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E3 2014 Sony Predictions: God of War 4, New IP from Quantic and Guerrilla, and The Last Guardian

Sony is on a roll with the PS4, and you better believe they are going to bring some new games to show off at E3 2014. Will Uncharted 4 and God of War be debuted for the PS4? (God of War 4, Guerilla Games, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Quantic Dream, The Last Guardian, Uncharted PS4)

-Foxtrot  +   463d ago
I really hope Sony Santa Monica aren't working on God of War 4, I really want to see something new from them. God of War needs a nice long break, then maybe do a new trilogy with Nordic gods instead.

I'd rather see Heavenly Sword 2
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   463d ago
So you don't want a God of War 4 because you prefer a new IP, and yet you rather see Heavenly Sword 2. *Chuckles*

God of war 4 could be settled in another period. It could feature another mythology because Greek is already done.
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Nitrowolf2  +   463d ago
The issue I see with God of War though is that they ended Kratos plot line. It's all prequel from here unless they go a different era, which begs to question, should it even be called God of War since it's associated with Kratos? If it stares anyone else, I am sure the internet is going to rage about it.

And don't say it'll still lead with Kratos, because IMO it makes no sense for him to go up against other gods of different era who had nothing to do with his torment.

Heavenly Sword sequel IMO makes more sense than another GOW in terms of story.

I know the ending of GOW 3 really left it open, but still, as a huge fan (even bought Ascension) I feel liek Santa Monica should really be focusing on a different hack and slahs project. I feel liek they have so much potential to lead into something new

I feel, if they are gonna do another god of war, please make it for the Vita. I enjoy prequels on the Vita a lot more than on consoles
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-Foxtrot  +   463d ago
I didn't say I wanted Heavy Sword 2 from them did I....I just meant I'd rather see the game in it's place as our "hack and slash" game to fill it's place WHILE God of War takes a break.

Sony do have other big IPs, ones which haven't been seen in a while.


"because IMO it makes no sense for him to go up against other gods of different era who had nothing to do with his torment"

Exactly....why would he waste his time going against other gods which haven't done anything to him. Least killing the Greek gods made sense after what they did to him. It was game of revenge and in the end he finally got it. End of.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   463d ago
@Naruto "So you don't want a God of War 4 because you prefer a new IP, and yet you rather see Heavenly Sword 2. *Chuckles*"

Considering we've gotten tons of GoW. GoW collection, GoW III, Gow Of War: Orgins collection and GoW Ascention.

plus numerous Gow before those a new Ip would be a very good welcome from these guys. Despite there reconstruction I really hope these have a secret Ip in the works.

There is only one Heavenly Sword I personally been waiting for a sequel to that amazing game for a while.
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pedrof93  +   463d ago


I just wander what kind of story we will see after Kratos destroyed every single... thing.
Skips  +   463d ago
^ @pedro

Kratos could go after the Primordials. http://godofwar.wikia.com/w...

That would make for some EPIC next gen boss fights. :D

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of REALLY old Gods and creatures that pre date anything used in the main GOWs like Aether, Erubus, Nyx, Ananke, and Typhon etc. etc.

And I just don't like how we never really figured out what the hell happened to Kratos' family (especially his bro) after he unleashed all souls from the afterlife. lol

But yea, I'd want God Of War IV AFTER a new IP from SSM. Definitely a new IP first.
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Sevir  +   463d ago
There doesn't need to be a GOW4... Ascension just launched last year and the year before that was the Master collection with all the PSP games and GOW1-2-3 in one bundle, and there's GoW 1 and 2 for vita this year... The franchise has gotten very fatigued. Let the franchise rest.

What's gonna be at E3... Here's my prediction for Sony

The Order:1886
The Last of Us Remastered

New Ips announced*
Sony Japan PS4 new Ip
Sony London PS4 new Ip
Sony Bend PS4 new Ip

Another slew of PS4 indie games
New stuff regarding the Vita Software.

PS Now release date, service details and catalog offerings
Theparanerds  +   463d ago
God of War 4 would be God of War 7, Heavenly Sword 2 will be Heavenly Sword 2
Sammy777  +   463d ago
God of war is a massive ip. It is like saying Microsoft shouldn't have another Halo. These big iterations will happen since people want them
Jazz4108  +   463d ago
If you count all the spin offs they just have made to many to quickly. Fans really want to see some new ips for these consoles.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   463d ago
I would LOVE another God Of War. GOW3 was just.......oh man. Epic is the perfect word.

