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Has Microsoft revived Lionhead's Eden Falls project for Xbox One?

So many articles have been reported on the newly trade marked title "Eden Falls" but new sources seem to believe that Eden falls and project dimitri(which was once rumored to be in development at lionhead) are one and the same title.

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FrigidDARKNESS890d ago

Its not a rumours. Microsoft filed a trademark for this game this morning. Two awesome games from Lionhead Studios coming to xbox one.

Mikefizzled890d ago

Sounds like you didn't read the article and instead are commenting on the title.

dirigiblebill890d ago

It would be a shame if all that work on Dimitri went to waste. Xbox could do with another serious story-driven franchise, IMO.

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FrigidDARKNESS890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

I was responding to one of the comments that down voted this article.

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WeAreLegion890d ago

That would be nice, but is Lionhead still a good developer? That's the real question. I certainly hope so. They've lost a lot of talent over the years.

mcstorm890d ago

I think they are still good developers they were just being driven in the wrong direction. I think Microsoft and a lot of developers are now going to give us some new IP's for the new gen and it will be interesting to see what is done as im for one getting bored of the same yoy games and number 3, 4 ect of some IP's

Pogmathoin890d ago

The industry has seen many shifts lately with extremely talented people, not just Lionhead. All future games from the big guys could have different styles now.... exciting....

WeAreLegion890d ago

Lionhead lost those guys years ago though. They became Media Molecule. They haven't put out a good game since.

Christopher890d ago

@WeAreLegion: Don't think you're going to get many agrees on that one. LBP and Tearaway are two game series with a lot of awards under their belt and the studio has yet to put out games that copy existing trends but do their own thing and do them very well.

Dannyh890d ago

Most game developers lost people from older projects,the key is did they replace them with the same talent

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