Watch Dogs dev: At Ubisoft, you need to define something that isn't a gimmick

Bringing a new feature to a game or inventing a new way to experience gameplay is not just an idea or novelty at Ubisoft, it's a literal expectation, and Watch Dogs has seemingly accomplished that with hacking. To create something new and fresh was a requirement for developers on Watch Dogs and they knew they have their hands full.

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marloc_x1462d ago

I think they are having fun with the Gamepad..

wonderfulmonkeyman1462d ago

If only they weren't delaying the Wii U version...I'd love to have it at the same time as everyone else.
If they really wanted sales for that version, they would have released it earlier...

1462d ago
marloc_x1461d ago

I totally agree, it is really too bad. I have all of Ubi's stuff..

bobkandii0071462d ago

they should=nt have delayed it for the WII U

Farsendor11461d ago

ubisoft are one of my favorite game publishers. still think they could have used dualshock 4 touch pad for something other than map. maybe they could have done something else with hacking not sure just think they could have done more with it.