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Nintendo Unveils a New Special Edition Yoshi-Themed Wii Remote Plus

To go along with all the other Mario character-themed Wii Remote’s being released, Nintendo has decided to release one in the theme of the famous Green Dinosaur, Yoshi. The new Wii Remote Plus will have a white front cover, green black cover, orange buttons and a small egg on the speaker. (Wii, Wii U)

Jackhass  +   494d ago
I'm waiting for the super tacky Wario one.
DarthZoolu  +   494d ago
It never ends!
JodieeLaytonukm   494d ago | Spam
3-4-5  +   494d ago
Yoshi mote is actually pretty cool looking.
PS3Freak  +   494d ago
Looks awful with the rubber on it; but the controller itself looks pretty good.
randomass171  +   494d ago
Gotta admit, the color is pretty dang close to Yoshi's natural green. I think it looks nice!
MikaelaHalfordegu   494d ago | Spam
randomass171  +   494d ago
Now that is adorable.
kirbyu  +   494d ago
I'm gonna be needing that.
DarthZoolu  +   494d ago
Lmao. Tadaaa
DarkBlood  +   494d ago
Gonna need peach and that yoshi one to go along with my mario, luigi and zelda wii motes hopfully they bring em here lol.

what would be great if they made a donkey kong and metriod editions too :p
randomass171  +   494d ago
I am seriously enticed to save up for all four at some point if I can.
jelani435  +   492d ago
Er mah gerd. That would be amazing :D
therock38545  +   486d ago
They already have the Peach one at GameStop. I picked mine up a couple of days ago. Hopefully they'll be getting the Yoshi one, too, any day now! :)
meatysausage  +   494d ago
I think stuff like this shows the issue with the wii u perception.
Sharing controllers between the wii and the wii u is good for gamers but
try and explain this to the causual mothers out there.
They have the wii u gamepad that only works with the wii, but wii controllers can work with the wii u, it makes it difficult to market to the very audience they try and target.

I still have people in my family who bought a wii who didnt understand where the gamepad fitted in being an accessory or not

Off topic sorry
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AKR  +   494d ago
While you have a point; I think the bigger problem is the fact that people, in general, are very small-minded. I don't mean that as an insult - it just seems to be the trend.

People don't read anymore. Unless it's spelled out for them like a perfectly straight-road; they get confused. They just see, smile and buy. Why do you think iPhones are so popular?

It doesn't take a supercomputer of a brain to understand that the Wii U is the newer system and can use the Wii Remotes as well, as an added bonus. People need to start using their brains for once and put two-&-two together.
meatysausage  +   494d ago
Well I agree with you completely
However that's the reality I have noticed with the wii u, the name, controller etc is had to market for the kind of audience that bought the original wii in droves in the first place. It's weird that people can love the 3ds but at the same time not even look at a wii u. Nintendo did this too themselves, you play with fire trying to latch on to the next big trend, kinetic and move can be put under this category to some degree.
elhebbo16  +   494d ago
Im not sure if I'm understanding you? Hypothetically speaking if I was a "casual mother" and my son ask me to buy another wii controller for him the only controller available at stores IS the Wii controller, Wii U gamepads are not on sale (at least not officially). and lets say they would sell Wii U gamepads its the mothers fault for not reading the fine print that saids "Compatible with [insert console name here]". I really think this argument about mothers who can barely use logic is getting old.
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meatysausage  +   494d ago
Well I'm talking about a pretty specific group here but I think you know what I mean, it might be hyperbole but I'm talking in general about the casual market.
The console looks quite similar, uses the same name, uses original wii accessories etc, you can see why people won't understand the product. I was in Japan recently and got annoyed at the advertising for the damn system. It's like Nintendo don't even know their audience and product. There were billboards of some racing game, maybe sonic or Mario (can't quite remember) and the people had wii motes in their hands, the gamepad wasn't even showed. It's stuff like that which make my point, you have to assume that everyone is stupid and simple with these products, when marketing it. Even I didn't know what to take from that and I have one and all other systems in my house
Neonridr  +   493d ago
I love the fact that I can use my wii motes on the Wii U. Could you imagine if you had to go out and drop another $50 for 4 new controllers because the old ones didn't work?

All you need to tell a Wii owner is that if they buy the Wii U, EVERYTHING they have from their Wii will work on the new system, plus they have access to newer games.
randomass171  +   493d ago
This is what I was thinking. While the names and designs can confuse consumers, simply saying "new console, works with old controllers" pretty much solves the entire problem. Consumers can't be THAT dumb.
Guwapo77  +   494d ago
This my friends is going to move some consoles.

*still waits for a "new" Zelda to feed his Wii U*
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naiyo  +   493d ago
I wish there was more motion controls/ pointer controlled games to use these motion plus controllers.

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