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Submitted by Ray_squared 583d ago | opinion piece

Why I Have Given Up On Nintendo

Max Level: The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was the first console that I have ever owned. I remember jumping on top of Goombas’ heads while keeping a steady pace and trying to beat my high score at the same time, was so exhilarating as a kid. Playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES was something special, something magical. My parents still have old photos of me as a child in diapers, enjoying various games that the NES had to offer — I was a very happy child at the time. Sometimes, my older cousin would come over and indulge on some multi-player with me , when he babysat me; there was nothing like couch multi-player at that time. It was wonderful, playing games such as: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duck Hunt, Megaman, and Castlevania . My next console was the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), everything that I loved from the previous console was there, but with upgraded graphics and a much sleeker design for its body and controllers. Then there was: the N64 (Nintendo 64), GameCube, Wii, and the Wii U. (GameCube, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

Garethvk  +   583d ago
Ours just sits on the shelf. I did play the new Donkey Kong a few times but it got boring fast. Their p.r. is awful as they want all the coverage but never send product to review. When you say fine, no more coverage their cry poverty and then send some old 3Ds codes to appease you. Now they want us to push Mario Kart 8 and said well we will log your request. I said no, you guarentee a review copy or no coverage.
mohuzas  +   583d ago
I find it interesting how a lot of people feel entitled to free shit these says.
DarthZoolu  +   583d ago
I have a WiiU I have Nintendoland, Pikman3 and NSMW3D. I beat 3dw in a day. Pikman was fun for 3 days.

@mohuzas I find it interesting that a company refuses to do what consumers are asking for. I also find it interesting that Nintendo thinks they can charge what they do for their games. Based on development costs Nintendo games should be about $15 cheaper across the board.

I once thought Nintendo should be a software company, but I was wrong because I don't want to play the games the way they have been making them for the last 8 years on any system.
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Garethvk  +   583d ago
If they are getting free write ups, free magazine covers, free radio spots, free newspaper articles and more how is it wrong for us to expect a review copy now and then? All the other companies send product otherwise your giving them free advertising. Plus they expect you to tell people how great something is but do not want you to play it in advance.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   583d ago
Who needs YOU to do a review when the rest of us will gladly do them for free, once the game is released, and send along the reviews to major sites everywhere, because we actually love the games?
Take your entitlement and kick rocks.
Garethvk  +   583d ago
We offer national radio, newspaper, online, and an international magazine. If a company asks you for coverage it is standard ti provide review materials. Nintendo doesn't. So when Sony, Microsoft, e.a and the others do so and Nintendo does not, why should we continue to take time and resources to support then over others?
3-4-5  +   583d ago
Hey Gareth - Need some cheese with that whine ?
Garethvk  +   583d ago
I dont care we get plenty of stuff from the others and much better games at that my point is they do not support reviewers the way the others do hence they do not get the coverage others get.
scissor_runner  +   583d ago
Thanks for posting. Now we see the real reason why Nintendo doesn't get any coverage or just gets the "oh well nintendo is boring crap". The media wants to dictate what they want. I think it's time other gamers start their own sites. We have too many older immature people in this industry. These people have lost sight of what gaming is or was and it has become a cog in the social media gold rush.

One thing you can always point out is they care enough to bad talk nintendo. If they really didn't like Nintendo and their current games then they would move on and not look back.

An adult does not wine about a corporation. They state their case and move on. I've been waiting on sony to become a real console power house in game play since the ps2. It hasn't happened..... maybe I should start a few websites demanding this? Maybe I should talk about sony selling shares back to square? Maybe I should look into why sony kart game suck why they have no 2d games coming from in house? Why do they have accessories that have no good games attached to them?

This would cause a real storm and make my website a ton of money also. Nintendo has no fanboys we go where the good games are.
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   583d ago
Because review copies are a courtesy, not something you're entitled to, and there are plenty of other ways that you could get a copy of the game.
A rental, or borrowing from a friend who will also get the game, amongst other options.

There are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to do a review without expectation of a free copy of the game.

You're demonizing them over a favor that you're used to receiving from others.
You make it sound like you've been spoiled and now think you deserve to get a free copy of anything you write a review of, POSSIBLY on top of whatever you get as a paycheck for the work in the first place.

