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Rumors: PS4 Getting MP3 Playback Soon, Latest Firmware Build Has Unannounced Features; 1.7 on 30th

Looks like the request for MP3 playback on the PS4 is going to be satisfied soon, even if possibly past the 1.7 firmware, that according to an industry insider with a solid track record will come on the 30th. (PS4)

Update The April 30th release date has now been officially confirmed by Sony Japan.

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KwietStorm  +   433d ago
Want. Want right now.
KendrickLamar  +   433d ago
Soon my friend, soon.

As glorious as it sounds, and I do wish this is true, but I don't believe it will come :(
And I've been waiting to play my music straight from my PS4 for a long time, so I can't wait for that.
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pedrof93  +   433d ago
"Latest Firmware Build Has Unannounced Features"

Like retro-comparability ?

It would be GLORIOUS !

"So, some people ask for mp3 playback, that my friends is coming. but I do not know when it will come. #Soon#PS4"

Insider strikes again, MP3 playback is coming, don't know when. OK. Just... OK.
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Conzul  +   433d ago
Dude, retro-comparability is what gaming journalism is for.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   433d ago
Top it off with MKV playback too :-) That would be sweet!
alexkoepp  +   433d ago
Lol the ps4 can't do something the original Xbox could... Talk about "next Gen"
AceBlazer13  +   433d ago
@alex same goes for the xbone huh dumbass? Never cease to amaze me.

Dude do you even own a next gen system ?
Anarki  +   433d ago
I want to be able to play movies from my mp3 drive. >.>
DigitalRaptor  +   433d ago
@ AceBlazer13

He supposedly owns a PS4, as he's posted a pic before with his username, but for someone that has one, he loves leaving us with stupid, inaccurate remarks. He mustn't have used it very much.

And by the way Alex, there are features that are unique to both consoles. Some consoles have both, and some companies charge you to use the free ones, whilst some put them behind a paywall.
morganfell  +   433d ago
Winter is coming? http://ps4daily.com/wp-cont...
TruthInsider  +   432d ago
lol The Xbone can't even do games at a higher rez than PS2, talk about next gen.
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ThanatosDMC  +   432d ago
I want a youtube app than mp3.
morganfell  +   432d ago
I also want the youtube app but I want the mp3s more due to the editing suite. This will save me from having to continually edit quick vids in the den without having toi go to my man cave where I use Avermedia and Vegas and Adobe or else having to do it at the office.
UnbiasedOpinions  +   433d ago
Well MP3 playback is important to me, i love playing custom tracks over the game and now sometimes i find my self playing last gen consoles more and more and MP3 playback is one of the reasons
Utalkin2me  +   433d ago
Sounds like you need to invest into a nice headset if custom soundtracks is that "Important". I have been using custom soundtracks for years and years not a single soundtrack has come from my console.
Joey_Leone  +   433d ago
Custom soundtracks are essential to gaming.
Omegasyde  +   433d ago
Customer Sounds are vital for racing games AND sports games especially Madden and how it reuses phrases every 2 second.

"I'll you what Chris (collins), I believe that the visiting team will provide a chann
bigfish  +   433d ago
Sony can do no wrong,, this is another sign of them putting the fans first... some other companies could learn a thing or two.
MrKrispy  +   433d ago
right so with ms bringing features in their regular updates that fans have asked for isn't that also putting their fans first
KwietStorm  +   433d ago
Cmon man really?
Massacred  +   433d ago
It's true, they really have been a on role lately.
combatcash  +   432d ago
It should have been included to begin with. So they can definitely do wrong.
onyoursistersback  +   433d ago
I want MP3 playback and custom themes with sound!!!
<3 !!!
Abdou023  +   433d ago
They are joking if thy aren't adding paus/resume options for downloads
smashman98  +   433d ago
I've been using stop and resume since day 1 buddy
jon1234  +   433d ago
@sashman false! There is no pause feature
Aceman18  +   433d ago
I only use my music for racing games as I'd rather hear the original soundtrack for the other genres.
Massacred  +   433d ago
First on a long list of updates Sony needs to work on. . .lolz
Not-A-Cat  +   433d ago
Here you go @KwietStorm :D

randomass171  +   433d ago
ALRIGHT! Update release date! Looking forward to all of the upcoming Let's Plays. :D
TAURUS-555  +   432d ago
yees MP3 ¡¡¡¡ at last ¡¡¡
solid_snake3656  +   432d ago
Well we also need dynamic themes/wallpapers, DLNA, youtube app, friends sign on notification.
WiiUsauce  +   432d ago
Hoe sad. Sumthin thet waz avalabel on teh Xbox 360 isent on teh PS4?? LOL! TEH PS4 IZ LAST JEN!!! XD
Geekman  +   433d ago
Lol. The "All entertainment in One box" thing is being rivaled.

