Microsoft: Gamers Spend 5 Hours a Day on Xbox One; Ad Revenue Increased; Value Improvement Promised

During Microsoft's quarterly earnings conference call Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood mentioned that ad revenue on Xbox Platforms has increased, also giving info about consumer engagement and more.

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eternal19731001d ago

how much of the 5 hours is simply the xbox being used for TV watching?

sashimi1001d ago

isn't that a win for MS? Their original vision man!

Abash1001d ago

I love gaming, Id rather play a video game than watch a movie any day, but not even consoles that have a ton of games I love to play I spend 5 hours a day on O_o

DragonKnight1001d ago

Take a look at this...

"ad revenue on Xbox Platforms has increased."

How many gamers who've been doing so for 15 or more years ever thought they'd hear about ad revenue as part of a gaming console and that that's somehow a good thing?

Pretty frickin' sad.

NewMonday1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

the point @eternal1973 is making is that the time spent is value from the TV service that just happens to be plugged into the XBone. that value will still be available if connected directly to the TV set.

I find it strange MS didn't quote XBL numbers like they usually do, must be because subscriptions declined because people are jumping off the Xbox ecosystem as they switch to the new generation.

fr0sty1001d ago

You know the outlook is grim when they start trying to add the numbers of hours which the console has been used as a metric for its popularity. "If the sales don't look good, just say those who bought it use it a bunch!"

You can spin big numbers out of any made up stat.

chrismichaels041001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

@DragonKnight, Frosty - It does seem a little out of place that coincidentally 1 week after NPD revealed the PS4 has a very big sales lead over the Xbox One, Microsoft is trying to rally back with profit margins (for Microsoft Corp as a whole, where the majority of their profits come from their non-gaming divisions) and ad revenue stats.

Back in the day, console wars were won by the company selling the most gaming systems....not the company with the more successful non-gaming division.

troylazlow1001d ago

mine is on an average of 8 hours a day between my wife kids and I.

avengers19781000d ago

I find it funny that no actual XB1 sales numbers were given, makes me wonder if they even hit 4 million yet

rainslacker1000d ago

I wish I had five hours of free time a day to play games...or even watch TV. I'm pretty stretched atm.:( Most of my time is spent on Vita or 3DS for 20 minutes at a time when I can squeeze it in.

DarthZoolu1000d ago

I spend about 4 hours a day playing games on mine.

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xpressyoself1001d ago

What's your point? That's a huge feature of the system is to be able to watch tv on it. Is that bad?

Godmars2901001d ago

Depends if people are playing games or watching TV while paying for XBL, which is mainly there for games.

The TV options are really superfluous. Free money.

medman1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I know plenty of people who turn their consoles on when they get home from work, and many times don't even get an opportunity to play anything because wifey or children need attention. They end up leaving the console on for hours on end yet never actually play a thing the whole evening. Microsoft strikes back with absolutely meaningless statistics yet again. I guess they don't want to state the obvious, so they state the oblivious and innane. "5 hours a day on xbone"....I feel sorry for the insane among us who actually think 5 million shipped and 5 hours a day online actually mean something. 5 million shipped indeed. Microsoft needs to grow a pair and stop the nonsense.

Ctiboi20101000d ago

@ medman

You should tell all those people you know that the Xbox One has an auto-off feature after an hour if that is such a common reoccurrence. It's a great energy saver, just giving you a heads up.

Daoshai1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

That's how I get my 5 hours, but I don't see anything wrong with that. Bring on the games! Can't wait for later this year

incendy351001d ago

Same here, I love how I can watch TV and still interact with friends and jump in and out of games. Very cool feature

bleedsoe9mm1001d ago

by far my favorite feature of the xb1 , do a race in forza ,watch tv get bored , do another race , skype with friends , do a race , watch netflix , do a race

NewMonday1001d ago


that's called switching channels, been doing it from way back in the Atari days

xpressyoself1001d ago


I used to have to carry a camera and a cellphone separately. That argument of just hitting another button is dumb. With Xbox u don't have to hit another button to watch tv

Sitdown1001d ago

Haha... beginning to think Microsoft bullied NewMonday in elementary school; the pain and hatred is deep in this one. Going from game to TV to Skype to Netflix is not switching a channel, it's more of calling up a window. But who are we kidding, you could careless.. your goal is to bring others down to your level.

