Habitat hits its Kickstarter funding target. Now also coming to Xbox One.

Habitat, the real-time, physics-driven orbital strategy game will now also be coming to Xbox One as part of the [email protected] program. It has just reached its first Kickstarter target but with your help, they are still looking to hit a few more stretch goals.

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lets_go_gunners884d ago

Interesting trailer but how do you play a game like this on a gamepad?

m0lt0n884d ago

I dont know the specifics... but in one of the videos, they said they allowed people at Pax (i think) to play it with a gamepad and got really positive feedback.

JodieeLaytonukm884d ago SpamShow
bleedsoe9mm884d ago

got to find out how the head of the statue of liberty got into orbit

neil363879d ago

Xbox One owners rejoice.

They've now added a new pledge tier. $35 and above will see you get a copy of the game on Xbox One.

Great news that.