That said, the Xbox Ones non-gaming services are pretty badass, but still.
MasterCornholio  +   433d ago
As long as the update doesn't hinder its ability to play games I'm ok with it.
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randomass171  +   433d ago
^This. Games should be at the at most forefront of any console. Media features like this are secondary. They're great to have of course, but if running the games optimally means delaying those features, I'm cool with it.
UnbiasedOpinions  +   433d ago
@Geek, why even start man? Xbox will get MP3 support eventually, but why even start your bullsh!t?
incendy35  +   433d ago
X1 already has MP3 support, just use PlayTo.
Geekman  +   433d ago
I wanted to see if an Anti Xbox post would actually be disagreed with on N4G.
dantesparda  +   433d ago

"X1 already has MP3 support, just use PlayTo. "

Oh then if thats the case then so does Sony, just use Plex.
Conzul  +   433d ago
Yeah I wanna see cross-platform video chat for PS4.
If not Skype, then something else like VSee or even a proprietary method.

Also needs mp4 support.
dazzrazz  +   433d ago
I wanna see mp3,mp4,m4v,m4a,avi,mkv and all that should be playable from external hard drive also
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gigoran  +   433d ago
Congratulations! The thing you are writing your comment from can complete the tasks you are asking for! Now, go enjoy them!

While it would be awesome for the ps4 to support all of that, it isn't all necessary. Just add support for streaming media.

But yeah, if you got a computer that can do all that stuff... It's like saying "Toaster! Why don't you fry my eggs!!!"
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andibandit  +   432d ago
my computer is at my computer table....having to move it because movies should be watched on a tv is nothing like "toaster fry my eggs".
nunley33  +   433d ago
Mkv will never happen and xbone will never will either, You'll just have use mp4 or avi when it comes to ps4.
WitWolfy  +   432d ago
nunley33  +   432d ago
I don't need a source, sony answered this years ago when people were crying for it on ps3 but of course it was never considered for a second. It'll be the same with ps4, it'll get avi& mp4 but no mkv ever, not even in some backwards bazarro universe would it happen. It won't go to ps4 for the same reasons and nothing has changed with it. If you're actualy holding out hope,you cann quit now and stop holding your breath.
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Parapraxis  +   432d ago
don't forget FLAC, FLAC is very important for audiophiles.
nunley33  +   432d ago
Yes flac but that won't come over either
FamilyGuy  +   433d ago
You would think with the ability to add music to your clips in Share Factory that MP3 playback was a given. Then again, launching with MP3 playback was assumed to be "a given" as well. :/

Media Server support is what I want to know about.
Baccra17  +   433d ago
Good,now bring on the video codecs.
Nafon  +   433d ago
I don't understand. These consoles are supposed to be the center of all entertainment in the living room but they can't play local files?? Never considered that either of them wouldn't be able to play audio and video files.
BG11579  +   432d ago
You're getting confused. One is a console. The other is supposed to be a media center.
Guess which is which? One clue, the one that sold more is a console.
ShowGun901  +   432d ago
my pc is hooked to a tv, I'd much rather have a pure console than an "all entertainment" box... just MY opinion, but the "all in one device" spot has already been taken in my house, by my IPad and my Galaxy S4... just need my console to play beautiful games, thank you.
Killzoner99  +   433d ago
Sony just wanted to make sure it worked 100% before releasing MP3 playback , unlike the glitchy Xbone. It's amazing how every update Sony releases renders the Xbone more and more obsolete .
Dewitt  +   433d ago
Maybe in your mind, the monthly updates MS is releasing have been fantastic.
Rideck  +   433d ago
Wow, you have Sony stuffed deep deep in there eh? Lulz
pwnsause_returns  +   433d ago
umm, Dude, microsoft been pumping out monthly updates...
cubcake  +   432d ago
LOL! "renders the Xbone more and more obsolete."

The One is far from obsolete.
randomass171  +   432d ago
How on earth is the Xbox One obsolete? To the One's credit it had HDMI recording support at launch and Sony has taken quite some time to get the update to fix that out there. PS4 is the better console, but it's not infallible and it certainly doesn't render its primary competition obsolete.
ShowGun901  +   432d ago
I know what youre getting at, but dude. Read your comment before you post it, waaaay to biased sounding to get many agrees!
spaceg0st  +   433d ago
Now will this enable us to play custom music in game? Or is that a separate feature?
Soldierone  +   433d ago
Sony and their dates lol. They say "end of the month" and they will literally wait till the very last minute of the month, but hey at least they pull through!