Madderz1000d ago

@ Sitdown

COULDN'T care less**

If you're going to insult the guy at least do it properly.

Tbh it would be pretty cool if the PS4 could do the same things (snap, multi-task etc). It's only useless because us PS4 peasants have to use a mere TV remote lol.

I secretly wish the PS4 was more powerful AND could do all of those things too. I am going to get murdered with disagrees for that last bit!!

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LAWSON721001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I dont see your point, especially when it is claimed to be such a useless feature that would make it out to be a win for MS. I dont use mine for TV but it is awesome to use my PC or PS3 with the HDMI in

gamertk4211001d ago

I see his point. He just went to Troll So Hard U.

Dlacy13g1001d ago

If that truly is in part because people are watching their TV via the Xbox One then mission accomplished. They have managed to get the consumer to tie in watching tv to activities done via Xbox One. One system running everything.

rainslacker1000d ago

To me it's one of those things that if you have it, why not use it. It was never a bad feature, but it should have remained a nice feature, not a focus.

In my opinion, if it was just said to be an added feature, but very little focus was given early on, it would have a much different perception in terms of acceptance among the gaming community.

I hate to bring Sony into this, but it's how they did their prior efforts with the "It only does everything" campaign. It focused on games, but had a hell of a lot of features that had that cool factor, or things that people just used because they were there.

I feel that that's how it's going to be with the X1 over it's life time. People will use the features because they're there, but I find it unlikely that many people are going to be buying the system for those features. Games are where it's at when it comes to game consoles.

DaleCooper1001d ago

I know I watch TV for a couple hours a day with it. It's a great feature. The XB1 is pretty much on in my house as soon as I get home from work to when I go to bed.

VoiceMale1001d ago

That is exactly how it is with me.....
it has become a key part of my relaxation that

when I am just watching TV alone I sometimes try to give my TV commands like "volume up/down" and

have to catch myself realizing that am not watching through my Xbox...

I easily do more than 5 hours a day on my xb1...more than half that is on titanfall and the rest on sports


Kiwi661001d ago

does that really matter at the end of the day people are using their console , how many hours do playstation owners spend not just playing games that would be interesting to know

beerzombie1000d ago

Ps4 owners 1 gamming 4hours trolling on N4G.

hello121001d ago

I play around 4 hours a night, mostly game.

medman1001d ago

Yet more meaningless bs stats from the Microsoft camp who prefer deflection and distraction to actually telling gamers how many consoles have actually been sold to consumers. Shameful. F Microsoft.

Dlacy13g1000d ago

So basically doing what Sony did for most of the PS3 life cycle, got it.

FunkMacNasty1001d ago

How does MS know that gamers use their Xbox One for 5 hours a day?



BG115791001d ago

They know how many hours the users watch TV trought the bone.
Can't tell how many bones have been sold until today. They prefer to speak of consoles shipped.
Yeah, it makes sense.

rainslacker1000d ago

You'd be surprised how much data all the consoles, or even your PC collects and uploads to corporations nowadays.

beerzombie1000d ago

I think you Ps4 gamers don't get it.Everything you do on a console is noted every time you hit a button they know it. They know how many kills you get and where in a game it was done,every thing is tracked just about. Ms came out about 4 or years ago I think and stated that 60% of the time people were watching streaming video. These are the numbers the they used to build the X1.

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Convas1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I fully expect MS to announce two SKUs @ E3.

A Kinectless XONE for $399 and the Standard XONE/Kinect bundle for $449.

That would be giving customers a good deal of choice and definitely a good "value improvement".

Software_Lover1001d ago

Kinectless for................... 350.00

You heard it here first people,

sidenote: that's if they announce it of course

colonel1791001d ago

Forget it! There is no way MS would sell the Xbox at $349. IF they do release a Kinectless SKU it will most likely be $399 like the PS4.

KnottaTroll1001d ago

If lt is kinectless, all the X1's "main" features will be useless!

christocolus1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I think they will announce two skus. $399 and $449 but both with include kinect and a free game but the $449 version will have a larger hdd(may be 1tb). The only way i can see a $359 version will be one without the disc drive but still with kinect. They will also announce some major changes to xbox live and some new studios and ips. E3 is going to be great.

