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Submitted by nofilter 2743d ago | news

Afrika Is Alive!

Sony has opened a new teaser site for Afrika, as barren as the desert, but at least we know it's still coming. This comes after SCEE refused to comment on the game suddenly appearing on Play Asia for a release in August. (Afrika, PS3)

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LinuxGuru  +   2743d ago
The best trailer for this game.

What really impresses me is the animation (take a look at the cheetah, as it calmly walks off a rock towards the end of the can NOT say you aren't impressed by that incredible* doesn't even LOOK like looks REAL), and the HUGE amount of animals on screen....that's a lot of AI routines...

The textures are phenominal also....and this trailer was from a WHILE ago....many many months.

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nofilter  +   2743d ago
The game does look wonderful.
Kain81  +   2743d ago
The Music is beautiful too
wAtdaFck  +   2743d ago
That trailer is beautiful, love the music too.
freakyzeeky  +   2743d ago
"You shall rise..."
lol, I couldn't resist... That's a catchy number there. ;)
ajeben809  +   2743d ago
these guys have been keeping this game quite for a while, i want to see more and know more about this now
sonarus  +   2743d ago
All i want to know is WTF is this game before i commence with the OMG GOTY Sony is awesome i bow to thee nonsense:D
Watkins  +   2743d ago
there's a trailer on the page? I just see a rhino passing by again and again. Is it loading? Spent 14 minutes waiting now. Not optimized for swedish 100/100 mbit connections? ...
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Mc Fadge  +   2743d ago
No trailer, just the walking rhino, that's all :3

omni_atlas  +   2743d ago
this is an unofficial video created by a fan. Basically is spliced some of the released videos and added an mp3 track to it.
DrakenSilverwing  +   2742d ago
Thank you
that was just increadible... music.. animations.. the realism.. somethin right out of the discovery channel.. after seeing that i don't care what you do in the game i'll be getting it just to roam afrika and enjoy what i see.. i can just imagine the potential of this game.. everything is always changing with it.. everytime you come back to the game or something things change animals die or move on.. i wonder if there would even ge an end? i hope this comes out soon!.. its been such a long wait
gonzopia  +   2742d ago
The music in that trailer, btw - is Mattafix - Living Darfur.

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Mr_President_  +   2743d ago
The graphics are amazing, but what is the object of the game?
ice_prophecy  +   2743d ago
If it were up to me
I'd want to be N!xau

from "The Gods must bE Crazy"

And hunt animals, while on the mission to return the coke bottle from the heavens back to its rightful owner.

edit: Please tell me that there are people old enough to remember this ingenious movie...
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sa_nick  +   2743d ago
I think your a photographer who has to take awesome photos.

Probably like that pokemon game... but good.
Bigbangbing  +   2743d ago
i think its just snap a picture

you will be a camera man

like pokemon snap
Mr_President_  +   2743d ago
Thats sounds pretty boring.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2743d ago
Don Cheadle's nostrils ruined it for me...

...same goes for Crash.
Mc Fadge  +   2743d ago
You obviously never played Pokemon Snap ;D!
tk  +   2742d ago
Only down South
Most probably many will not have seen Gods must be crazy (1 or 2)...
South African film
Very funny. For those who can rent it - highly recommended.
cmrbe  +   2742d ago
Gods must be crazy
is a very,very funny movie. I still remember it.
TruthBTold  +   2742d ago
yup, I remember that movie, hillarious, watched it a couple of more times after. That coke bottle really stired up a lot of trouble LOL. It was painful watching them hit each other on the head or get hit by the bottle when trying to throw it back up to the gods. Good movie, for those who havent seen it, go rent it, you will crack up.
LenHart  +   2743d ago
the game will be awesome
This will surely own

cant wait
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Snukadaman  +   2743d ago
cmon nasim...
lets be honest..if this was a xbox game, I can only imagine the shiet you would give it...and not knowing what the hell the object of the game is about and blindly say its going to own only doubles the amount of fail.
heyheyhey  +   2743d ago

yes he would, but.... why do you even botehr replying to him

nothing you or anyone will ever say can change Nasim
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2743d ago
I hope they got Monkeys with Rocket Launchers in it!!! ;-D (Like TimeSplitters2!)
It wouldn't be on the xBox 360 anyway...they don't do Innovative games!!! ;-D
Oooops! Me'Bubbles are going to go i care??? NOPE!!! ;-D
Jeromejones  +   2743d ago
its coming out second quarter of 2008. That was unexpected.
Max Power  +   2743d ago
its an...
old trailer but i wouldn't be surprised that it comes out 3rd or at the latest 4th quarter, i am sure we will hear more about it at E3
Vojkan  +   2743d ago
Isnt SCEJ gamers day suposed to happen in June? Like last year...
Kain81  +   2743d ago
Oh man this game looks beautiful
I hope we can see some gameplay-footage in the next days or weeks.
gonzopia  +   2742d ago
I'd just like to know the premise
It does look beautiful. I'm a big fan of the Planet Earth series (which I proudly own on Blu-ray) and I finished it recently. I particularly enjoyed their footage of the African wilderness. If you can capture that in a game, that's a point for you.

