Secret Ponchos Devs: Sony & PS4 Great To Work With

Switchblade Monkeys developers explain how Sony has been great to work with and PS4 enabled them to push [email protected], although this isn't certain yet.

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TheUltimateGamer1213d ago

Great to hear. Hope that we see more cooperation for future products :)

Imp0ssibl31213d ago

Many devs have been saying so, which is why the PS4 has much richer indie content compared to Xbone

1213d ago
karamsoul1213d ago

Sony's always been very friendly to indie devs.

Fusromandah1213d ago

This is why Sony is awesome.

ccgr1213d ago

Looking forward to more indie PS4 games

micx1213d ago

That's good to hear.

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The story is too old to be commented.