LAWSON721001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

As of now alot of the functionality would feel lacking without the voice commands. It is a great feature that I did not expect to like. IMO no voice commands would be a huge loss to not have. That being said Kinect is stupid and they could easily probably add a built in mic or perhaps a TV attachment.

Prime1571001d ago

Yeah, I still don't care for how they forced "Kinect voice commands" vs just any old microphone voice commands.

LAWSON721001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

WHo wants to wear a stupid headset to use basic functions, that just sounds unpractical

I could see it now Xbox record that, oh wait got to plug in my headset.

The kinect voice commands are not forced. Pretty much everything except game dvr (does not have a share button) is accessible without it, however the seemless experience is nonexistent. The whole voice command thing may sound gimmicky and unnecessary but within the first day of owning one my mindset had changed

Prime1571001d ago

Lawson, who said "wear a headset" specifically. That was your take on what I said, and only part of what I meant. Any microphone should work... from a headset to a stand alone, to an ear bud, to the Kinect... Any Mic.

And I can't tell you how many times I start voice commands just to go.. it would have been easier to just pick up the controller. On, off, and go to are the only good ones, imo. One you start navigating Netflix or other menus it's just not worth it via xbox select.

OpieWinston1001d ago

I doubt they're going to announce a Kinectless SKU...If anything they'll do what they did with the 360 and take a loss on the X1 by taking the price down to $399.

Good deal for future customers but boning early adopters in terms of buying the Kinect ahead.

Phil Spencer has already clarified that they don't want to piss off their fanbase and Day One buyers as well as future customers.

Dlacy13g1001d ago

I suspect E3 we finally get Xbox One games with gold rolling which should help ease some pains (assuming its a decent program) of early adopters.

Dlacy13g1001d ago

If they saw a decent enough spike from the bundles with the price drop included I am thinking they will go $450 with game included first and see how that fares. I could possibly even see a $399 sku with no game but all will still contain Kinect. At this point they may be willing to take a bit of a loss per sku and see how things shape up with actual price parity post E3.

hello121001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

No way kinect is not staying. If it happens Microsoft wasted money revamping the OS for nothing. Its highly unlikely as the OS is windows 8 and taking it out causes more problems. Its a Sony fanboys wet dream to see it removed, but you'll be waiting till the next console release for that to be seen,maybe?

Obscure_Observer1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Totally agreed.

If people dont like X1 for what it is, they should just look for alternatives elsewhere.

That said, cant wait to play Rivals with my kids. Definelly love Head tracking feature for Forza, Skype/Twitch, and Kinect voice commands.

Plus. Kinect also works as a barrier to keep the haters at bay. :)

Dorwrath1000d ago

Id say they reduced price to $399 and keep kinect and take the hit.

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DanielGearSolid1001d ago

Please don't make 10 articles out of one report

Silly gameAr1001d ago

ikr. Getting people hyped up for those X1 stats though.

DJustinUNCHAIND1001d ago

People always complained about the ads, but they are so small and out of the way, they are hardly noticeable.

Software_Lover1001d ago

I have never had a problem with the ads. I have actually played some good games because of some of the game ads. The other ads I just never click on.

Now I did get into the Doritos Crash course games because of the ads. My kids and I love playing those games.

LAWSON721001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Ads were bad on 360, but Xbone has home with no ads, 3 small windows with featured games, and then the store select screen which has no ads either, so I dont think no ads at all

MNGamer-N1001d ago

I'll get one when they get rid of the kinect. If they don't, then I won't get one.

Notramagama1001d ago

Literally one of the most remedial arguements... Is it because kinects price? The system has dropped in price. Is it spying? It can be turned off.

But why am I talking, you havent even used it enough to know why it's the ultimate media remote and interface controller...

LAWSON721001d ago

After buying my XBone last week IMO the voice commands are a must have feature for it, however motion in my opinion will always be a gimmick

air11001d ago

Yup you talked way too much... He never tried and clearly never will, some ppl will never be pleased and he is one of them..

Spikes14711001d ago

it doesn't really matter if you don't buy a Xbox One. To Microsoft or to us.

BlackTar1871001d ago

I bet M$ doesn't feel the same way.

Spikes14711001d ago


Yes Mr. Tar Tar. Because one person matters to them.

BlackTar1871000d ago

I guess if you can for sure say he only represents one persons view. Which we know he doesn't so...................