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Submitted by xHeavYx 655d ago | opinion piece

Should You Still Get an Xbox One?

Right now, the Playstation 4′s fanboys are having a field day.
Some of The Motley Fool’s and Yahoo’s bloggers have made a cottage industry of creating click-bait articles meant to draw huge numbers by throwing red meat to PS4 fans and incensing Microsoft fans.
This article is different: Should latecomers still jump in now and get an Xbox One? Let’s consider Microsoft’s Public Relations angle. Is their product worthy of buying right now? (Xbox One)

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Activemessiah  +   656d ago
Not until the Kinect goes.
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alexkoepp  +   655d ago | Well said
Console forever changes your entertainment experience. I feel sorry for the people who don't own one but that is their choice. All of us who do own one know what people are missing.
ShinMaster  +   655d ago
Same could be said for any PlayStation platform. Those of us who do own one know what others may be missing. But I'm not gonna be a condescending ass and say that I "feel sorry" for you.

Now, for many people, buying a second console can be very expensive. Because not only do you have to take into account the price of the second console itself (e.g. Xbox One) but also whether or not there are enough appealing games on it to make such an investment worth it and justifiable.
Not everyone can spend $1K so easily. But for those who can, good for you.
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The_Infected  +   655d ago

Yea we're missing out because we don't have Kinect. I had it and I unplugged and couldn't stand it.

When watching a youtube video we would be talking and it would start listening and I'd constantly have to say stop listening. Then we watch Netflix and it would pick up our hand movements and such all the time for no reason at all. I also have to repeat stuff quite a bit for it to work. Then last but not least it would take a few attempts to log me in.

Let's just say I don't see much purpose in this thing little own be forced to pay for it.
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JodieeLaytonukm   655d ago | Spam
DarthZoolu  +   655d ago
You should only buy an Xbox One if you want to play a lot of great games, and full voice control of you entertainment center, or if you want to snap apps fast and broadcast twitch at the highest quality from console and cloud game saves. Only buy it if you want to play
Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, Titanfall, Project Spark, Killer Instinct, Halo 5, Fable, Gears of War and Quantum Break. (All of them that are out are good to great).
Thehyph  +   655d ago
I'll happily pick one up at a cheaper price sans Kinect.

Until then I'll remain happy with my ps4.

Queue the pointless disagrees, but that's how it is.

Seriously, if they released an Xbox One without Kinect, Blu Ray, HDMI-in, and anything else possible and slashed the hell out of the price, then I would pick one up a heartbeat.
DarthZoolu  +   655d ago

You can turn off hand gestures. I love the voice commands because I used them alot!
DarthZoolu  +   655d ago
Disagrees? Both those statements are facts. You can turn off gestures and I love the voice commands. Only a F@#$&\#@ would disagree with that.
mikeslemonade  +   655d ago
I'd pick up a X1 because I can afford it but I don't want it to succeed. Why would I want to help you guys in the X1 camp who talk crap all the time. I will get a X1 later in the life cycle when PS4 is already outselling by 3 to 1 or more.
xilx  +   655d ago
@DarthZoolu You're probably getting disagrees because the PS4 is capable of voice commands (probably not as robust, but there and works with any mic from what I've heard) and the PS platform has had cloud saves since early 2011, and upgrades to the twitch streaming are in the works (so they're not really features you can't get elsewhere). Not to mention games being "good to great" is pretty subjective, so if they don't appeal to someone, there's not much you can do.
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Bigpappy  +   655d ago
I will get a PS4 when they remove the Bluray drive (I buy my games digitally), get some worthwhile exclusives and drop the price to $99. Hopefully they fix the faulty thumb stick by then. For me it's all about great game control and game play, so I will wait a few years until these concerns are address. The lack of quality exclusives is the thing that makes PS4 easy for me to pass on and not waste the money just to have 2 consoles. Right now Xbox simply has the better game for me.
ThanatosDMC  +   655d ago
Meh, I'll wait for the price drop. MS is needs to officially announce it. Hopefully on E3.
UnbiasedOpinions  +   655d ago
As long as Xbox One is getting games, i will be playing them, if you want to experience them as well as Sony`s offerings i suggest you do the same
Rimeskeem  +   655d ago
an overpriced console with under performing specs?


