Naruto Storm Revolution: Guard Break and Counterattack

Naruto Storm Revolution introduces new attack mechanics.

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Shadonic1094d ago

GASP!!!!! new additions to the combat that arent only aimed at attacking!!! ?

relaly wish that they would add the ability to dodge attacks in close range combat in the way that the one DBZ game had while adding new variations of combos.

tayz1094d ago

i liked these two updates too!

OnlyOneMDB1092d ago

That's awesome i hope they bring back clash attacks also & Kakashi's Sharingan actually steals the opponents moves like in the anime!

TXIDarkAvenger1092d ago

Clash of Ninja games did it, it was pretty awesome to see Kakashi mimic everyone's jutsus.

OnlyOneMDB1092d ago

Ikr the clash of a ninja games are still to this day my fave it just had so much more to it imo