Seriously cannot wait for this update, it's almost as big as 2.0 for PS3.
Illusive_Man  +   433d ago
X1 getting VLC app which is already on win8 and all its playback goodies
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gigoran  +   433d ago
And? So it can do something a dvd player, bluray player, computer, smart phone can do... because it's not like anyone in the world owns any of those other common devices. Makes the Xbone a must buy! Oh wait... totally doesn't!
nunley33  +   433d ago
A VLC app, requested by nobody ever is totally pointless, just add the mp4& avi and you don't need it.
ShinnokDrako  +   433d ago
Rumors and speculations. I guess people will say "Sony promised this in 1.70!! Damned Sony!! etc etc" and Sony didn't confirm anything at all. I'd say it's better if we wait and see what's in this "legendary" firmware (legendary because it's all a myth for now, not reality =P).
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Sadist3  +   433d ago
I'm an industry insider, and I'm telling you Sony will have another update coming sometime after 1.7. Just can't tell you when, but it's coming
Bob Dole  +   432d ago
Um, duh? I'm sure they'll have one after that and so on and so forth. That's kinda what they do; release updates, add features, optimize their OS, etc. To think they wouldn't be releasing updates after this one would just be silly.
Cryptcuzz  +   432d ago
Dude be was just being sarcastic and funny, but yes, I agree with everything you said.
HeavenlySnipes  +   433d ago
Need game folder making ability to organize the XMB I just got my PS4 and downloaded DCU, Warframe, Resogun etc and theey're all scattered along the menu there

We should be able to organize games by whether they are free to play/PSN Games/PS4 games etc and just show the game in the disc drive on the XMB
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Bob Dole  +   432d ago
That and not have EVERY SINGLE video on demand service pop up. If one only uses netflix they shouldn't have to see 20 other programs they don't even have installed to use it.
monkey48  +   433d ago
All I need is mp3 playback and the ability to change my psn name and it will make me so very happy.
hollabox  +   433d ago
Yes! About time, how about MKV playback as well?
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nunley33  +   433d ago
MKV will never ever happen, it's a lost cause that people need to give up. It won't come for the same reasons it never came for PS3 and it'll never go to PS5 either.
hollabox  +   432d ago
You mean to tell me my ancient Blu Ray player, my Galaxy MP3 player, my cell cell phone, PC can all play MKV but my PS4 cannot? All jokes aside this is getting kinda lame with both of my next gen consoles lacking the ability to play what I thought was a basic format. Converting MKVs to MP4 using handbrake is waste time since half of the time my movies can't be played without some kind error with no video and or no audio.
Farsendor1  +   433d ago
would like to listen to different music while playing ff14, ff14 has a great soundtrack but it still gets old listening to the same thing over and over.
mr233  +   433d ago
DLNA Please!
bradleejones  +   433d ago
I second that. Miss the media streaming capabilities.
Dasteru  +   433d ago
Can't believe it's taking this long just to add in crappy MP3 support. They should have Flac/Wav support by now.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   433d ago
much rather have in-game Spotify Streaming over MP3's noone downloads those anymore.... unless it cant be streamed
ipach  +   433d ago
if it's not 1080p i don't want it.
B1uBurneR  +   433d ago
Your right If I can't play those mp3 in 1080p @60fps.. I don't want it.
OutcastMosquito  +   433d ago
randomass171  +   432d ago
Pretty accurate to some people, actually...
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   433d ago
Let's see, Hip-hop, check. Rock, check. Techno, check. Trance, check. Electronica, check. Metal, check. Japanese eurobeat, check. Dance & house music, check. And Drum & Bass, check x5! yep, ready to load these babies on PS4 from my USB memory stick.
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OutcastMosquito  +   433d ago
Metal for the win!!
hardcorehippiez  +   432d ago
metal - any type really hell yes . currently listening to dog fashion disco mp3 s . yes that will go on nicely. have to start organizing my playlists :D
Majin-vegeta  +   433d ago
Hip Hop FTW listenin to some Bone Thugs while blasting people on BF4 would be so godly.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   433d ago
Mo murda all day...!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   432d ago
Tech Step/?Euro Trash?/mixed with a'lil Wu'Tang?

;) *_ - (;
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TheTowelBoy  +   433d ago
bornsinner  +   433d ago
why could my 360 do this in 2006 but not on ps4 in 2014? why are we taking steps back?
WitWolfy  +   432d ago
Took the words right out of my mouth!
Predaking77  +   433d ago
Nice for those who use that feature. I, don't use MP3 playback so I have no issue.

I'm mlre exited about the share studio.
robert  +   433d ago
Mp3 compressed disappointment come on sony please.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   433d ago
can't come soon enough~ that music unlimited has one of the most clunky, horribly designed interfaces i've ever used. you can't even drag multiple songs into a playlist- you gotta do it one by one... like, seriously, wtf?
Skate-AK  +   433d ago
No surprise. It was teased in the Sharefactory trailer.
OutcastMosquito  +   433d ago
Yay! A feature that should have been available day one!!
d0r1en0  +   433d ago
So this would enable custom songs to walk out to in MLB the show.
GentlemenRUs  +   433d ago
FLAC please, Just having MP3 on it's own would suck.
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blakstarz  +   433d ago
Please allow playback of movies on USB sticks and Youtube video playback and I'm good!
memots  +   432d ago
dude try www.youtube.com/tv in ps4 browser ,
it used the D-pad and thumb stick. Works great

you can even sync any other device to stream directly to your tv ( like Ipad or Android tab )
yazter  +   432d ago
Didn't know that. Thanks for the helpful tip.

+ Bubble.
blakstarz  +   432d ago
Oh cool, didn't know that...THANKS!
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