I am buying one when Halo 5 comes out
ShinMaster  +   655d ago
@ DarthZoolu

Cloud game saves are available on PS4 and have been since the PS3.
I can double tap the PS button to jump from a game to the PS Store or from Netflix to the web browser, for example.
I can record 15 minutes of gameplay at any time and without the need to "snap" anything to get more than 5 mins because the Share feature was not an afterthought and pressing the Share button on the controller is quicker and works %100 of the time as opposed to voice commands.

@ Bigpappy

I get that you're trying to be sarcastic, but it comes through as being bitter when you throw all logic out the window and compare Kinect to the Blu-ray drive...

I wanted to avoid making comments like these, but you Xbox fanboys are all over the place.
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UltraNova  +   655d ago
I'll get one when the big hitters are out, the kinect is not included and when its plenty under 300 bucks. Say in 3-4 years?
Why o why  +   655d ago
Dont worry yourself shinmaster, guys like that live off fallacies. Without them, they couldn't make any valid points. Some people just don't get why some people dont actually want the x1 yet. Guess that goes both ways but judging by numbers people cared so much about last gen, it seems that home turf isnt home turf anymore.

Instead of accepting or at least acknowledging some peoples opposing views, they deflect. Microsoft/Sony already have many of us, in that regards their jobs done. What they want even more is those that DON'T have their consoles yet so they do what they can to make them more appealing. Some requests make no logical sense and should be ignored but those telling us kinect has to stay are misguided and missing the point. Just like the drm 'cant just switch it off', kinect is now that 'thing'. Trust me, the x1 would sell more if the kinect was gone and the price reflected that.. The x1 being the same price as the ps4 isn't going to be good enough. Mega games haven't been enough so somethings got to give. Kinect may have to stay but it seems that kinect is a dead leg ms is trying to run with.. I don't want or see the value in kinect. As of now its a ui helper. My scepticism was on point for the original kinect so I would prefer not to have something I'll make little use of. I owned a 360 so I'm not against the idea of owning the x1. Ms have to appeal to my kind, the fence sitters, not the day one bigpappy kind. Its that simple.
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kingfetish17  +   655d ago
I'm personally holding out for an inevitable XB1 Slim. I'm not aesthetically appealed by its current design. Even then, I'd still have to be impressed by a "must-buy" XB1 exclusive. Quantum Break looks impressive. If it gets AAA reviews, I'll consider an XB1 Slim purchase in my future.
KAEM7  +   655d ago
That's a lot of people to feel sorry for... How can you not be depressed?!

I feel ever so slightly good for everyone who is happy with their purchased console.

It's all about prefrence, If you prefer XBO's exclusives over PS4's, good for you! enjoy! But I am very happy with my decision, sticking with playstation ever since the ps1 days. They've never let me down. And I'm no blind fanboy either, if a competitor comes along with a better product I will not let brand loyalty stand in my way. For my interests and preferences the XBO is miles behind. Last gen I got a second hand x360 and I think last gen was the weakest gen Sony has had (still top dog but followed close by 360). They really turned the tide in the last 2 to 3 years. I might get an second hand XBO down the line if they get some exclusives that I like.


(edit: removed typo)
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XB1_PS4  +   655d ago
The Infected, You couldn't stand it? What? Why? Was it distracting you? I don't get it.
Docknoss  +   655d ago
Of course
DoubleM70  +   655d ago
Yup! Can't knock unitl you try it.
jamsam360  +   655d ago
You are so right! I was hesitant because of the Kinect, But now i own it i love the way they are using it! The voice commands if you choose to use them Are awesome and quick to turn on my whole setup! Getting in and out of games is a breeze! Even if you have to leave for an important reason and turn it off your game will be right where you left off! And it will continue to improve! Love it!!!!
Highlife  +   655d ago
Do whatever the hell you want to!
TruthInsider  +   655d ago
Easy answer; NO!
josephayal  +   655d ago
me me mejeje, i couldn't agree less
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   655d ago
I have an XBO as a second system. The issue is kinect just doesnt add that much value to the system. People will tell you it does this and that but in reality the only commands that work nicely enough that you will actually use them are "pause, stop, play and turn off". I use mine for media 90% of the time and had hoped that I could just do a "xbox on, big breaking bad, play" type command. The reality is very different. The one that annoys me the most is that you cannot control the menus on blu-ray discs so you do everything with your voice, then still have to go get the controller to hit play.