I'm all for new IP's, but damn, i would buy GOW4 day one. It just needs a different theme. Kratos needs to stay though!

If i remember correctly, SSM have multiple projects in development, don't they? Even after the new IP got cancelled.
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monkeyDzoro  +   463d ago
I dont understand why people are saying GOW is over. There's still some juice in that serie.

Kratos is dead and where is his body ? Earth is doomed ? When Zeus said to Gaia that she chose the wrong one during the last fight, who was he refering to ?
In Ascension, there's a paint of the Earth with some message you decrypt and it implies there might be a sort of sequel:
"When the Earth stops, the journey begins..."
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HugoDrax  +   462d ago
"I would LOVE another God Of War. GOW3 was just.......oh man. Epic is the perfect word. "

I would love one as well. I'm currently waiting to pickup The God of War collection for my Vita :-)

Dark11  +   463d ago
Nah i want a new GOW .. SSM already tried to work on new IP and it didn't end well.

GoW 4 could use some elements form Darksiders 2 to keep things fresh.
fei-hung  +   463d ago
I think God of War can have a new protagonist and therefor it is possible to have a new trilogy within a different myth and still carry on.

God of War to me is the story about gods from these myths having issues / problems / agendas of their own and humans being pawns in their game for survival and rule. The protagonist could be anyone who has the courage / motivation to go up against them. Naturally, going up against any god in any one of these myths means declaring war on the gods.
Rickgrimes95  +   463d ago
I would like to see god of war 4 with a new character never been a huge fan Kratos
VaporCell  +   463d ago
Maybe we will see something about "Shadow of the beast"?
elninels  +   462d ago
Yes! I hope so, no one brings that game up anymore. Who's developing it?
randomass171  +   463d ago

Isn't Heavenly Sword just a God of War clone from the same guys who made that lame DmC game? Honestly I'd rather get the new God of War.
Sevir  +   463d ago
DmC was awesome and so was HS. I'd take HS2 for the simple fact that that IP hasn't peeked and GOW has, and it's greatly over used and circulated.

I was happy that Stig was working on a new Ip but Sony pulled the plug and that stinks
maniacmayhem  +   463d ago

"...why would he waste his time going against other gods which haven't done anything to him..."

Oh I don't know...maybe because Kratos took out a whole pantheon of Gods and completely ruined the Earth. And maybe these actions have other Gods pretty nervous since they to could be targeted by Kratos if he ran free unchecked.

There are so many directions this series could go. And unlick other series that are pretty exhausted I feel (besides Ascension) GoW has a lot of story and action to tell.

I really do hope they announce a GoW4.
Farsendor1  +   462d ago
want a completely new ip from those guys. too bad their last one got canned.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   462d ago
God of War needs a reboot. Kratos and the Olympians have had their time and while a man hasn't disliked any of the games they used up the last great villains in Ascension and even that wasn't nearly as good as Zeus. Time for a NORSE game with a THOR AND ODIN AND LOKI AND ASGARD SNAKE AND BALDUR AND EVERYONE ELSE BOSS FIGHT!!!! A man is so excited just thinking about how epic that would be on PS4. Egyptian would be cool but a man just thinks Norse Gods fit the GoW formula great!
mt  +   462d ago
I want new IP but they always end the god damn god of war with cliffhanger that you want to know what will happen next. I so want new ip and new god of war as well.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   463d ago
Omg God of War 4!!

Since the Greek Mythology is done, it could be Egyptian mythology, Arabian, hindu, or even Japanese. I'm looking forward to a new God of War trylogy
I_am_Batman  +   463d ago
The greek mythology isn't nearly done. There are still so many awesome things they didn't use and since they introduced the primordials with God of War Ascension I can definately see them staying in the greek myth setting.

If they go to a new setting I hope it's norse mythology and it should be an all new game not connected to GoW in any way.
Dudebro90  +   463d ago
The Last Guardian isn't really going to happen. Its vaporware just like Agent.
colonel179  +   463d ago
The Last Guardian has a higher probability to be shown. They keep working on it, and it's pretty obvious it has been developed for the PS4.

