Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Confirmed?

A listing on an official Sony website out of Italy has given us our first sign of confirmation that the Ratchet & Clank Trilogy will be hitting Vita in the near future.

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SpiralTear794d ago

Still awesome games to this day.

randomass171793d ago (Edited 793d ago )

edit: Silly me, thought it was for three NEW games. Ah well. Can't beat the original three and now Vita owners can play it. Pretty dang awesome!

MultiConsoleGamer794d ago

Take my money! Take all of my money! I'm throwing my money at the computer screen but nothing is happening!

CernaML794d ago

Write down your bank account number and post it online!!

CernaML794d ago

Or just send it to me via PM! :v

randomass171793d ago

You nincompoop, you're supposed to flick the money at the screen like ninja stars! Gawd, people never get it right.

Chaz3010794d ago

A must buy for me when it inevitably comes!

Qrphe794d ago

If it runs well, I may triple dip lol

vongruetz794d ago

YES! YES! YES! Oh, just another port? I don't care. I want it!!

Snookies12794d ago

Ports are great, games I love on the go. I'm all for that!

vongruetz793d ago

I completely agree. I don't understand all the people who give the games on Vita such a hard time. "Just a port of a game that was on Steam a year ago. Just a port of a PS2 game. Just a port. Where are the AAA exclusives?"
Most of the games that are being ported, I've never played, so they're completely new experiences for me.

Reviews2Go794d ago

This will be a great additional HD collection for the Vita :)

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The story is too old to be commented.