The issue MS have with kinect is that its still s**t. But... Without it they have no USP and until if/when they can add tons of value through software and apps removing it will just make the xbox an underpowered ps4.
MikaelaHalfordegu   655d ago | Spam
GT67  +   655d ago
None of MS products is worth buying except computer software.

one console is enough......the choice is yours to choose.

assdan  +   655d ago
Unless something REALLY out of left field happens, I never see myself getting an X1. I don't really have time for it, and I think my PS4 has plenty of games anyways. I'd say there's probably less than a 1 percent chance of me getting one.
Picnic  +   655d ago
What difference will that make? It'll just make the Xbox One more generic. Ask for a price cut by all means but why get rid of the Kinect for those who don't mind it in the box.
Activemessiah  +   655d ago
I'm still paying for something I could be wiping my arse with but then again I have toilet roll for that.
JasonKCK  +   655d ago
Yeah if you're a gamer. What kind of real gamer would pass up on gaming? However this is N4G, home of Playstation so you know where all the disagrees and "NO's" come from.
Activemessiah  +   655d ago
It's a matter of time until that thing is separated from the console.. It's inevitable so it's just a matter of patience really. I do own a PS4 and a PC and soon a Wii U to keep me occupied. unlike these Sony fanboys I don't have a problem with the Xbox... just that damned Kinect.
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Neonridr  +   656d ago
If you love MS exclusives, then the simple answer is yes.

Don't see why you can't own an Xbox One and be happy, even if some of the multiplats have a lower resolution. Doesn't change the fact that the game is still good even if it's only 900p.

That being said, I decided to go with Sony this gen as their exclusives seem to interest me more this time around.
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ScareFactor  +   656d ago
Exactly. I actually think everyone should buy both. Both system's have great games coming. The multiplats may be at a higher resolution on PS4 but you can not tell me that there is a huge difference between 720p,900p,1080p. Also the kinect is not a huge reason not to own one, just unplug the damn thing
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aftershock  +   655d ago
I can, and will tell you there is a HUGE difference between resolutions. I game on a 50" plasma, the difference between them is night and day
MichaelLito79  +   655d ago
I went with Xbox One because I felt they always provided the games that made impacts with the times and genre's that I love in present day. For example love walking dead show X1 gave us deadrising with more darker tone mind you the past deadrising games always turned me off but DR3 was awesome, RYSE another game loved Spartacus and RYSE gave me that epic time line gameplay, love my shooters and we got Titanfall and Halo excellent games to have and who could forget fighting and racing games forza and Killer Instinct great games and many more reasons I could go on. Just my opinion love X1 can't wait to see what future holds hope they have state of decay on X1.
DarthZoolu  +   655d ago
That's what I'm saying. I ask all PS4 fans that hate on X1, "What are you playing right NOW?" I only have X1 exclusives and I am gaming none stop! Every person that has come over, whom I've also let play for a few hours now owns an X1. Its great and most X1 owners love the system and the games.
Salooh  +   655d ago
What are we playing ?. Lately some people are making the impression that MS have more exclusives and ps4 have few but in reality it's the opposite. prove :

Soon we will get Drive club / The last of us / planet sides 2 / plenty of awesome indies..etc and that's just the beginning . :P

Sony will provide more AAA exclusives then MS , they just need more time just like how quantum break / gears and halo still not out yet. They are bringing us real next gen games. All of their AAA games are pushing the industry . They are brining us new things.

MS games are good but not all people consider them something huge like you do , so it's opinion matter not facts.
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prettyboy12  +   655d ago
yea thats problably because last gen having the definitive version was the thing,so it makes since this time around having the better version of a game
lifeisgamesok  +   656d ago
Definitely! The best games are on the One
Snookies12  +   656d ago
I wouldn't say the 'best' games. That's a relative term, meaning that what's best to someone might not be the case to another.

I'm more into PlayStation exclusive series' Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, InFamous, etc. However, with that said, I am quite liking the X1 from what I've played of it at my friend's place. I'd rather get a PS4 first, because of the cheaper price tag and my previous mentioning of liking PS exclusives a little better overall, but I do plan on getting an X1 at some point.

Microsoft sure turned things around with that system... If you'd asked me before the system launched (during the whole DRM fiasco), I would have said "hell no!". Now, I'd be quite pleased to own one. Even if they have some kinks to work out (based on what I've experienced with my time on one.)
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VforVideogames  +   655d ago
Dont get an XBOXONE yet untill the dx12 is in full effect , dont get a PS4 untill at least 2 or 3 triple AAA games are out because as of now all their games just plain suck.
bloodybutcher  +   655d ago
Plain suck=you don't like them,so others shouldn't play them?i don't own ps4 yet, but when i do, kz and infamous will be mine. Plus outlast and don't starve.
Edit: forhot about the topic,hehe-i see no reason for not getting x1, unless one can't afford it,which is exactly my problem(i mean, i can't afford to buy two consoles, so i go with ps4).also time is a factor, i don't play nearly as much as i used to since i became a father.
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prettyboy12  +   655d ago
yea keep telling yourself that ricky!!!
Convas  +   656d ago
I'm still saving for mine. My desire to acquire one has not waned.