But while this "game" called Afrika has me stoked on that level, I'm just not sure what it's "about". Is it a game, or a visual experience? A game typically has conflict, adversity, or clearly assigned objectives. I don't know if "take the best photo you can of a zebra" qualifies as adversity or a challenging objective, but I could be wrong.

I mean, in real life - sure... count me in. On the PS3 - I'm a little apprehensive until I've seen some gameplay footage or at least read an article on the gameplay.
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1stKnighT  +   2743d ago
So I'm guessing your a photographer???? If that's the case than this game will probably sell about 7 copies worldwide.
LinuxGuru  +   2743d ago
Oh come ON knight, can't you appreciate some artistic games when you see them?


If you can't, then troll over THERE ----->

Or who knows, maybe you're just saying that because it's a PS3 game. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason, actually.

Yes, he's a 360-er, and he takes every chance he gets to criticize the PS3, through snide remarks, crude insults, general misinformation, and lack of proper reasoning.
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Fishy Fingers  +   2743d ago
So I'm guessing your a 360 only owner???? If that's the case then I'll probably see you in every PS3 thread.... worldwide.
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Kain81  +   2743d ago
AFRIKA is a beautiful game
i dont need gore or Guns in all Games, this is something different i cant tell, its like i would go on a journey in Afrika.
This game is beautiful.
thePatriot  +   2743d ago
I guess I will be one of those 7
cant wait
LinuxGuru  +   2743d ago
The game IS beautiful, and the sheer beauty of the animals and the amazing animations and textures made it look like I was watching National nearly brought me to tears!

I can imagine this being a download / Blu-ray hybrid like WarHawk or GT5p.

I'd buy this in a millisecond, just for the exploration aspect alone...If they recreate the plains, forests, mountains, deserts, valleys, rivers, and waterfalls like they really are, this game could surely be a hidden wonder amongst all the "biggies" out there.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2743d ago
How many copies did HAL sell of Pokemon Snap?
Mr_President_  +   2743d ago
"If they recreate the plains, forests, mountains, deserts, valleys, rivers, and waterfalls like they really are"

Now that would be awesome.
Diugu  +   2743d ago
If other than taking photos there is an adventure feel to it (traveling throught afrika, maybe some treasure hunt.. or something else.. without the need of all those guns) with all the great scenarious there are in afrika.

I'll be one of the 7. I am pretty sure there must be something interesting to it, can't wait to see what it is.
poopsack  +   2742d ago
no i think they can make a special version for you where you can shoot the animals with plasma rays and eat their limbs, is that better? How about a deathmatch mode where you run them over with your jeep?
kydrice  +   2743d ago
I hope Bear Grylls is an unlockable character.
Fishy Fingers  +   2743d ago
LOL.... I was watching him the other day, he was showing how you can squeeze liquid out of Elephant c**p and drink it.

Crazy son of a b****
gonzopia  +   2742d ago
HOORAY FOR BEAR GRYLLS! Down with the mob mentality knocking the Bear. That man is a genius.
Meresin  +   2743d ago
I wish they'd managed to make the foliage look like it did in the TGS video from '06. I'm guessing that was a pre-rendered video. Unfortunate.

Still, the animals look spectacular.
jkhan  +   2743d ago
I think game would be like saving animals from hunters, diseases etc. taking photographs, kind of like openworld game. Where the whole world is simulation based, and you are part journalist part animal activist. You can upload photos and videos over the youtube. Now that would be awesome. Studying animals etc. like National Geographics.:P
LinuxGuru  +   2743d ago
That would indeed be very cool, perhaps a studying aspect is in can take pictures of animals, and learn about them, their habits, related species, social interactions with eachother...

It would be pretty cool to be able to take video also....sharing unique animal interaction moments with your maybe one time you managed to sneak up on a lion as it was sleeping....or you swam in a small lake where giraffes were drinking, or perhaps even spotting a cheetah at 65mph chasing down a young gazelle...

Who knows?
ice_prophecy  +   2743d ago
the thought of this is sending chills down my spine!

