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I Hate Everything Final Fantasy, But I Can't Stop Playing FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Over the next 30 days, we intend to chronicle our exploits in the land of Eorzea in explicit detail, regularly updating you of our progress and where we stand, before eventually delivering a verdict as to whether it's worth it to start paying for this game via a monthly subscription and continuing to play. Up first, Brent introduces you to Kandy Kane, a beautiful Marauder whose outward appearance is less than indicative of her prowess with a battle axe. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PS3, PS4)

DarthZoolu  +   338d ago
You hate everything Final Fantasy? People are idiots. It's crazy how people decide they don't like something for no other reason than "I'm allowed to hate on anything I want" I hate the type of person that says they don't like a food they've never tasted.
crimsonfox  +   338d ago
I have come across people here who "hate" Mercenary Kings even though they haven't even played it. People can think of the silliest reasons to hate on something and quickly pass it up. the last time I commented on MK I was replied to with the stupidest comments I didn't even reply haha
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impet25  +   338d ago
I know what you mean, my cousin was absolutely pissed when merc kings came out even tho it was free. Now he can't stop playing it.smh
TheDude79  +   338d ago
It's crazy how people judge an article without reading it. I explained why I hated Final Fantasy due to my past experience with it (yep, I played it, so I guess I can comment on it). It was incredibly annoying to me. However, A Realm Reborn has most definitely reversed most of those opinions. Thanks for the comment though
FullmetalRoyale  +   338d ago
It's quite ridiculous really, the way that people behave. They(not personally referencing the guy above) probably have some social/psychological reasons why they always seem to be angry. The same way when you see kids(hopefully kids) throwing fits in the comment section of a review of a game that hadn't been released yet, just because they are unhappy with the reviewers opinion.

They are looking forward to a game, they see that someone doesn't like it, then they immediately throw temper tantrums instead of just accepting the disappointment that maybe a game they were looking forward to isn't quite up to snuff.

It quite honestly comes off as simple denial.

*I.e. This guy doesn't like FF, so he must be an idiot. There couldn't possibly be any aspect of this franchise that one couldn't enjoy!
It's as if you just insulted their character, or life choices...*

Anywhoozer.... I just(FINALLY) got my friend to purchase and download FFXIV yesterday, and we will dive in later this afternoon. Granted, I played it on PS3 back when it launched, but I am still very excited to not only play it with a friend(WITH voice chat), but also to play it on PS4.

Reading your article just makes me more excited to play it later today!
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Crystallis  +   338d ago
I knew you'd like it. If you can guess who this is, i follow you on twitter and told you the same thing LOL.
Magicite  +   338d ago
You cant hate everything related FF, yet like Realm Reborn, cos its everything Final Fantasy + Online. Idiot.
Irishguy95  +   338d ago
...You should really try them again.
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trenso1  +   338d ago
you played one other final fantasy and can't even remember which one it was, along with the fact each game is different in their own ways, it is pretty absurd to say you hate all final fantasy from one bad experience.
Tetsujin  +   337d ago
After reading this, I can say the majority of gamers felt this way about certain franchises at one time or another (or consoles). It screamed satire mixed with truth, something you don't normally see often.

To those that didn't read it; "OMG he's a noob, he needs to get an xbone and play Titanfail and hate on that for no apparent reason!!one111!"
tazmeah  +   337d ago
@Crystallis, hmm @fanboytone?
Farsendor1  +   338d ago
my wife doesnt like anything final fantasy, she enjoys watching me play this mmo and it surprised me. she is thinking about buying it for the pc and ill play the ps4 version.
Myst-Vearn  +   338d ago
How can you say you "hate everything Final Fantasy" and then admit than you did not even play any of the games in the series except for one? you can't hate something you did not try.
TheDude79  +   338d ago
It was a first impressions thing, and I didn't care for it one bit. That was reason enough not to spend money on any of the games that released after it. I have enjoyed FFXIV however, and my feelings towards the franchise itself can always change
Shinro  +   338d ago
It's ok for you to not like the Final Fantasy franchise, just as it is ok for everyone to like or not like whatever they want or not want.

But the way you sound, the way you 'hate' Final Fantasy, almost makes it feel like you're proud of hating the franchise. Making it seem like you're above those that like it.