If you don't want to do reviews for good games because you don't get the games for free, then regardless of system, leave those games to others who actually appreciate them enough to go out and buy them, to put their opinion out there for the benefit of the community at large, rather than for favors paid to them.

You are replaceable in the review market.
There are plenty of others that will get copies of the game, free and otherwise, and do reviews in your stead.
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mii-gamer  +   583d ago
It seems that you are the entitled douche, and the way you behave in these feorums, particulaarly when people call out your BS (especially in that article you wrote about the Wii U mall experience last year, yes i remember because memory is incredible) pretty confirms this. You are a snob and I don't blame nintendo not wanting to work with you, nor should they.

Have a seat, take a that finger out of your ass and be exposed.
mii-gamer  +   583d ago
It seems that you are the entitled douche, and the way you behave in these feorums, particulaarly when people call out your BS (especially in that article you wrote about the Wii U mall experience last year, yes i remember because my memory is incredible) pretty confirms this. You are a snob and I don't blame nintendo not wanting to work with you, nor should they.

Have a seat, take a that finger out of your ass and be exposed.
Trackboss  +   583d ago
Great article dude
josephayal  +   583d ago
def the best article
x2geex  +   583d ago
Article sucked. This guy would rather have a movie story line then AAA game play? He has it backwards. Prolly would get his ass whipped in Mariokart and Smash Bros.
randomass171  +   583d ago
Thing is you can have both. But just because Nintendo games don't usually have them doesn't mean the games are bad. And besides, some of Nintendo's games have a lot of story. Kid Icarus Uprising, Metroid Prime 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, this author just hasn't played the right games.
RPGrinder  +   583d ago
Sorry I cannot take this guy seriously. All of his points are not only ridiculously false, They are generalized nonsense.
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WalterWJR  +   583d ago
Funny timing as I just bought my first Nintendo console since the GameCube.
DarthZoolu  +   583d ago
I got my Wiiu for $100 anything more than $200 is not worth it.
randomass171  +   583d ago
It's an HD console with a gamepad that you can play games on and an upcoming Mario Kart and Smash Bros. game. Of course it's worth $200. Why don't you just demand you get a high end PC for $100?
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   583d ago
You have apparently forgotten that underselling so drastically is why PS3 stayed in debt for so long.
Nintendo doesn't want to have their own creation leeching profits out of them.
The tech inside is worth more than $200; anything less than that would be stupid to expect.
Geekman  +   583d ago
Ok. Thanks for telling us. We GIVE a shit.
Theparanerds  +   583d ago
you did comment...
Fanboyssuck27  +   583d ago
I think it's way to early to write off Nintendo, I'm holding on for e3, if they disappoint and make it all about the 3ds, no star fox or metroid or suprise ip's then I'll give up.

In regards to sales, I don't think that has anything to do with how good a console is. That's just like saying Justin beiber is the best artist in the world due to his sales. It's a stupid logic.

Wii U is a good console, but if Nintendo don't support it in the right way and give gamers what they want, then I think everyone will turn their backs on Nintendo.
DarthZoolu  +   583d ago
Bubble up for the sales numbers comment. And for the if they don't give gamers what they want comment.
Sincere0121  +   583d ago
Well said, Wii U has so much potential and Nintendo has soooo much money to do the best for the console and to market it everywhere and could easily blow the competition away but they don't, which confuses and frustrates me.

They need to forget about 3ds for a bit as its doing fine and focus all their attention on Wii U for a change.

I hope they make me eat my words at e3.
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RPGrinder  +   583d ago
Saying you do not like Nintendo games is one thing. Saying they do not make games for adults is ridiculous unless your definition of adult games is shooters and bland open world action games.

Fire Emblem Awakening? Is the most mature game I have ever played.

Was Donkey Kong TF for kids? That game was so hard I actually needed help.

Nintendo caters to the actual core more than anyone.
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DarthZoolu  +   583d ago
Fire Emblem isn't what we mean by mature and you all know it.

Lmfao DKTF is not hard at all! If thats hard to you, never play Ninja G.B. or any game on Legendary.

Nintendo caters to the core gaming in 1999 better than X1 or PS4 ever will.

