NBA 2K14 Still Plagued With Bugs and Difficulties

After numerous reports regarding NBA 2K14‘s online issues and problems with crashing, Xbox One and PlayStation 3 players are still plagued with difficulties in spite of attempted patches from 2K Games.

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Bonkerz1487d ago

Got rid of this game a long time ago. I may give them a chance when 2k15 comes out but the amount of network and other problems this game had was outrageous. Wasnt to bad since after 3 months i still got 42 bucks for it.

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zeroskie1487d ago

I've enjoyed the hell out of this game, but I'll admit I mostly play local multiplayer.

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tawak1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

that is why i sold mine long time ago, this is obviously a ps3 game with bit and bites of ps4. in short its a trial version for ps4

DunDee9101487d ago

And just like everyone else, I traded mine for credit on Infamous second son.

bunfighterii1487d ago

I played this again today for the first time in a long time and I remembered why I stopped playing. It lacks so many features and is hamstrung by its reliance on the online DRM stuff. This year was a real step backwards.

I'm done with this series for a while. It only sells because its the only viable basketball game. I hope EA can step it up.

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