I will however, wait until E3 to see what MS announces before I pull the trigger.
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Snookies12  +   656d ago
Yeah, best to see what is planned out for the system before snagging one. E3 is what I'm waiting for as well before I jump onto the current-gen train.
Bennibop  +   656d ago
I have bought one but would advise people to wait I have not turned it on for 3 weeks!
BX81  +   655d ago
Lol. The exact opposite for me. My ps4 has been collecting dust until today. I picked up infamous ss. Not a bad game so far.
LAWSON72  +   655d ago
I have been using it daily playing Titanfall/Forza with friends and when I am done I just go to Netflix. I just got DkS2 for PC though that formula maybe on hold a couple of times next week but I will by no means quit using it
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Bennibop  +   656d ago
I have an Xbox 1 that has not been switched on in 3 weeks, a WIIU since before Christmas. PS4 and PC is the way to go IMO.
Iltapalanyymi  +   656d ago
yeah, im getting one in september. i have always had both consoles. (xbox & ps)
xTheMercenary_  +   655d ago
I have both consoles all i can tell you is they're both great and i love them to death
xTheMercenary_  +   655d ago
I have both consoles, all i can tell you is they're both great and i love them to death
Salooh  +   655d ago
envy you for liking both xP. lol
DEEBO  +   656d ago
I got an x1 and played the so called best games lol,ryse,DR3,KI,plant vs zombies and titanfall and while they were fun games the ps4's killzone and infamous SS games are good too.

I say go ps4 1st then get the x1 when MS drop the price cause kinect is not a 100 dollar system seller and i haven't played a game yet that kinect has improve by using it.

Right now the ps4 has more games to play then the x1 and some free ones too.MS needs to hurry with the gamers with gold program, cheap bastards!
KinjoTakemura  +   656d ago
If they lose the Kinect, I might, but the paywalls are still a sticking point for me though.
InTheLab  +   655d ago
Yeah Kinect is still a roadblock for me. I'm fine with paying for Live as I have been doing it for years and still use my 360, but there is no place in my house for Kinect and I refuse to pay a premium for something I'll never use....
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   656d ago
That brick still don't interest me! too many dude bro shooters on it. I play FPS games, but not many! so absolutely not.

I know i'm gonna get disagrees for this, but i don't care, because it is what is. Plus i don't like phil spencer! that look on his face just annoys me.
meatysausage  +   655d ago
the brick is stupid, but ive never had to move it once since its behind the tv, so its not that bad.

Hating spencer cause of his face, right. Its obvious that your another idiot. He is actually a nice and respected person, pretty sure what he looks like is the last thing you should be worrying about
zpoc  +   655d ago
what are you talking about? ps4 and xbox one each have 1 exclusive fps.
meatysausage  +   655d ago
As an owner of both, having about 9 games on ps4 and about 4 or 5 on xbox one,
it definately is, Im loving the xbox.
I hate the kinect for motion controls, but it like it for the recording aspects, auto sign in from the camera and its ability to read codes in seconds.

I think a lot of people havnt tried one properly and thats an issue because people will shit about it on the internet without any real first hand experience. But i can uinderstand why people would be unhappy with the price, but it is a great system
zpoc  +   655d ago
yeah, i caved in and bought a one when it hit $450 with titanfall and a year of live included - i didn't expect to own one so early in it's lifecycle, but i have to say, i'm pleasantly surprised by how much i like it. ps4 will remain my main gaming system, but the bone is pretty cool, too.