Also hardcore gamers love those bland open world games. Skyrim FTW! GTAV FTW! ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE FTW! DESTINY FTW! I'm sorry but playing side scrollers doesn't make you hardcore. High KD ratios does make you hardcore. Fighting 2 dragons and 10 bandits alone with no potions on an higher than hardest difficulty setting added with mods makes you hardcore. Having trouble with DKTF absolutely means you're not hardcore.
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RPGrinder  +   583d ago
Fire Emblem is a mature title in what it actually means to be mature, and yes DKTF is a hard as nails title. Ones that we do not see outside the indie space.

Elder Scrolls online is reviewing so poorly, and how many people actually remember anything about Skyrim or GTAV? Flashes in the pan.

Nintendo for the last 10 years has sold the most software, and sold the most hardware. For the last 10 years, every year, they have the most critically acclaimed games. It is what they do
randomass171  +   583d ago

But Fire Emblem is not just some cartoony kiddy game. Why does something have to have ultra realistic graphics to be considered mature? At this point you're arguing semantics.
REDBEARD  +   583d ago
DKC:TF wasn't incredibly hard, but it was challenging as far as a first play through. I could see if someone was having hard time playing it if they don't know the mechanics. I don't know how many times I had to tell people that rolling off an edge and jump in midair was a thing.

And getting 200% in the game is difficult.
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millzy102  +   582d ago
Congratulation we have a goon that thinks he knows what core gaming is lol. Oh and you have never played donkey Kong tropical freeze so how would you know if it's easy or not and FYI it's actually hard, harder than Skyrim but skyrim is an open world game so it hardcore lol. And yes I own and played completed skyrim as well as donky Kong and dinky Kong is a lot more stressful
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ape007  +   583d ago
if u gave up on Nintendo this means YOU lost interest in nintendo, the last time i checked their games, they're still exceptional in quality and polish, any Nintendo fan would be happy with their delivery on wiiu and 3DS

the day i hate nintendo is the day they gave me a crappy mario, DK or a mario kart/smash game
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DarthZoolu  +   583d ago
Smash Bros melee= One of the best fighting games ever made. Super technical and tournament ready.

Smash Bros brawl= Casual mediocre fighter not nearly as technical as melee.

Smash Bros U= not sure yet but god I hope its like Melee. I'm sure it's gonna be nurfed even more and made even more casual.
bass4g  +   583d ago
They've said that they want to make smash u more like melee and have included modes for tournemant and hardcore players. Every stage can now be made to play like final destination (no hazards or gimicks just skill). I don't mean to offend but you couldn't be further from the truth.
filchron  +   582d ago
well the day i hate nintendo is when they only give me kiddy games and revert once awesome 3D franchises (DK64) back to 2D on their NEXT-GEN SYSTEM. something is seriously wrong with this picture. when starfox babies: escape from the crib is their next awesome new 2D game coming to the WiiU dont say all these gamers disillusioned with nintendo's practices didnt have a reason to be.
LOL_WUT  +   582d ago
What a close minded view Nintendo should try to appeal to every gamer not just its regular fanbase. No wonder Nintendo is doing horribly... ;)
ape007  +   582d ago
I'll pretend that i didn't see the insult.......however what u said is true, im not saying the wiiu is perfect, no it has major problems, it's not catering to anyone except nintendo fans, it's not selling, it's not powerful, online etc....

but what i meant was, if u like Nintendo games, you'll be happy with it, just that, everything has pros and cons
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stragomccloud  +   583d ago
Also read: "Why I gave up on gaming and embraced interactive movies."
AKR  +   583d ago
Wow; this article got approved fast. I checked on this a few minutes ago, and it only had 1 approval; I check back 30 minutes later and it's already on the front page.


They've flopped around with the Wii U for a while; but they have yet to release all their ace-cards. They do have a knack for dropping megatons when times get tough... If E3 2014 doesn't show anything promising, then these "Wii U is Doomed" articles might have some merit. Until then, it's best just to whine in your own little corner.
lilbroRx   583d ago | Off topic | show
Veneno  +   583d ago
Wii U owner here. 2014 is a great year to have a nintendo. But after Smash comes out in the fall that would be the last trump card nintendo has other than Zelda. They would have to have some serious new megatons this year at E3.
GotHDGame  +   583d ago | Well said
This guy basically says WWHD should not have been remade, Uh Halo 1 and 2 say hi. Those games really should not have been remade, but wait that is Microsoft's cash cow. There have been more Halo games, spinoffs, and remakes than I can even remember.

