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Submitted by Knightshade 583d ago | review

A near-perfect port - Dark Souls II review for PC | Gaming Trend

Gaming Trend Editor Victor Grunn (who handled our PS3 review) tackles the PC review. The result? A near perfect port that improves on the console version and looks damned good to boot! (Dark Souls 2, PC) 90/100

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Knightshade  +   583d ago
Always nice when the guy who tackled the console version can also tackle the PC version for comparison. :)
JodieeLaytonukm   583d ago | Spam
user5669510  +   583d ago
console game >>> pc
"Near perfect port"

PC game >>> console(missing features)
"Best version EVER!!!"
starchild  +   583d ago
Bordel_1900   583d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(4)
Ares84HU  +   583d ago
They should have made a PS4 version as well.
I bet they will make one relatively soon. You know it would look amazing just like the Tomb Raider PS4 version and also The Last of Us version thats coming.
Bordel_1900  +   583d ago
And it would probably work also, unlike the PC version which is broken from day 1.
TheDarpaChief  +   583d ago
Is tomb raider ps4 60 fps?
@TheDarpaChief: Yes it does.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   583d ago
Always nice to hear when developers respect a platform's strengths to give the best experience possible.
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BeathuberCH   583d ago | Spam
LAWSON72  +   583d ago
Near perfect... no.
Good... yes.
It has flaws and still lacks some options. Looks fantastic though and that 60 fps. It seems very well optimized
deadfrag  +   583d ago
My gtx 580 rapes this in max setting 1080p@60fps!
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Psychotica  +   583d ago
Amazed how much better this looks than my 360 version. Runs great too.
Patrick_pk44  +   583d ago
I've played it for quite sometime, it is as smooth as butter. My problem is that FROM even downgraded the PC version. Where is my lighting?
Kivespussi  +   583d ago
I think they took it out as a gameplay mechanic... Even PS3 could've ran the lighting effects at a steady framerate but from some reason they decided to ditch the idea...

Oh well, just wait until modders get to work. I'm pretty sure it doesn't take long to get the better lighting
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Shinimas  +   583d ago | Well said
You've gotta be kidding me. How can a port be considered acceptable, let alone "near perfect" when the game is flat out unplayable on input devices native to the system?

This is game is horrible on mouse and keyboard. Worse than the first game, and I thought it wasn't possible.

Rebindable keys? Well... kind of. Most commands summon a drop down menu with a handful of possible keybinds, most of which are bizzare choices like "shift+double left click" or something.

How do you kick in this game? Well, it says so in the tutorial! It's RT+B of course! Can you rebind it? No, of course not. Same with parrying and jump attacks.

You can rebind right hand attack to left mouse button (which it isn't by default for some reason), but you can't combo light attacks. Why? Well, double-click is hardcoded to be a separate command, so if you spam your left click it will do something else or nothing at all. You can be spamming your attack button and your character will just be standing there.

Blocking on the keyboard is a toggle. Yep. In a game where you need to be timing blocks perfectly and enemies can kill you in two hits. Why is that so? Who knows...

I already mentioned that all prompts are console leftovers. Because this game was natively developed for PC.

Horrible. Utterly horrible.

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