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PS+ Instant Game Collection May 2014 Preview [US]

Next month PlayStation Plus members will receive several games as part of their membership including Stick it to the Man! on PS4, Puppeteer, PES 2014 and Skullgirls Encore on PlayStation 3, and Limbo and Surge Deluxe on PS Vita. Several of these titles are a visual treat, boasting distinct, vibrant art styles. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

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Axonometri  +   582d ago
Wow Puppeteer already on PS Plus.
PeaSFor  +   582d ago
still shaking my head over PES, a soccer game... really?

im canadian and i eat and breathe hockey, im not into dramaqueen sissy sport like soccer.....but free is free i guess....like a free hemoroid.

anyway, i will at least enjoy Stick it to the Man on ps4.
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nope111  +   582d ago
I agree. Sports games shouldn't even be part of PS+.
Other than that it's a good month for me, i was planning on buying Skullgirls when all the DLC came out.
SheenaClinchrud   582d ago | Spam
ThanatosDMC  +   582d ago

Hockey has armor. Football does not.
Thehyph  +   582d ago
I'm Canadian, too, but let's not get caught up in personal experience and preference.

Football video games have been better than hockey video games almost every year since they transitioned to 3D.
PeaSFor  +   582d ago
armor or not, your soccer player would simply die on the ice

this isnt theatre, son.
Myst-Vearn  +   582d ago
so what? you don't like FOOTBALL which is fine but it's still the most popular sport on the planet and a lot of people will be happy they added a football game.
PeaSFor  +   582d ago
Myst-Vearn soccer is indeed the most popular sport, because you pretty much need nothing else than a ball and peoples walking fast around it.

go wonder why its popular.
ShinMaster  +   582d ago
I thought Canadians weren't supposed to be a-holes. And I'm saying that as someone who's not even a Football -sorry- "Soccer" fan.
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Back-to-Back  +   582d ago
Leave the soccer shit in EU. Us Americans like real man sports like football and basketball.
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headwing45  +   582d ago

Trust me there are plenty of asshole Canadians, I live in Quebec and I'll be the first to say two thing, one is Quebec is home to some of the biggest asshole people and politicians I know (and I travel alot) and two is.. I hate hockey -_-
lodossrage  +   582d ago
Too much bigotry in this comment section.

If you don't like a sport, fine, that's your business. But don't go mocking the sport just because YOU dislike it. I'm pretty sure a ton of people can just as easily rag on the sport YOU like.

And as for the person that commented about sports shouldn't be a part of plus, WRONG. People need to understand Plus is meant to accommodate ALL the customers, which by the way includes sports game players.

Some people here need to stop acting like the world revolves around their likes/dislikes alone.

Heck, I don't play/like sports games either. But I'm not going to sit here and say it doesn't belong on the service or rag on the sport in general because of it.
Delsin_Rowe  +   582d ago
Remember even if you Canadian that doesn't mean people have the same taste as you, there many Canadian could a different taste of sports, PLUS+ are offer game for every type of gamers.:)
T2  +   582d ago
Soccer games are fun as hell with friends.. Also I grew up on west coast, cant play hockey unless in a rink.. Played way more soccer growing up who had time to put gear on during recess when you are a kid?
Plus we had no ice
SniperControl  +   582d ago


Whatever dude. Lol
_FantasmA_  +   581d ago
If you don't football then don't play it. Seriously why even bother stating your opinion like that. You could just have said you like hockey, but to come in here and criticize another sport when no one asked you is just childish. I don't watch football either unless its the World Cup, and I never ever watch hockey, so why would waste my time talking bad about something I don't even care about?
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ShinMaster  +   581d ago
@ Back-to-Back

Speaking of EU. You wanna talk about a "real man" sport that doesn't rely on armor and tights? Rugby > American Football.
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Septic  +   581d ago
"im canadian and i eat and breathe hockey, im not into dramaqueen sissy sport like soccer...."

Err...yeah okay...good for you.


Anyway, this is a wicked lineup. Can't wait to play all this. I need more time!!
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Christopher  +   582d ago
Gotta remember, they have to make games for a diverse group of gamers.

Puppeteer + SkullGirls? Yes. Very nice.

