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Submitted by Batusai 2818d ago | review

First Mass Effect PC Review by HardGame2 - 9/10

HardGame2 writes (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):
" The low time of wait, has been worth it. We are faced with a title that cares the history, which is very important. Perhaps not involve any kind of revolution, but nobody needs it. We talk about the role and good, which always accompanies the name BioWare. To emphasize once again the importance of the screenplay, creating a whole new world, with life itself. Mass Effect is, to all intents and purposes, a new candidate for Game of the Year, on its own merits.

It can be a breath of fresh air in a world that thrives on simple stories, settings and worn. It is, to say the least, a title that must be playing with time, exploring the vast and immense universe that has been developed for the occasion.

We do not know how much time will pass until they reach the two chapters to come, but we can only applaud so, because this conversion is perfect. The magic transmitting is what makes it different from the rest, and that, today, it's hard to find in this sector. You don not see anything like it, but surely this sentence only prevail until we find Mass Effect 2 and should be repeated. Weather will dictate judgement, but after Baldur's Gate 2, NeverWinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, the level has risen to the maximum exponent with this title that will enjoy, from start to finish.

The best: Better Graphic, Great frame rate, Well optimized, No bugs, Include "Bring Down The Sky", Better menus and Better control with mouse and keyboard. (Mass Effect, PC) 9/10

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Batusai  +   2818d ago
SOLD!!! I hate the control with the 360 pad. I can't wait until 12 of june.
Fishy Fingers  +   2818d ago
Me to, nothing to do with Mass Effect though ;)

I'll be picking ME up a few weeks later probably, played it briefly on the 360 but all the niggling little issues got on my nerves.
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InMyOpinion  +   2818d ago
I had no problems at all with the controls on the 360.

What were your biggest issues?
Fishy Fingers  +   2818d ago
Srry, Ignore this :(
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Mr_President_  +   2818d ago
I'm going to buy this later in the summer. I got MGS4 in two weeks and I finally decided to pick up GeoW for my PC also.
LenHart  +   2818d ago
who buys this cRAP when MGS4 will be released on June 12th 2008

another PC developers suffering from marketing myopia

MS rushed NG2 to combat MGS4 only to find themselves in an enbarrassing situation

a mediocre game like ME will be released on the same day as MGS4???

seriously are the execs of EA normal??

although not to mention that i would be getting this game when it lands on my PS3 this FALL


but seriously ME releasing on the same day as MGS4??

hahahhhhhhhaaaaaaa what a joke. IT will a mega flop on PC just like Crysis/COD4 and UT3
Fishy Fingers  +   2818d ago
"who buys this cRAP when MGS4 will be released on June 12th 2008 "

People without a PS3 maybe???
LenHart  +   2818d ago
no one buys PC games though

especially during MGS4's release

It is foolish to release something alongside MGS4 --eg NG2
Vito_corleone  +   2818d ago
Im buying this and MGS4.
Bolts  +   2818d ago
This is BS.
MS should've kept this game on the 360, if they let 360 exclusives slip to the PC with better graphics and improved gameplay all the time then I might as well skip Gears of War 2 as well and wait for the best version on the PC. To add insult to injury this game is can be bought as a digital download just like Bioshock and Gears of War, if I wait two weeks I can buy it for half the price on eBay!

Can someone remind me why I own a 360 again? What is the point of these exclusives if they're just gonna jump to another platform in six months? Come'on Nvidia and release that 280 GTX already, time to built that gaming PC...
Kain81  +   2818d ago
yea i agreed with you
and at this point the real exclusivs are all on Wii and PS3.

376hours and 25minutes remain until The fall of Snake
Iam not a hero, never was, never will be...
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1stKnighT  +   2818d ago
Well if you don't mind waiting to play the game about a year later. You wait that long and you might read some spoilers like your crew member Ashley is the sister of Saren, the main villian.
Fishy Fingers  +   2818d ago
If that is true you should be banned from N4G.

I honestly can't believe you would spoil a game for a fellow gamer just because they are buying it on a different format and not the 360.

Lucky this is the Gamer Zone so I can't say what I really feel...
Bolts  +   2818d ago
Yeah good thing I paid $60 to play the game on the 360 so I wouldn't run into any spoilers. NOT. Is there any point in buying Fable 2 now? Correct me if I'm wrong but the thought the word exclusive actually ment something.

Edit: 1st Knight did not spoil, Saren is an alien, Ashley is human, they're not related. I'm not sure WTF he's talking about to be honest.
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1stKnighT  +   2818d ago
Oh cmon guys I just made that up! Sheesh! I ain't that messed up. But that's the chance you take if you wait to play a game.

Mass Effect is a FANTASTIC game and story. If you haven't played the 360 version definitely pick up the PC version. I suggest you pick up the prequel book Mass Effect Revelation. It's by the same guy that did the story for the game. Highly recommended.
Mr_President_  +   2818d ago
I can wait 6 months to a year for the PC versions and its not very hard to avoid spoilers. I just don't see the point in spending $300+ on another console when the majority of its top games end up on my PC ;)
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Fishy Fingers  +   2818d ago
Why couldnt you just write that first time round? You obviously clued up and capable of useful, sound comments, why sell yourself short with all the fan*** junk?

Anyway, thanks for clearing that up. I would of been gutted if you had just spoilt that for me and everyone else.

Remember, we all enjoy the same hobby, playing games, regardless of platform.
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1stKnighT  +   2818d ago
If you have a $1000 plus gamer rig to play games than by all means get Mass Effect and the other games for the PC. But the majority of people don't have gamer rigs and just own a regular pc like myself. I would need to spend a pretty penny on my PC to get it at the same level as my 360. Plus I rather play my games in my living room nice and comfy in my couch than my office. I don't want to spend more time and money to set up my gamer rig to my main tv in my living room. That is just to much.

Fishy, I just mess around sometimes in here. I get bored here at work and like to throw a bone to see who bites.
Mr_President_  +   2818d ago
a "$1000 gamer rig" isn't needed to play PC games (even Crysis). chances are i've got the same pc setup as any other average person out there. and if your video card has a TV out, then it only takes about a minute or less to hook it up to a tv. i do that sometimes but i never had a problem with playing games at my desk.
DeadlyFire  +   2818d ago
Here is how I look at it.

X360 = Low Range closed(no mods or extra content by users) PC that can play anything on a set standard with $60 per new game and $50/yr. subscription to online service and crap you have to pay for on the marketplace. DirectX 9 support.

PC = High end($1000 and up) definitely worth it though. DirectX 9 and 10 and 10.1 support. Fully open for mods(you can add in KOTOR stuff or other random stuff in Mass Effect PC if you wanted to do so), free online play, $50 per new game, extra free content made by gamers. Delayed games, but mostly any good FPS game from the X360 will end up on the PC. Mouse is always better for FPS. You can claim Analog sticks are accurate, but they are nothing compared to the mouse in my eye.

The line though is going to get little more blurry in 2010 or so when Microsoft Releases Windows 7, DirectX 11 and Next Xbox.
Jonelo  +   2818d ago
The maximum resolution is 1280 x 720, according to what they put into the review. Maybe is a mistake.
Jonelo  +   2818d ago
Mister negative ,

"Su aspecto gráfico está más que cuidado, pues estamos ante una conversión que piensa directamente hasta dónde puede llegar un PC, tanto en requisitos mínimos, como máximos, aunque con alguna carencia como una resolución que no superará los 1280x720"

of course, is a mistake .

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