Nintendo Unveils a New Special Edition Yoshi-Themed Wii Remote Plus

To go along with all the other Mario character-themed Wii Remote’s being released, Nintendo has decided to release one in the theme of the famous Green Dinosaur, Yoshi. The new Wii Remote Plus will have a white front cover, green black cover, orange buttons and a small egg on the speaker.

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Jackhass885d ago

I'm waiting for the super tacky Wario one.

3-4-5885d ago

Yoshi mote is actually pretty cool looking.

PS3Freak885d ago

Looks awful with the rubber on it; but the controller itself looks pretty good.

randomass171885d ago

Gotta admit, the color is pretty dang close to Yoshi's natural green. I think it looks nice!

kirbyu885d ago

I'm gonna be needing that.

DarkBlood885d ago

Gonna need peach and that yoshi one to go along with my mario, luigi and zelda wii motes hopfully they bring em here lol.

what would be great if they made a donkey kong and metriod editions too :p

randomass171885d ago

I am seriously enticed to save up for all four at some point if I can.

jelani435883d ago

Er mah gerd. That would be amazing :D

therock38545877d ago

They already have the Peach one at GameStop. I picked mine up a couple of days ago. Hopefully they'll be getting the Yoshi one, too, any day now! :)

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