multiple consoles. It's also their choice if they only want to support one console.
nicksetzer1  +   493d ago
Needing a job to afford multiple consoles means they should bash any other console they can't afford? (Without even having the console(s) in question to base that judgements on)
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Geekman  +   493d ago
*Sigh* I can't afford an Xbox One and Wii U.

randomass171  +   493d ago

Even with my own job I struggle to afford all the different consoles I want to play. I have no plans to get an Xbox One, but I most certainly don't bash it like a blind fanboy just because. I am more than capable than seeing that Xbox One has its own cool stuff to offer and I respect it and its fans for giving my favorite the competition they require to continue being an exciting game creator.
Silly gameAr  +   493d ago
You guys should get off of your high horse, you know?
GTgamer  +   493d ago
Omg people can do what they want Every Side Trolls whether its Sony Nintendo and MS you guys are acting like its something new :/.
Sevir  +   493d ago
I'm dying with laughter from this whole thing! So people say that since i dont own an XBO means i cant afford it so i speak negatively about it? LMAO!!!! casting large nets for one type of fish!.... again... Its a choice to own one console. and its not a financial reason. I purchased a PS3 at $600 in early 2007 over how I perceived the value of it in comparison to the cheaper priced XB360...

saying that i dont own it because i cant afford it so i then bash it is presumptuous especially when you speak so broadly... Not everyone here who has a negative value perception on the XBO or the Wii U is a troll who cant afford them.
psforward  +   493d ago
Well said, I did the same in 2007. Have the money to support multiple systems yet not the time.
MasterCornholio  +   493d ago
I hate it when rabid fanboys discriminate single console owners.

Just because someone only owns one system doesn't make them a fanboy.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   493d ago
Just you know. I owned every console last gen. DS, PSP, Wii, PS3 and 360.

I have a 3DS, Wii U and PS Vita. Most likely getting PS4 this holiday or when I see a franchise I like on it such as Gravity Rush or a great JRPG.

Only on I am not interested in yet is Xbone but I never go to Xbox articles and bash nor bash PS articles. I own every ps system alongside Nintendo systems since N64 and SNES.

I owned PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, 360 and Vita.

Don't believe me
my XBL is DJ7Powers and PSN is DJK1NG.
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Inception  +   493d ago
What about you Otaku? Did you bought Sony consoles / handhelds? If yes than why i'm still seeing you bashed Sony consoles day after day?
jc48573  +   493d ago
man, you guys really take things too seriously. You need money to buy games, does that sound better now?
Geekman  +   493d ago
The competitors are more mature than the competitors fans. Wow. Then again, I of all people shouldn't be speaking of maturity.

EDIT: Does he own an Xbox One, yet? Did I skip over something?
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randomass171  +   493d ago
Never heard if he had a One, but I know he has two Wii Us and he has said kind things about Spencer in the past.
Sharius  +   493d ago
lol, got ban by nintendo 2 times, that guy is legend
Funantic1  +   493d ago
Well I read that the top positioned people at Xbox play the PS4 and now it's mutual from Sony. Very interesting.
finito82  +   493d ago
i think you have to be aware what your competition is doing to stay ahead.
serratos27  +   493d ago
Of course. Learning all about your opponent is the basics of strategy lol.
KNWS  +   493d ago
PS4 is good value, considering the better GPU and having 8 gigs of GGdr5. Its shame Sony is wasting 3 gigs of it for the OS would been better off putting in 6 or 7 gigs for games and using 2 to 3 gigs of ddr3 for the Os

Ps4 just needs more new exclusives, for me to go get one, I have pc computer so lot of the games the ps4 has i can play there.

PS4 needs a shooter to rival the halo's and gears of war. Killzone is not it.
LAWSON72  +   492d ago
Better hardware does not make it a better system and it never will. Best systems have best software, you know why? You play games not hardware
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randomass171  +   493d ago
Goes to Yoshida is more human than a lot of the fanboys out there. He's a man who loves the entire game industry, not just his own company's work.
spoonard  +   492d ago
To know your enemy...

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