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Submitted by deantak 659d ago | interview

Respawn's Vince Zampella has to feed hungry gamers with Titanfall Expedition DLC

In an interview with GamesBeat, Respawn chief Vince Zampella talks about feeding new content to users and the upcoming DLC, with features like wall-running in trees. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Tolkoto  +   659d ago
I could certainly use some new maps.
PeaSFor  +   659d ago
i stopped to play and lost pretty much all interest in it after lvl30 gen2, hopefully they will release free map because theres just no way im buying their season pass.
DarthZoolu  +   659d ago
I hope they are as good as vanilla maps because as a hole they're the best maps I've ever played on. I've played and beasted every major multiplayer game since 1998.
JodieeLaytonukm   659d ago | Spam
GarrusVakarian  +   659d ago
Really? You're bored of the stock maps already?

I never buy map packs in MP games like this, im always satisfied with the stock maps. Even games i have played for hundreds of hours (MW2, BC2) i never bought a single map pack. I dunno...maybe im just weird, lol.
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Farsendor1  +   659d ago
im the same way i never did buy any extra maps for cod4,bad company 2, bf3
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   659d ago
I could use some comparing stats with friends and how bout what one of the main reason most of us play online MP games for. How about we get some Clan Tags going so we can rock and roll with our Clans?

What up with that.
DarthZoolu  +   659d ago
Yes please
TripleXuLtiMaTe  +   659d ago
I guess he realized how much this game needs a campaign.
deantak  +   659d ago
a campaign would keep you busy for six hours.
cyclindk  +   659d ago
Not if designed correctly and even implement coop.
air1  +   659d ago
A campaign would of been great but you have a point... What the games needed/ needs is more customization and it doesn't have to be stuff that impacts the game..

I like the game a lot but I would be lying if I didn't say the game is bare bones with that full retail price.. Tf2 at the moment is a no go for me if it's released unless they step it up with a lot of content for an online only shooter..
TripleXuLtiMaTe  +   659d ago
Not really. Plus I go for the hardest difficulty meaning that it takes me days, and sometimes weeks. A campaign, a coop mode, anything... Cuz honestly, despite the fact that this game is the best shooter I've played in years, it gets so damn repetitive, and there's barely anything to do after playing it for a couple of weeks.
InTheLab  +   659d ago
Remember the training segment in Cod4? I pumped at least 4 hours into that trying to beat my own time. Or how about the mile high club?

Or what about Bad Company's single player? Or Halo for that matter?

One of my favorite fps single player campaigns of last gen was MoH Airborne. Open ended hubs with weapon leveling. Was fantastic.

It's a sci-fi shooter and there's no reason for them to do a bog standard campaign. Imagine if they tried?
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Zombro  +   659d ago
Why who plays campaigns ?
PeaSFor  +   659d ago
i did, to unlock everything.
cyclindk  +   659d ago
That attitude only exists because so many campaigns have been an afterthought in games with a multiplayer-focus community.

It's sad, so much wasted potential
N8  +   659d ago
One of the reasons why titnfalls lack of campaign didn't bother me. I never play the campaign
joab777  +   659d ago
It doesnt need a campaign. Maybe it would sell a few more but unless they r gonna do something really special with it...its pointless. The last few CoDs and Battlefields have proven this. Id rather have 5 more maps or 2 more modes.

Which is a perfect segue into what Titanfall actually needs...more intuitive online modes...really push the envelope...push dynamic events, up the customization, create clans, clan hangouts etc. Do challenges...I dunno but there is so much that can be done.
Tedakin  +   659d ago
Yeah that 4-6 hours is a must....
TripleXuLtiMaTe  +   659d ago
Many many FPS games have campaigns that take me over 20 hours, since first, I play everything on the hardest difficulty, and some have certain time-based levels where you aim to beat your high score, like MW2 and MW1 and more.
darkronin229  +   659d ago
Just started playing this on PC, and it annoys me how hard it is to find people to play campaign mode. It takes forever, and sometimes I have to play through older levels again before I get back to where I left off.
Zombro  +   659d ago
You need to use your map more
air1  +   659d ago
Should have got it for the xb1...
Ghost_Nappa  +   659d ago
I like how when i play campaign i always get hilariously mismatched lobbies
Zombro  +   659d ago
Campaign don't have matchmaking like multiplayer
GarrusVakarian  +   659d ago
It's like that with Pilot Hunter mode too, which is all i play. I have to constantly leave lobbies and then re-search until i get a lobby that isn't grossly unbalanced. Get's pretty annoying.


Nah, i would rather keep leaving and joining than get thrashed by a team of gen 10's, lol. The matchmaking system could do with a rehaul, it favours speed over balance (apart from a couple of modes, hopefully PH mode will get improved matchmaking too soon). I also wish it didn't put me back into the same lobby i just left...i left for a reason! Lol.
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air1  +   659d ago
I've been through that to.. What I have noticed though is if you play like two games at the least in that lobby, it will even out...

I think they do that to get the game started ASAP then the system has that time to make the playing field fair...
air1  +   659d ago
We'll it's either play and level up quicker or spend more time looking for ppl to play with and not rank up.

What ever happened to match making beta? That was over kind of fast but then again I haven't had many issued with the match making I'm only a gen 3 and when it's unfair I stick through it by the next match of second it evens out and the game is close by the end when a team wins by 1 or 5. Those games are great.

I haven't played in like 2 weeks I'm looking forward to this weekend with ft..
Illusive_Man  +   659d ago
This is and Kinect Sports are outselling Infamous.
GarrusVakarian  +   659d ago
And Killzone SF is outselling Ryse,Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5. And multiplats on PS4 are vastly outselling multiplats on X1. A Vita game outsold Titanfall this week.......

...What exactly is your point? Stop being petty, buy both consoles and play all games instead of being a blind fanboy. I feel sorry for people like you, you are going to miss out so much this gen because of brand loyalty.
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Funantic1  +   659d ago
The 3 major things Titanfall needs is more modes (one without bots), more weapons, and more rewards for killing sprees since everyone gets a Titan. The mechanics of Titanfall is good tho.
Ghost_Nappa  +   659d ago
I'd like tdm with titans only
GarrusVakarian  +   659d ago
That's already in the game, it's called Last Titan Standing.
Ghost_Nappa  +   659d ago
No, lts is elimination, i want team deathmatch
aragon  +   659d ago
smaller maps and a mode without bots would be perfecto.. also they should make this dlc FREE
Jag-T1000  +   659d ago
What it needs is online/offline splitscreen so that when a friend comes over he can play too. This way we don't have to take turns.
SpideySpeakz  +   659d ago
Can't believe you idiots fell for the 'fps revolution' hype/lie lol.
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AceBlazer13  +   659d ago
Think this is the first time I heard people beg for so much after a game launched. This is what happens when you sell an empty game for a full $60. I can see why they're hungry Vince.
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SaffronCurse  +   659d ago
It's a good game, but seriously nothing special.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   659d ago
This game needs unlocks on the level of BF4. More guns and just customization in General.
Dlacy13g  +   659d ago
I wish they could figure out a horde mode for this game. That seems like that could be lots of fun.
nohopeinc  +   659d ago
I think he should "feed" (whatever the fuck that means) gamers with a good game. TF is really boring. I hated every time I began shooting at a bot, I despise no hardcore, simply not enough guns in the game, not enough content. I was so excited for this game, played the beta was like fuck yes, than the game dropped and I considered going on a murderous rampage I was so upset with how terrible it is.

If Vince wanted to do good for the gaming community he would just go away and stop making games. This game has been PR'd so well it is selling good but why would you play it for more than a week, you have seen and done everything in one game.

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