Good selection of games, IMHO. And I don't even like sports games.
MEGANE  +   582d ago
Man! Was wrong with plus lately... Soccer game for U.S. ...really... And Europe gets muramasaand we get a puzzle game... GTFO.
admiralvic  +   582d ago
"Gotta remember, they have to make games for a diverse group of gamers. "

True, though I would argue they're doing a poor job even by that logic.

Take Skullgirls Encore, which is yet another fighting game. Now, for whatever reason, NA seems hellbent on giving us every fighting game out there. No joke, if you actually examine the number of fighting games out there by how many we got with Plus, you would see that it's probably the most represented genre in NA and why we see so many people complain about them.

PES is another great example, since sport games are probably the least common Plus genre (probably given the low demographic of sports fans with Plus). Now, the problem with NA vs EU is that NA is very conflicted in regards to top sport, where as I think most people in Europe would agree it's soccer or as they put it, football. For NA, America likes Football, Canada likes Hockey, so that would make this mostly for Latin America, which matters, though we probably shouldn't get a game that only appeals to 1/3 of the region (generally speaking), especially in something thats very narrow to begin with (sports games).

Anyway, the best example of this is Limbo and Stick it to the Man!, since we've also gotten a lot of quirky / weird high concept games* in the past. These join Thomas was Alone, Dyad, Ibb & Obb, Runner 2, Ico, Dokuro (great game though), Kyntt Underground, The Cave, Closure and probably more.

I mean, it's good to make games for a diverse group, but some groups are certainly better represented than others. For instance, the last turn based JRPG I saw offered with Plus was Disgaea 3 in March of last year and in that same span of time we've gotten 6 fighting games...

* I generally listed games that were either weird in concept, art style or something that falls into a category that is really atypical.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   582d ago
Second best platformer of the 7th gen in a man's opinion (Ratchet and Clank ACiT being the first). Really a shame it was so low selling but hopefully more people see the most charming game of the 7th gen this way and the ratings and feedback help Sony fund a sequel or spiritual successor (seriously guys it has brilliance bleeding out of every corner!)
Guwapo77  +   581d ago
You guys are worried about a damn football game... What happened to the Action RPG Muramasa Rebirth for the Vita. Oh how I wanted it. /sigh
Neonridr  +   582d ago
At least I get Limbo for my Vita, that was one game I tried the demo for but never bought back on the 360. Happy I will be able to try that game out.

Not super psyched for the PS4 or other Vita offerings, but I will give Stick it to the Man a go anyways.
Eonjay  +   582d ago
It seems funny. I could use something lighthearted myself.
Neonridr  +   582d ago
who knows, maybe I will love it to death..
ipach  +   582d ago
oh you two
AceBlazer13  +   582d ago
Kinda pissed i chose puppeteer over Xillia in that 13 for 13 sale.

Anyhow it was a fun game and Excalibrus has to be the coolest pair of scissors ever.
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nope111  +   582d ago
Xillia was mediocre imo.
Umbasa  +   582d ago
Yup, same here, wishing i got Xilla instead. I hope Skull and Stick it are fun and if not back to more Warframe.
bobkandii007  +   582d ago
Nice video
tmacdonald  +   582d ago
I am excited to try Stick it to the Man! What day do these offerings start?
Ilovetheps4  +   582d ago
It'll probably start on May 6th.
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ipach  +   582d ago
usually every tuesday
bobkandii007  +   582d ago
Handheld gaming FTW
akaFullMetal  +   582d ago
Limbo for vita, nice.
Pancit_Canton  +   582d ago
That 64gb memory stick for my vita is paying off. Limbo for vita is a nice addition.
porkChop  +   582d ago
Where'd you get a 64GB memory card? Japan?
DemonChicken  +   582d ago
Take your poison (depending on where you are from)




There is also ebay =p
HugoDrax  +   582d ago
Order it from Amazon, that's what I did :-).
izumo_lee  +   582d ago
Puppeteer is such an underrated game! It's so good! If you love platform games Puppeteer is a blast to play & look at.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   582d ago
It deserved so many more sales but as usual people just buy shooters and Sony didn't push the advertising (would have done well to have it fill in a Summer gap for PS4 instead of being overshadowed by GTA5 tbh)
Goro  +   582d ago
This is even worse than Europe's update ...
PeaSFor  +   582d ago
dat shitty muramassa.....right?