Agent on the other hand, has never existed. They announced a LOGO. Not even a trailer or a teaser. They had the idea, they made negotiation, but I could bet not even one polygon was made for Agent.
randomass171  +   463d ago
Man oh man I hope we get a PS4 trailer for Last Guardian. I need my ICO trilogy to be completed. :(
MeteorPanda  +   463d ago
the last guardian is still going to happen. they said they had stopped working on it due to the limitations of the ps3 and that the director was getting shuffled onto other projects. ps4's probably what they've been waiting for :D

Have hope!
Darth_Yoda  +   463d ago
Waiting for long they did indeed.
Hope we get it ASAP would love to play GOW 4 while i'm waiting for TLG.
choujij  +   463d ago
Would love another Quantic Dream title and The Last Guardian
mike32UK  +   462d ago
I'm so excited to see what Quantic have been working on, still holding out hope for a game set around the same theme of the Kara tech demo.
theunleashed64  +   463d ago
If quantic dream's next game is anything like omikron: the nomad soul. I'll start throwing my money at computer screen.
DarkLord1003  +   463d ago
Do we even know if Santa Monica is working on a new game right now?
4logpc  +   463d ago
they are a huge team, even after the lay offs, they had to of been working on something.
theunleashed64  +   463d ago
well they did bring corey back, and it's most likely he is working on something.
randomass171  +   463d ago
Well, they have to be working on SOMETHING. It's not like Sony would just let them diddle about and do nothing. That'd be a huge waste of money and resources.
HaveAsandwich  +   463d ago
honestly, i don't want another god of war or an uncharted, right now.
Farsendor1  +   462d ago
agree, i want to see new ip.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   463d ago
All I can say is more games will be shown and I will most likely be happy no matter what is revealed.

Too many gamers now a days think the world is catered to them and think they know best and want everything now now now.

Greatness takes time, I will happily take some new titles to hold me over until bombshell AAA are announced/released.
heliotropic  +   463d ago
I think all of the PS4's first-party titles so far could have used quite a bit more time in development, and I'm hoping that the second round of titles from Sony feel more polished. I get that they needed to release something in the launch window, but Killzone, Knack, and Infamous all felt a little half-baked to me. There are plenty of 3rd party titles to hold us over, so I just hope Sony gives their own titles the time they need to truly be great.
heliotropic  +   463d ago
It's surprising to me that people still have high expectations for Quantic Dream. I hope whatever they're working on isn't a main part of the presentation.
randomass171  +   463d ago
I personally like the stuff they do. Their motion capture technology is quite impressive and I like the stories they tell. Can't fault them for making their games so cinematic. It's like an interactive movie, kind of like Telltale's games, but more linear.
BABY-JEDI  +   463d ago
I think the last guardian will be on the PS3 & PS4. I would also like to see GG working on Heavenly Sword 2 because it is a great franchise & deserves special attention (though thi is unlikely). I would also like to see a Sony studio working on a cartoony story based platform adventure. New characters & outlandish adventure.
Well, here's hoping
Asuka  +   463d ago
Can't wait to see how far along GG's new IP is coming. It's suppose to have been in development since they finished KZ3. Wish I could find the link to be sure tho =P
RevXM  +   462d ago
I think they have said to be working on a new ip just about when they launched kz3 as well.

Shouldn't be too difficult to find some article, but Im not even trying atm.
AceBlazer13  +   463d ago
Here's my pitch for the next god of war. You play as someone who's family or kid or something is killed by Kratos' vengeful quest against Zeus. You set out on an adventure to Punish Kratos for his actions and along the way you try to fix the problems Kratos created.Thefinal boss will of course be Kratos and instead of killing everything with a pulse, you actually help people.

Send me my cut in the mail.Lol
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WeAreLegion  +   463d ago
I'm sure "Balrog" is working on God of War IV with his new team at Santa Monica. Quantic Dream will probably announce Beyond: Two Souls for PS4 and maybe a tech demo. I don't expect a new game announcement though. :/

The Last Guardian would "win" E3 for Sony. Easily.
Convas  +   463d ago
TLG would win over say, Shenmue 3?

