Rumors: PS4 Getting MP3 Playback Soon, Latest Firmware Build Has Unannounced Features; 1.7 on 30th

Looks like the request for MP3 playback on the PS4 is going to be satisfied soon, even if possibly past the 1.7 firmware, that according to an industry insider with a solid track record will come on the 30th.


The April 30th release date has now been officially confirmed by Sony Japan.

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KendrickLamar1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Soon my friend, soon.

As glorious as it sounds, and I do wish this is true, but I don't believe it will come :(
And I've been waiting to play my music straight from my PS4 for a long time, so I can't wait for that.

pedrof931519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

"Latest Firmware Build Has Unannounced Features"

Like retro-comparability ?

It would be GLORIOUS !

"So, some people ask for mp3 playback, that my friends is coming. but I do not know when it will come. #Soon#PS4"

Insider strikes again, MP3 playback is coming, don't know when. OK. Just... OK.

Conzul1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Dude, retro-comparability is what gaming journalism is for.

Army_of_Darkness1519d ago

Top it off with MKV playback too :-) That would be sweet!

alexkoepp1519d ago

Lol the ps4 can't do something the original Xbox could... Talk about "next Gen"

AceBlazer131519d ago

@alex same goes for the xbone huh dumbass? Never cease to amaze me.

Dude do you even own a next gen system ?

Anarki1519d ago

I want to be able to play movies from my mp3 drive. >.>

DigitalRaptor1519d ago

@ AceBlazer13

He supposedly owns a PS4, as he's posted a pic before with his username, but for someone that has one, he loves leaving us with stupid, inaccurate remarks. He mustn't have used it very much.

And by the way Alex, there are features that are unique to both consoles. Some consoles have both, and some companies charge you to use the free ones, whilst some put them behind a paywall.

TruthInsider 1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

lol The Xbone can't even do games at a higher rez than PS2, talk about next gen.

ThanatosDMC1519d ago

I want a youtube app than mp3.

morganfell1519d ago

I also want the youtube app but I want the mp3s more due to the editing suite. This will save me from having to continually edit quick vids in the den without having toi go to my man cave where I use Avermedia and Vegas and Adobe or else having to do it at the office.

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UnbiasedOpinions1519d ago

Well MP3 playback is important to me, i love playing custom tracks over the game and now sometimes i find my self playing last gen consoles more and more and MP3 playback is one of the reasons

Utalkin2me1519d ago

Sounds like you need to invest into a nice headset if custom soundtracks is that "Important". I have been using custom soundtracks for years and years not a single soundtrack has come from my console.

Joey_Leone1519d ago

Custom soundtracks are essential to gaming.

Omegasyde1519d ago

Customer Sounds are vital for racing games AND sports games especially Madden and how it reuses phrases every 2 second.

"I'll you what Chris (collins), I believe that the visiting team will provide a chann

bigfish1519d ago

Sony can do no wrong,, this is another sign of them putting the fans first... some other companies could learn a thing or two.

Kiwi661519d ago

right so with ms bringing features in their regular updates that fans have asked for isn't that also putting their fans first

Massacred1519d ago

It's true, they really have been a on role lately.

combatcash1518d ago

It should have been included to begin with. So they can definitely do wrong.

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LackTrue4K1519d ago

I want MP3 playback and custom themes with sound!!!
<3 !!!

Abdou0231519d ago

They are joking if thy aren't adding paus/resume options for downloads

smashman981519d ago

I've been using stop and resume since day 1 buddy

jon12341519d ago

@sashman false! There is no pause feature

Aceman181519d ago

I only use my music for racing games as I'd rather hear the original soundtrack for the other genres.

Massacred1519d ago

First on a long list of updates Sony needs to work on. . .lolz

randomass1711519d ago

ALRIGHT! Update release date! Looking forward to all of the upcoming Let's Plays. :D

TAURUS-5551518d ago

yees MP3 ¡¡¡¡ at last ¡¡¡

solid_snake36561518d ago

Well we also need dynamic themes/wallpapers, DLNA, youtube app, friends sign on notification.

WiiUsauce1518d ago

Hoe sad. Sumthin thet waz avalabel on teh Xbox 360 isent on teh PS4?? LOL! TEH PS4 IZ LAST JEN!!! XD

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Geekman1519d ago

Lol. The "All entertainment in One box" thing is being rivaled.

That said, the Xbox Ones non-gaming services are pretty badass, but still.

MasterCornholio1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

As long as the update doesn't hinder its ability to play games I'm ok with it.

randomass1711519d ago

^This. Games should be at the at most forefront of any console. Media features like this are secondary. They're great to have of course, but if running the games optimally means delaying those features, I'm cool with it.

UnbiasedOpinions1519d ago

@Geek, why even start man? Xbox will get MP3 support eventually, but why even start your bullsh!t?

incendy351519d ago

X1 already has MP3 support, just use PlayTo.

Geekman1519d ago

I wanted to see if an Anti Xbox post would actually be disagreed with on N4G.

dantesparda1519d ago


"X1 already has MP3 support, just use PlayTo. "

Oh then if thats the case then so does Sony, just use Plex.

Conzul1519d ago

Yeah I wanna see cross-platform video chat for PS4.
If not Skype, then something else like VSee or even a proprietary method.

Also needs mp4 support.

dazzrazz1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I wanna see mp3,mp4,m4v,m4a,avi,mkv and all that should be playable from external hard drive also

gigoran1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Congratulations! The thing you are writing your comment from can complete the tasks you are asking for! Now, go enjoy them!

While it would be awesome for the ps4 to support all of that, it isn't all necessary. Just add support for streaming media.

But yeah, if you got a computer that can do all that stuff... It's like saying "Toaster! Why don't you fry my eggs!!!"

andibandit1518d ago

my computer is at my computer table....having to move it because movies should be watched on a tv is nothing like "toaster fry my eggs".

nunley331519d ago

Mkv will never happen and xbone will never will either, You'll just have use mp4 or avi when it comes to ps4.

nunley331519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I don't need a source, sony answered this years ago when people were crying for it on ps3 but of course it was never considered for a second. It'll be the same with ps4, it'll get avi& mp4 but no mkv ever, not even in some backwards bazarro universe would it happen. It won't go to ps4 for the same reasons and nothing has changed with it. If you're actualy holding out hope,you cann quit now and stop holding your breath.

Parapraxis1519d ago

don't forget FLAC, FLAC is very important for audiophiles.

nunley331519d ago

Yes flac but that won't come over either

FamilyGuy1519d ago

You would think with the ability to add music to your clips in Share Factory that MP3 playback was a given. Then again, launching with MP3 playback was assumed to be "a given" as well. :/

Media Server support is what I want to know about.

Baccra171519d ago

Good,now bring on the video codecs.

Nafon1519d ago

I don't understand. These consoles are supposed to be the center of all entertainment in the living room but they can't play local files?? Never considered that either of them wouldn't be able to play audio and video files.

BG115791519d ago

You're getting confused. One is a console. The other is supposed to be a media center.
Guess which is which? One clue, the one that sold more is a console.

ShowGun9011518d ago

my pc is hooked to a tv, I'd much rather have a pure console than an "all entertainment" box... just MY opinion, but the "all in one device" spot has already been taken in my house, by my IPad and my Galaxy S4... just need my console to play beautiful games, thank you.