anyone who wants one system or the other to fail is a moron, frankly.
meatysausage  +   655d ago
thinking exactly the same
ps4 is my main console but the xbox is beast
i think a lot of people will be surprised once they get hands on
bleedsoe9mm  +   655d ago
i own both , they are very different , i use the xb1 more for other media , the ps4 is a strictly games machine for me , i still probably play games on them both about equally . i wouldn't buy a xb1 right now for one simple reason , there is probably going to be a price drop in the near future .
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xboxgonnies  +   655d ago
love my xbox one and wii u xbox360 ps3 nes snes sega genesis and my xbox mod also my dreamcast and n64 oh and the gamecube i love games on all platforms
corvusmd  +   655d ago
Yes, if you can afford it there is no reason not to get it. It's been worth every penny, just like my PS4 and even Wii U...although I admit my XB1 has been doing all my heavy lifting.
LightDiego  +   655d ago
If you want to play games, you should buy a Xbox One.
Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Peggle 2, Plants vs Zombies, Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, and soon: Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Halo 5, Gears of War, Perfect Dark.
prettyboy12  +   655d ago
im a bit confused...soooooooooooo oh never mind!!!
Funky Town_TX  +   655d ago
Once I get some cash and the price drops. $400 is my limit.
AceBlazer13  +   655d ago
Meh, it has no games atm. Lol oh the sweet irony.#Humble
RiPPn  +   655d ago
There is a bigtime exclusive drought coming for the Xbox One, I'd say if you waited this long, at least wait until E3 or even better wait until black Friday, I imagine a price drop and huge deals are going to happen by then.

I bought one at launch and all I've played on it is Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Peggle 2, that's it, it is now just used as a TV pass through. I regret my purchase especially after some of the deals that went on last month.
#18 (Edited 655d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Boody-Bandit  +   655d ago
"Right now, the Playstation 4′s fanboys are having a field day."

Stopped reading there. WTF kind of trash gets approved on this site boggles my mind. Why does it always have to be us vs them mentality? Is there zero journalism left in this industry? SMH and moving on.
no_more_heroes  +   655d ago
A $400 Xbox One would be VERY tempting. E3 will be very important for both Sony and MS...
#20 (Edited 655d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
90Supra  +   655d ago

for those actually on the fence, I'd wait until after e3...
No_Limit  +   655d ago
Already got it and I have no complaint. My most used system out of the 3. Playing Forza, Killer Instinct, and Titanfall daily. Wish there were more games coming in the summer months though as it it is looking like a drought is coming...for a 3 systems. After Mario Kart 8 and MLB 14 in May, Jun-Aug is looking pretty dry.
Dlacy13g  +   655d ago
I don't think you can go wrong this gen... bith the XOne and PS4 are quality kit.
Lawboy2  +   655d ago
this is the best comment ive read
betrayed gamer  +   655d ago
I bought mine at launch no regrets, i bought the ps3 in feb. both are great systems, however the xbox one is my main system. didnt like killzone, and as much as i loved Infamous it felt quick with little re-playability. im waiting on Destiny, and other games to get on the ps4. i dont really wanna get watchdogs and i see very little else coming out that strikes my fancy. maybe Diablo 3. Both systems are great i say get the one if you want, but wait till after E3 in case of a price drop and as for the Ps4, get it if you want or wait till there are games you want for it, and queue up all the ps4 plus games via the PC so you can get them when you get the system.
NatureOfLogic_  +   655d ago
If you buy mostly multiplats, there's absolutely no reason to buy Xbox One. You'll be paying more for less. If want a Xbox One for the few exclusives, just wait for the price to drop later in the gen.
#25 (Edited 655d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
quenomamen  +   655d ago
7+ Mill PS4s sold
2 -3.5 (depending on who you believe) X1 Sold

The Consumer has spoken.
LAWSON72  +   655d ago
So the consumer has also spoken they love CoD that does not make me call it the best
nzbleach  +   655d ago
Not until the NZ price drops fro NZ$695 which probably won't be for some time.
Skankinruby  +   655d ago
They're essentially the same thing, have been since the ps2/Xbox days. But I had PlayStation first and if I'm going to buy its half brother for 5 bills there better be a good reason. I want quality exclusives and halo, gears of war, and titanfall don't even come close. Make a SINGLE PLAYER game worth caring about, something Microsoft hasn't done in its whole console lifespan
Lucreto  +   655d ago
It depends on what type of gamer you are. People who tend to buy Xbox games tend to like FPS games and western made games.

PlayStation gamers like FPS games as well but Japanese games and JRPG's tend to sell better and PlayStation tends to get more unique titles like Beyond: Two Souls and Puppeteer.
nerdman67  +   655d ago
I dont think either console is a good choice right now. The software lineup on both sides is poor.
I own both, and play about the same amount with Battlefield 4 and Titanfall, but really just use my Xbox as a media player while I do writing and stuff. Both need some work, for sure.
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