People say the same about Mario, but that is Nintendo's Mascot. Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy, Paper Mario, Mario RPG, all could have been made into games WITHOUT Mario, and Nintendo could have made new characters for those games, but Why? All of those games are great, the only thing they have in common is that Mario, and his clan are in them.

Dreamcast was Sega's swan song, after Failing with how many home consoles. Lets see Sega CD, 32X, Sega Saturn, Then finally the Dreamcast. Also Sega's biggest selling game of all time was Sonic 2 which only sold a mere 6 million copies. Compare 6 Million copies to Nintendo's 35 million Mario Kart Wii, 31.89 Million Wii Sports Resort,27.88 million New Super Mario Bros Wii. The fact of the matter is 6 out of 10 of the top 10 video games ever sold were on WII!!! Uh yeah the guy who wrote this is too young too young, and does not know what he is talking about. I was 16 when I bought My NES and am 43 now. Uh, yeah I have even owned a Turbo Grafix, Atari,Cole Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, PS1,2, 3, 4

Also Wii U does not look dated. Look at Microsoft VCR looking of a Home Console.

Here is the WIKI to back up my numbers btw.
DryBoneKoopa85  +   583d ago
Bubble for using your brain! Unlike most others on this site.
ThePsychoGamer  +   583d ago
Frankly, I think one of Ninentedo's biggest problem is how unresponsive the are to fan requests, another being they don't see that as an issue (A few months ago Reggie said in an interview, "We don't let fans influence what we do" as though that's something the should be proud about.)

I mean Really, Consumes asks for Nintendo to go region free, something Nintendo could easily do, would cost them nothing, and help their PR. Yet Nintendo completely ignores them.

People ask for a universal achievement system, and again, there is absolutely no reason for Nintendo not to give consumers this feature. Still Nintendo ignores the request, never even giving a hint as to why they aren't at least looking into this.

And so on from feature to localization requests, there is so much that there the consumer ask for that Nintendo just ignores that I gotta ask, If Nintendo won't support us consumers, why should we support Nintendo?
RPGrinder  +   583d ago
Let me know when they are unresponsive to fan requests

We want new 2d mario after 15 years - Delivered
We want new 2d DK - Delivered
We want new 2D kirby after 7 years - delivered
We want new Golden sun - delivered
We want new Kid icarus - Delivered
We want new sin and punishement - delievered
we want new punch out - delievered
Square will not handle Bravely Default will you do it? - delievered.
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ThePsychoGamer  +   583d ago
Did you not read my full comment, I did give examples, but if you'd like some more how about

It took 15 years to get a new 2d Mario, don't exactly a speedy response

We want Disaster Day in the states, it's already in English in Europe. Nintendo's response: Nope

Or how about Fatal Frame 4 Localization? Not only would Nintnedo not bring it over themselves, they actively stopped Techmo Keoi from doing it.

Need I go on?
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Illusive_Man  +   583d ago
We want Destiny. - not delivered
Hicken  +   583d ago
You don't help your case by listing how many years it took for them to respond to those requests.

I mean, look at how hard we had to fight for the Operation Rainfall titles.

It would be better to say Nintendo gives fans what they want, so long as it was something they were already planning to give. Anything else is like pulling teeth.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   583d ago
Fatal Frame 4?
You mean the new one that's still in development for the Wii U?
Far as I know, Nintendo hasn't said a damned thing to Techmo regarding whether or not it will hit the states yet.
ThePsychoGamer  +   583d ago

No I meant to one that was made for the Wii, and was never released in the west.
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randomass171  +   583d ago

I think you should go on, because you said Nintendo's biggest problem was that they don't cater to fan requests when fans have obviously gotten a lot of what they asked for. What about Earthbound on the Virtual Console? Along with all of the things RPGrinder brought up? Nintendo's problem isn't their games, that's all just fine. Their problem is they're not marketing the Wii U and they're not trying to excite everyone. Their approach is far too passive and mellow, they're not grabbing anyone's attention when they very easily could. Nintendo supports consumers. Consumers just don't notice them.
ThePsychoGamer  +   583d ago
"I think you should go on, because you said Nintendo's biggest problem was that they don't cater to fan requests when fans have obviously gotten a lot of what they asked for."