I know this is probably not your intention at all, but it ends up sounding that way to some people.

I'm glad you're enjoying ARR. It's a fun game. :)
joab777  +   338d ago
If u r not into jrpgs, u will find it very hard to get through a final fantsay game. Many are hooked by the beautiful cutscenes etc. But turned based combat is tough to love for many twitch fanatics.

That being said, if u do love jrpgs, FF, or mmo's in general, u will fall hard for FF:ARR. It is amazing. I find it hard to believe though that he loves this game and never liked a FF game before. Maybe he is an mmo fan...but i doubt it.

Good to know though that it is attracting other types. Its gonna need it it June when ESO releases.
nope111  +   338d ago
I don't like MMOs, but FF14ARR is damn fun. The quality is really good.
Kurisu  +   338d ago
It's the first MMO I've ever bought. I've played every Final Fantasy since VII (minus XI) and I've got to say, XIV is fun. HOWEVER being an online game I miss the story and characters of the single player games. The story in XIV seems so few and far between and you find yourself getting lost in between fetching quests and the likes. But that's to be expected I guess.

Eorzea is beautiful though! The amount of work SE put in to the game is pretty great.
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dcj0524  +   338d ago
The fetch quest piss me off. Too much! The actual story how ever is great!
Orange Juice  +   338d ago
Great game, I have been playing it a good bit on ps4. Its beautiful to look at and listen to and it is extremely hard to put down.
Chespin  +   338d ago
The CoD generation in one headline.
gamertk421  +   338d ago
I've been gaming since the Pong machine but can't stand jrpg's. What's your point?
Donnywho  +   338d ago
So you were a hater until a Gamestop employee set you straight. Great Job.
TheDude79  +   338d ago
Him and a few friends seriously hyped this game up more than gamers hyped up Titanfall! The ability to play with friends and tackle FATEs and dungeons just sounded too fun to pass up on. I'm glad I gave it a shot cause the game is fun as hell.
Summons75  +   338d ago
Gamestop employees upselling something that isn't Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto? Times must have changed, I got written up for getting a COD only player to try different games in different genres (which he ended up loving and writing a super good review for me) and telling an uninformed grandmother trying to buy GTA for a 4 year old that the game was rated M for everything horrible thing she could think of plus more and was suggested for people 17 or older (which she then thanked me for informing her then asked the kid right in front of me why she lied to her).
Donnywho  +   336d ago
Well, welcome to the club. It took you long enough, but you're here.
Ultr  +   338d ago
Thw game is really awesome my girlfriend also wanted to start with me but I said her to not start till we have some more freetime :P
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BABY-JEDI  +   338d ago
A Realm Reborn has caught my attention but I've got a few questions.
What is better. A Realm Reborn or Elder Scrolls online?
Does a Realm Reborn have a good mix of quest types?
Is the gaming world BIG?
& finally. Some of the midget character models come across as being really gay (no offence intended). Does this aesthetic play a big part in the game? As I would kind of find this quite off putting
dcj0524  +   338d ago
You can make your character look as gay or non-gay as you'd like. Lots of customization. There's mainly talk to these npcs, Eliminate enemies, interact with objects then fight enemy, and mix of them in quest. Honestly you'll be doing FATEs,Guildheist,Dungeons and Trials(bosses) mone. FATEs allow a shit ton of people and are random. Guildheist, dungeons and trials are 4 player. Later on some are 8 players and at 50 you'll get 24 player raids. Theres also PvP. Right now it's just death match but they're going to add more later. Gameplay is like Ni no kuni or tales of Xillia. Mix of turn based and real-time. That's the gist of it. There's a lot I didn't say. Miles better than ESO. And the lore is awesome.
BABY-JEDI  +   337d ago
That sounds pretty awesome. Will check out after Black Flag. Cheers for info
; D
Skate-AK  +   338d ago
FF14 is awesome. Just not really into MMO's. Prefer the RPGs.
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kingPoS  +   337d ago
I don't hate Final Fantsy, I just don't care for it. Tactic driven JRPG's are not my forte.
[Boots up 3D dot heroes] Awe yeah!

Gateway MT6706 2008
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danncampello  +   333d ago
THe story its so good.

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