See? it doesn't have to be a shooter to be a good game!
tweaker  +   2743d ago
Even if it's just focused on photography and roaming around, I'll be happy. It should be just like watching Animal Planet but better.
e-ray  +   2743d ago
Yeah I watch a lot of Animal Planet. I will be getting this game for sure! The sight of the meerkats and then that cheetah at the end.... absolutely amazing.
awful  +   2743d ago
No doubt bout it, it looks great. if you do go around taking pictures of the animals then i'll definately purchase it, be sweet if you get to close or annoy the animals they maul you or something
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2743d ago
And at the end... have to hunt Kratos.
Fishy Fingers  +   2743d ago
Real time aging animals? That would be cool.

aka... 4D animals ;)
Blackcanary  +   2743d ago
could you pic theres no missions its just an open world or if it was Online and we could all work together that would be cool if u get lost and a lion is ready to get u just u ur blue tooth head set to call for back up.
Mc Fadge  +   2743d ago
Afrika Snap! :D


- Full simulation of Afrikan savannah (wishful, though I believe this was discussed somewhere?)
- Ability to save photos to HDD and hang them up in Home (would be cool!)
- Decent-ish story, even if we had to take photos of poachers or something every now and then
- Addictive gameplay. If they can make the addiction like Pokemon Snap, I'll be happy. With all the variety of animals and the different poses, interactions, numbers etc, it could be awesome
- Graphics are the quality of the trailers (if not better :D)

And, yeah, if they can add these things, and it's fun to play, I'm definitely interested :3
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highdro  +   2743d ago
it looks cool but what is the point of the game!!!!!!....are u going to be fighting animals or looking after them!!!!???????????????
Mc Fadge  +   2743d ago
Taking photos
By the looks of things
TrevorPhillips  +   2743d ago
wooow a game that looks like lion king awesome :)
Shuhei Yoshida  +   2743d ago
Unlike Microsoft, we at Sony don't abandon products just because they take some work.

juuken  +   2743d ago
Beautiful game so far (those animals look SO realistic), but what exactly is it about?
Saint Sony  +   2743d ago
Minors will love this.
It does look ok.
LiquifiedArt  +   2743d ago
Gotta hand it to SONY.
They drive innovation. Look at the PSN titles very unique and different experiences. This will be no different. Definetly see this game as being a Middle ground game where you dont want to play persay and dont want to watch TV, instead you can drive around and explore this world taking pictures... Very cool. Not 60$ obviously, but 15-20$ is about right.
t-0_ot-  +   2742d ago
So.. in other words it's Pokemon Snap(whatever it's called) on the N64, just in a life like world?

Innovation at it's greatest..
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bootsielon  +   2743d ago
This game wont sell
There is no hype associated with it if it is indeed coming out in less than three months time and SCEE denies its existence. It has to come out in november at least for Sony to get time to promote it. And I just hope it is not just another pokemon snap. Let there be missions other than pic taking.
Amp  +   2743d ago
It MIght Boot
And I hope it does,this is a perfect game to balance out your gaming portfolio. You can shoot and drive and play sports on any console, but this game adds a welcome mix to the equation.
PoSTedUP  +   2742d ago
wanted this 1 for so long now, its good to here its still up and running
zonetrooper5  +   2742d ago
Really have no idea what this game is aiming for tbh. It looks fine graphically and I wonder how many copies Pokemon Snap sold worldwide?
Jamegohanssj5  +   2742d ago
Ever since I was told about this game I have been kind of hyped about it and I look forward to seeing more. I think it's going to be pretty cool especially if we get to help animals and help Afrikans too(Not that I want to lawlz).
PSWe60  +   2742d ago
it looks gorgeous, but is that all one does?
walks around and snaps pictures?

That's fine. I'll stick with my games.
t-0_ot-  +   2742d ago
WhooHoo! I always wanted to play Pokemon Snaparam in a life like world!
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mr_potato  +   2742d ago
Isn't this supposed to be free?
DFresh  +   2742d ago
I'm still wondering what the game play is like, story, etc.
Innovation is awesome.
Graphics superb even though this is an old trailer a new one should come out soon.
I really want to try out the demo or beta first if they make one.
Is this a debut game or a PSN Game?
Either way it's gonna be awesome.
Bluejet  +   2742d ago
This game has mass potintial
If all you did was drive around and take pictures it would be fine by me. It would be cool if sony used the trophy system in the game to award you for like finding rare animals or really cool scenarios. Like lions and hyenas fighting over a kill, or getting a cool pic of a baby hippo. And have it to were it wouldn't be so easy getting close to some animals like the rhino. I could see how afrika could take up a lot of my time and be very addicting.

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