The die hard fans would be satisfied with anything Nintnedo did, they are the ones defending every move Nintnedo makes no mater what the one who are disagreeing with while not bring any actual counter point to my statement. That's why I said consumer instead fan. Ask a Nintnedo fan if the WiiU should have an achievement system and they will say no, then give some BS reason why it's the worst thing to happen to gaming. Ask someone who doesn't have that bias, they will say what could it hurt.

Though I digress, you wanted yet more examples of how Nintnedo is being unresponsive to the consumers.

What about the people asking for Nintnedo to loosen their grip on Miiverse? Not only has Nintnedo ignored these requests, they have done the opposite and tightened the restrictions on Miverse.

Speaking about Eathbound, remind me again what Nintnedo's response was to bring Mother 3 for the GBA to the west?

How about operation rainfall, While it may have ended in success, it took a ridiculously long time for Nintnedo to finally cave and give us those three game.
bass4g  +   583d ago
I think the problem isn't necessarily nintendo not doing what fans want them to do, more that they have consistent failed to set up a dialogue with their consumers. There are certain things that nintendo just doesn't want to do and they need to discuss with their customers why they don't want to do those things, instead they just dismiss their consumers. As a result it means that, a lot of good ideas get dismissed and their fans feel ignored. This is especially problematic now with the trouble they seem to be in. They've been practically silent.

Though I don't think achievements are the top priority, there are more urgent problems like region locking and pushing online in their games.
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deafdani  +   583d ago
To the article's author: how tragic! Cry me a river.

I love story oriented games, but I happen to love gameplay-centric games even more, and Nintendo is the purest game company out there when it comes to those kinds of games, in my opinion. That's why, as long as they keep making excellent games, they will keep a big place in my heart.

"Maturing"? Don't give me that nonsense. We're talking about. PLAYING. Video. GAMES. And I'm almost 32 now.

Just because you fell out of love with Nintendo doesn't mean everybody else did. Most of your arguments apply to the 3DS as well, yet that console is flying off the shelves.
Illusive_Man  +   583d ago
People's taste change whether you agree with them or not.
andrewer  +   583d ago
Now write an article "Why should I care?" ;)
NYC_Gamer  +   583d ago
Nintendo doesn't offer enough variety for my taste..
Veneno  +   583d ago
I can understand that. Remember back in the Nes and Snes days? Back then every game that came out was a radical change from the next in terms of tech. None of the mario games were ever the same. Same with zelda. Star fox was its own thing. So was the original donkey kong country. It seems now the games share alot of technology expecially graphics tech to the point of looking and feeling homogenous.
bobacdigital  +   583d ago
There has been so many negative articles flowing through this site I dont see how any potential customer who reads anything here would ever get a Wii U ...

Hopefully going into E3 Nintendo has realized that things have not been going great for the Wii U the drop some bombs for existing users and potential adopters (Hopefully they show up).

At this point ive been more than happy with what I am playing. Anything else I guess is icing on the cake .. hopefully Nintendo continue to support the Wii U well after everyone has given up on it... In spite of all the negative stuff it does have some really fun and smooth looking games...
Veneno  +   582d ago
I still bought a wii u despite all the negativity. The Wii U's problem is not the games. I'm loving the games. After owning one for a week im starting to see what the issues are.

Mass Confusion. One of the biggest reasons I bought a Wii U was backward compatibility. I went and bought Punch Out Wii used only to find out I needed a wii remote to play Wii games which was the whole reason I never bought the Wii cause I will never waggle to play a game. I'm just too old school. This made me sooooo frustrated as I wanted BC right out of the box but no, I'm forced to buy more peripherals. But I didnt do that. I returned Punch Out Wii and have given up on my dream of BC.

Next, Nintendo have completely screwed the pooch when it comes to peripherals on Wii U, and probably irreparably. Every game that comes out has an arbitrary set of workable controllers. Because they didn't pack in a wiimote, there are some games that will not work with the basic components that come with the system! Come on, you have to admit that was a completely stupid and short sighted move. They made the mistake of arrogantly thinking everyone was going to buy every single peripheral like idiots last gen.

with ps4 and xbone we can rest assure that every single game will work with with the basic components of the system. There is no confusion on a VERY SIMPLE concept that has always been around since consoles have started.

