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ID@Xbox Developers Get Unreal Engine 4 for Xbox One

It’s an awesome time for independent developers to bring their unique brands of creativity to a new generation of gaming. With ID@Xbox, we’re committed to helping developers bring their games to Xbox One, while making the development process as seamless as possible. Core to that commitment is providing the tools developers need to succeed, including supporting a quickly expanding catalogue of middleware solutions.

Now, ID@Xbox developers, like all developers on Xbox One, can begin utilizing Unreal Engine 4 for their Xbox One game development. Epic Games first unveiled their new subscription model at GDC in March, enabling developer access to leading-edge tools, features, and complete C++ source code through a subscription licensing model. (Xbox One)

NYC_Gamer  +   218d ago
That's awesome for developers who are apart of the ID@Xbox program
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pedrof93  +   218d ago
Are you familiarized with Captain Obvious ?
randomass171  +   218d ago
Captain Obvious is cooler than Captain Killjoy.
system22  +   218d ago
he/she is definitely familiarized with unnecessarily snotty, pointless comment replies now... way to go.
ShariePhelpsegeShari   218d ago | Spam
arabiensoldier  +   218d ago
I've never been one to like the facts...they just hurt too much.
dark_matter  +   218d ago
what about captain america?
cgoodno  +   218d ago
My only confusion here is why wouldn't they get access to UE4? I'm mean, it's good and all, but that's like saying "ID@Xbox Devs now get to develop games!" or something.
system22  +   218d ago
i could be wrong but i think it ultimately comes down to licensing/requirements on this version of the engine. i think Epic had restructured they're user agreements on the latest version.
theRell  +   218d ago
I think because it just got an update to support the system.

cgoodno  +   218d ago
@system22: Yeah, but that has nothing to do with id@xbox. That's all on the end of Epic Games. It's up to Microsoft to allow it onto their platform as support or not, but to not do so is shooting yourself in the foot. And, doing so isn't because of Microsoft, but because Epic Games made the necessary changes to make it work there. So, that's why I say selling this as "ID@Xbox Developers Get UE4" is akin to just saying that "ID@Xbox Developers can develop."

The monthly fees and user agreements with Epic Games hasn't changed because it came to XBO or PS4, they've just changed because that's something Epic Games felt as one needed now.
Pogmathoin  +   218d ago
Your cock and bull spin sounds better cgood.
scissor_runner  +   217d ago
OMG there is so much content that was made for fun in that engine lol. Crytek better strike back! Unity3d better up their game!

The particle faking is pretty good. Very smart for one viewing angle.
Illusive_Man  +   218d ago
incendy35  +   218d ago
Very cool, can't wait to play.
Axonometri  +   218d ago
Great! Now release a version I can buy once and use to sell my game without having to pay a monthly fee but still follow your licensing program.
Software_Lover  +   218d ago
It's the stupid way this world is going. We now pay for the "use" of products. We don't own them anymore. Adobe is doing the same with its software. Microsoft is trying it with Office.

Its ridiculous.
Volkama  +   218d ago
You are of course right that the software world is heading that way but I disagree that it's ridiculous. The model makes sense for software in a connected age where data can be shifted, shared and accessed in so many ways.

Unpopular opinion I know. I liked Ryse too, I guess unpopular opinions are my thing :-)
Axonometri  +   218d ago
I completely understand why many many companies are going sub model. I this case, I would just like to have had the opportunity to buy the engine for like 200 to 400 and have access and not have to pay every month using a credit card.
scissor_runner  +   217d ago
The engine is over a million dollars or 6 figures.... you do not have that in the bank if you are asking this... because you can still buy it out right.
Dewitt  +   218d ago
This is excellent news, with UE4 and Unity we're are going to see alot better looking, higher quality, and more stable indie games.
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nicksetzer1  +   218d ago
Lots of great tools being put in the hands of indie devs thanks to id@xbox free dev kits and free unity, access to cloud resources, kinect and now full ue4 support (highly doubt free though) excited to see what comes out of it.
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HumanAfterAll  +   218d ago
Awesome! All the tech stuff being shown on Unreal 4 is really promising. And I can't wait to see what developers create =D
neocores  +   218d ago
it's awesome to see new news about both consoles. I can't wait to see amazing new indie games on both.
Funantic1  +   218d ago
Yeah developers should go ahead and learn unreal 4 so when dx12 comes they'll be ready.
DanielGearSolid  +   218d ago
Basically this article is saying UE4 will be compatible with Xbox One...
Which we already knew

Title (purposely?) makes it seem like they're giving it away free on ID@Xbox
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Farsendor1  +   218d ago
news.xbox is just as bad as dualshockers
DanielGearSolid  +   218d ago
Lol, wat annoys me is they hype the ID@Xbox name
more than the actual indie games themselves.

Makes the whole campaign come across as self serving
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DigitalRaptor  +   218d ago
@ DanielGearSolid

Yeah, the only indie game on this program that MS has been doing any kind of promotion for is Below, and that's cause it's exclusive.

Meanwhile @ Sony HQ...
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KwietStorm  +   218d ago
Why wouldn't they?
Sevir  +   218d ago
I read it. They arent giving the Indies the tools for free. They are providing a portal to Epic so they can subscribe to UE4... Interestingly enough! This is actually them just saying UE4.1 is available and supported by the XBO platform.

bringing to the attention of indies who didn't already get the memo from Epic at GDC...

Still its good to see MS taking to the podium and getting involved. the 2 Phils are doing awesome. Harrison was head of WWS at Sony from during the launch all the way up to 2008. him being at MS is great and of course the Head of the XB team Phil is doing an amazing job being Xbox's version of Shu! :)
Skate-AK  +   218d ago
Pretty cool. Been wanting to see some Unreal 4 games.

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