Relientk77  +   582d ago
Sweet totally getting Puppeteer
MusashiBlack  +   582d ago
I was looking forward to muramasa on the vita
-EvoAnubis-  +   582d ago
Well, it had to happen eventually. There's not a single title on this list that I don't either already own or am simply not interested in. Not a complaint - it is what it is. Fortunately I still have plenty of games on my PS4 to keep me busy as I never got around to finishing AC4, Outlast, or Strider. Not to mention that Mercenary Kings co-op remains as fun as ever!
DemonChicken  +   582d ago
kudos to you man

serious though it's got too the point where some people are getting used to plus so becoming greedy and unappreciative of it and effort that has been put in.

Especially moaning how subpar the games are, shitty month, those are not my type of games etc. It's not like we are getting any good games so tough shit, if you don't like them doesn't mean others won't.

They are forgetting that it's mostly down to the publishers if they want to give out the games and seriously though look at the games we are getting and those sales!

Bottom line although it won't happen, wish more people were more appreciative of this (as compared to other services, ps+ is already great with potential to be better) like you instead of bitching like a spoiled brat.

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theshredded   582d ago | Trolling | show
LordofPwn  +   582d ago
Still waiting for Velocity Ultra on Vita...
ipach  +   582d ago
the sequel looks sooooo good...
Clover904  +   582d ago
Stick it to the man, PES and Limbo for me.
KillerPwned  +   582d ago
Just my personal opinion but I'm getting kinda tired of the luke warm PS+ updates we been getting lately in the US. I know titles for the PS4 are still low at the moment in terms of giving stuff out for free. But PS3 is no excuse, on the other note I think we deserve some good updates on what is going on with Planetside 2 and why its taking so long. Now if we don't start to get good PS4 games by E3 and after then I think a lot more people should be mad.
RiPPn  +   582d ago
Pretty disappointed in the Vita offerings especially when EU got Muramasa Rebirth. Also no interest in PES. Everything else is great though so can't bitch to much.
listenkids  +   582d ago
Laughing at some of these comments.
Shit month regardless of preference.
deathsarm  +   582d ago
i got a psvita ps3 and a ps4 os plus it makes me fill like i steal from sony
amazinglover  +   582d ago
Sony has been killing it with their PS+ offerings really good set of games.
MasterofMagnetism  +   582d ago
I'll give Puppeteer a try. Not really interested in any of the others.
Bushwick  +   582d ago
Puppeteer and Limbo = win
porkChop  +   582d ago
I don't understand why the NA PS+ team continues to give sports games even though sports games was the lowest rated in the PS+ genre poll, literally only had a few votes of people saying they wanted sports games. Another genre no one wanted was fighting games, yet we keep getting those.

I don't get it. Why make a genre poll if you're going to go completely against what the players tell you they want?

On top of that, this is like 3 months in a row where they're giving games that were on sale not too long ago. The NA PS+ team said last year that they were going to stop doing that.
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Umbasa  +   582d ago
Well said, i was saying the same thing to myself when i saw the list and as i read your post the words yupyup kept breathing from my mouth.
Sevir  +   582d ago
Limbo on PSV! yes please!
thricetold  +   582d ago
Really weak sony and my sub ends this month. How about giving the us some of those good games eu has had for months instead of these weak ones.
jegheist2014  +   582d ago
eur gets rpg while usa gets shovelware sports n fighting games indie titles look like atari for vita
Umbasa  +   582d ago
I must say that some of those indie titles where fucking great! Thanks to plus last year Hotline2 is my most anticipated game for this year. Not trying to hate or troll on you rather just wondering if you try them?
chaosdemon09  +   582d ago
Ugh darn it.. I wanted muramasa rebirth like the eu is getting! Do they usually give those games out the following month on the USA psn store?
turgore  +   582d ago
Another dissapointing month. I might not renew PS plus this time. Since I only have a ps3 I get a children's game (pupeteer), a useless sports game and a b-rated fighting game that is best a curiosity.
Stapleface  +   582d ago
First month since I started with ps+ in November that I won't be downloading anything, as none of that interests me what so ever. Though that's not too bad, 6 months of having things I did like, and finally one where there isn't. They can't please everyone all of the time. I'm sure plenty of people are going to enjoy these free games.
cellur111  +   582d ago
3rd month for me, although it's mainly because I already own mot of the games.
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