WeAreLegion  +   462d ago
KNWS  +   463d ago
E3 shall be interesting. Sony needs to show at least two brand new IP's for me to be even interested in owning a PS4. Sony is the leading console at the moment with more users, remakes are ok, but lets see something new please?
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maniacmayhem  +   463d ago
I would love for Sony to bring back Battle Arena Toshinden! If they could buy the rights for that game and make it exclusive for PS4 that would be awesome and a cool answer to KI.

For their VR I think they should bring back Jumping Flash. That game screams the VR treatment.

This years E3 is going to be awesome!
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   463d ago
Yawn...Hurry E3 so we can put these articles to rest...
jakmckratos  +   462d ago
Everyone shut up about GoW 4 being too much. God of War is a great series that literally comes out every 3 years unlike all of the overhashed CoD and Assassin's Creeds. Ascension kinda sucked. Kratos' story does not have to be over...but it should move on from Greece and see him become a figure of death and chaos in a new pantheon of mythology..Egyptian is my top choice..
Tontus  +   462d ago
I don't think God of War has reached it's full potential yet, as amazing as GoW1/2/3/GoS are I think that with the freedom the PS4's power offers developers they can do amazing things not possible before, Cory will make sure it's a long varied and epic adventure and it will be the best God of War yet.

So much potential left, they could mix Greek & Egyptian mythology, new enemies, new environments, new weapons, new magic, new characters.... I can't wait!
mediate-this  +   462d ago

What does ps4's power have to do with gow's story? They have to make it make sense, kratos brought nothingness to the earth. Only way i see gow4 is if kratos is becomes a titan and is the antagonist and his brother mysteriously comes back to kill him.
Delsin_Rowe  +   462d ago
GOWIV, New Ip from Quantic Dream, and more. I will cry, I am happy with another GOW but also want a new one for my best pal the VITA.
feraldrgn  +   462d ago
Well I'd love a "Dark Sorcerer" game in the style of Discworld.
DarXyde  +   462d ago
Hoping for some new IPs. I can live without God of War 4. I haven't even gotten around to playing Ascension, but I hear it was largely unnecessary. There isn't much to continue on with Kratos' story. It was a fun ride, but let's get something new out in the open.

Quantic Dream games, I don't know. I can't really justify buying them for some reason (not at a premium, any way). David Cage, I feel, is such an overrated writer and I can live without his games.

Not a fan of Killzone at all, but if Guerilla can try their hand at a new IP in a different genre, I'm totally interested in seeing it.

And, of course, the Last Guardian is the game I've been waiting for since its announcement. Ico was a great game, but Shadow of the Colossus, simple as it was, was such a beautiful masterpiece. Each boss fight was a puzzle and I absolutely loved it. My expectations for The Last Guardian are high.

Overall, I'm more interested in seeing new IPs and shelved IPs (Siphon Filter, **DARK CLOUD**, maybe a F2P Bloody Roar, Fighting Force). I even miss Intelligent Cube! A new Croc, Tomba, and Dino Crisis game too (though likely not exclusive). As long as there are bombshells to get excited about.
Predaking77  +   462d ago
All I know for sure is that Sony will impress us at E3.
jjonez18  +   462d ago
Uncharted, LBP, GoW, GT, Infamous, TLOU, Ni No Kuni(Possibly?)
Kind of why I bought a ps4
Sequels are welcome to me.
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GoodnessGreatness  +   462d ago
Uncharted 4 and some new IP's
larrysdirtydrawss  +   462d ago
Foxtrot + 23h ago

I really hope Sony Santa Monica aren't working on God of War 4, I really want to see something new from them. God of War needs a nice long break, then maybe do a new trilogy with Nordic gods instead.

I'd rather see Heavenly Sword 2


they tried a new ip,it got cancelled for being shit,and supposedly cost $100m for nothing
danncampello  +   458d ago
GOW is a game that revolutionized the industry
demonweapon89  +   456d ago
i would hope at e3 they do reveal god of war iv to the pubic. hopefully after that they continue Kratos' story or if they going by different mytholgy and different protagonist then let it be egyptian mythology that has a protagonist that is like Kratos but with more of a lively personality and is either sociopathic hero or villain protagonist.

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