Top 10 Gaming Controversies, Conspiracies & Legends in Gaming

There are controversies in every industry; music, movies, government healthcare systems… and of course gaming. Very few video games have gotten so much public attention as the Grand Theft Auto series. Arguably the peak of the series’ ability to have people frothing at the mouth while they lobby politicians for a ban was in San Andreas with a minigame called “Hot Coffee."

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kaiserfranz1002d ago

As always, politicians from time to time try to pin problems on gaming. Let's hope the new generation which grew with gaming won't do that anymore.

TheUltimateGamer1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

I wish that were the case. I doubt we'll ever see a time that any sort of media isn't under fire. Politicians will always need someone to blame.

Knightshade1002d ago

Politicians aren't pinning problems on gaming, they are simply mouthing the words that make people want to hear. Remember that the most staunch opponent to video game violence just got picked up for weapons trafficking. Scumbags...

Garethvk1002d ago

I love how people always look to blame gaming. If you count the number of people gaming in the world, the number who actually cause issues are very small. It is like saying oh they watch tv or movies this is what caaused it. They eat red meat, they played contact sports, they looked at porn, they consumed sugar based products. The filter is very high to blame it all on games.

barb_wire1002d ago

Bigfoot in GTA: San Andreas.

I believed that rumor and spent over 3 days (real days, not in game days) trying to find it.

Sure was fun though.

TheUltimateGamer1002d ago

Ah! A classic. I'm glad that was actually true Haha

BlueCroup1002d ago

Reminds me of the days in the playground with everyone claiming to have found Sonic in Mario

TheUltimateGamer1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

Or that you could get Togepi (and Mew) on the original Red and Blue Pokemon... Hours of my life wasted LOL