And since the system is fundamentally screwed in this way there's no saying if Nintendo can recover from this until they try again with a new console. That or else they need blow your goddam mind software.
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gamejediben  +   583d ago
I miss the old Nintendo.

The Nintendo that made the most powerful console for your dollar. The NES was way more powerful than the SG-1000 or Atari. The SNES was much more powerful than the Sega Genesis or TG-16. The N64 was 64 bit while Sega and Sony were wrestling over prettier 32 bit graphics.

What ever happened to THAT Nintendo?

The GameCube was more powerful than the Dreamcast and on par with PS2 but Xbox was much more powerful than all of them. The Wii was still SD while the PS3 and 360 were HD and the Wii U had 1 year in which the competition was on par before the PS4 and XBone released. Now Nintendo is stuck in "last gen" once again.

I remember when I saw games like Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario 64 and GoldenEye 007 and I knew I couldn't find a prettier game on a competing console. Nintendo was the graphical king and only rich PC gamers had seen anything nicer.

Now of course, graphics aren't everything but nothing says market dominance like making gamers turn their heads in awe of your radiant graphical horsepower. I remember being a Sega fanboy and bragging about how Genesis had more violent and mature games and my friend turned on his SNES with Super Mario RPG and my boasts turned to ashes at the sight of those graphics.

No matter how good the competition was, you simply HAD to respect Nintendo's graphical prowess. They understood the dark magic of making games beautiful better than any console maker and they made you wonder how they pulled off games like Star Fox and Perfect Dark.

What ever happened to THAT Nintendo?
#19 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
bobacdigital  +   583d ago
"What ever happened to THAT Nintendo?"

The problem with that now is that all the systems are HD. So all of them are going to be making great looking games with varying levels of detail.

I mean how many of the first party Nintendo games on the Wii U can you say look bad? Most all of them looking very very good.. Nintendo is still making amazing looking games.

The problem is that the hardware itself is not up to snuff with what the general public wants. No Unified Account structure, No Free games via subscription, No Party chat, Clunky slow UI, Limited Online, No Achievements, No Third Party support... It is missing several key things people want...

Nintendo needed to make a console that was on par with the x1 and ps4 while still being different. Everyone is buying things based on specs now rather than performance.. No one cares that the Wii U can put out Mario Kart and SM3DW on lesser hardware... Kids are getting older and smarter .. Everything is getting faster and more complicated.. Nintendo is trying to be different while still relishing on the past gaming environment...

The Wii U itself could have been a success had they modernized the account structure and included a lot of what everyone wanted even with its limited power ... Yet Nintendo wants to be different and refuses to change quick enough..
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   583d ago
None of those things are affecting the Wii U's sales as badly as their marketing efforts.

Not the lack of "free" games, not the lack of party chat, not the lack of achievements or games like Witcher.

Oh, and BTW?
The online is pretty damned strong, and third party support, while still small, has seen a rise in the indie field, and we have seen quite a few truly decent third party entries like Deus Ex DC and The Wonderful 101 that people keep dismissing in their haste to say Nintendo has no third party support.
It's a lie now; support may not be at the exact same level as the other two's PROMISED support, but it's there and it's getting stronger with every indie and third party game that hits the system.

All Nintendo needs is better advertisement to get the system selling.
That's what sold the PS4 and XBone; tons and tons of hype and media coverage.
That's what Nintendo needs.
bobacdigital  +   582d ago
Not sure I fully agree with that... Marketing isnt going to magically make people choose the Wii U over the Ps4 ... Perception is that the Wii U is very weak when compared to the X1 and PS4.

Marketing it more wont change the appeal / shortfalls of the system.. Just because you yell more doesnt mean more people want to know what you are yelling about... Outside of exclusive Nintendo Content there isnt anything the Wii U can do that the other systems cant do better. I understand the games are great and amazing, but sometimes people just dont like to play Nintendo like games.

I love my Wii U but there is a real issue trying to convince someone to purchase one when they can spend a little extra money and get a ps4 / x1.
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truechainz  +   583d ago
Funny how the author brings up story driven games when the best and highest rated game so far on X1/PS4 is a game with basically no story at all (Resogun).

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