Titanfall's upcoming VR simulator map War Games has been revealed

Titanfall developer Respawn has detailed a map in its upcoming DLC expansion Expedition.

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Mikey941276d ago

Boring!!!!!! Game is boring now and they think 3 maps is going to help lol.

Zombro1276d ago

Game will never get boring to me the game is a masterpiece to me

TomShoe1276d ago

I love the gameplay, it just needs more gamemodes. Search and Destroy would be amazing to have, though I'm not sure how well it would work with giant robots stomping all over the field :P

antz11041276d ago

First game since Injustice I'm going to get the season pass....SO MUCH FUN!!!

UnHoly_One1276d ago

Yup. It's my favorite shooter ever.

DarthZoolu1276d ago

@Tomshoe search and destroy = last titan standing kinda. But if you really want search play COD.

1276d ago
randomass1711275d ago

Titanfall is a great shooter. It's good to see them expanding the content finally.

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crusf1276d ago

Love the bubble system here at N4G! Shows whose a troll and who legitimately has constructive criticism.

iKenny1276d ago

I still don't understand the bubble system. Can someone please explain this to me?

DarthZoolu1276d ago

Sometimes I like it. Trolls can have no bubbles or a ton of bubbles depending on what system you're trolling on or for.

maniacmayhem1271d ago

It kills conversations though. And a person with one bubble is more likely to leave an even more insane trolling comment.

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joab7771276d ago

Looks cool but the one I am excited about is swamplands. I love the contrast between the swamp and high tech. Also, there should be a yoda easter egg that u can find. Whoever does gets use of the force for a limited time.

Zombro1276d ago

This game is a blast so balanced so perfect most fun I've had since cod 4

yankolo1276d ago

Love titanfall just love it....dont hate play...

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The story is too old to be commented.