Watch Dogs - Unboxing the Limited Edition

Community Developer, Nik, takes you through all the features of the Watch Dogs Limited Edition package!

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finito821461d ago

niceeee cant wait to play this.

1461d ago
NovusTerminus1461d ago

Hoping I have the money for this version, regardless of CE or normal edition I cannot wait for this game.

Farsendor11461d ago

i have the limited edition pre ordered and payed in full, the only reason i wanted it was for the steel book.

crazy spending 130$ on this lol

NovusTerminus1461d ago

I mainly want the mask. But I work in a fridge and freezer so it might help me out.

But I love me some steelbooks. And Aiden will look nice standing next to my Ezio figure.

1461d ago
joshstream1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Hello folks,

If you want to by this game today, much cheaper you can check my youtube tutorial on how to do so here: g


guitarded771461d ago

I get it... they're trying to be cute with the whole surveillance theme, but just unbox the GD game already.

crimsonfox1461d ago

I was watching this thinking the same thing. They seem like they were just stalling for a lack luster special edition. Only thing I'd care to have is the statue, I haven't ever been excited enough for this game since they first showed it. But I will be buying it and trying it for myself before I say if it's good or bad. I hope if I do like enjoy it I don't like it enough to regret not getting this special edition though. Cause then it would just break my little fox heart.

LightDiego1461d ago

That skull it's just a Misfits rip-off.

mogwaii1461d ago

Looks nothing like it, that would be to say EVERY skull ever used since the misfits is a rip off.

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The story is too old to be commented.