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Secret Ponchos Devs: Sony & PS4 Great To Work With

Switchblade Monkeys developers explain how Sony has been great to work with and PS4 enabled them to push 1080P@60FPS, although this isn't certain yet. (Jared Fry, PC, PS4, Secret Ponchos, Sony, Yousuf Mapara)

TheUltimateGamer  +   183d ago
Great to hear. Hope that we see more cooperation for future products :)
Imp0ssibl3  +   183d ago
Many devs have been saying so, which is why the PS4 has much richer indie content compared to Xbone
SheenaClinchrud   183d ago | Spam
karamsoul  +   183d ago
Sony's always been very friendly to indie devs.
Fusromandah  +   183d ago
This is why Sony is awesome.
ccgr  +   183d ago
Looking forward to more indie PS4 games
micx  +   183d ago
That's good to hear.
MasterCornholio  +   183d ago
I'm happy for them.

chrissx  +   183d ago
Everybody loves Ps4
bobkandii007  +   183d ago
PS$ is amazingg
SuperYakuzaFan  +   183d ago
animations and style is just amazing.Only this indie caught my eye at e3 2013
Goku781   183d ago | Trolling | show
DigitalRaptor  +   182d ago
For a company that treats indie devs like first-party (a distinct difference from the competition), it's not surprising to see reactions like this.

The game looks fab.

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