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Just How Realistic Is Watch Dogs? | XboxWire


When writing the story for the upcoming "Watch Dogs," how did Ubisoft create an exciting and compelling hacker story without becoming... well, any given computer movie from the 1990s?

They brought in an expert. (Vitaly Kamluk, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

moomoo319  +   580d ago
So that's why there are so many car crashes in Russia
JodieeLaytonukm   580d ago | Spam
MikaelaHalfordegu   580d ago | Spam
memots  +   580d ago
How realistic ??
Giant enemy crab Tank would like to have a word with you.
beotron  +   580d ago
I think i heard you can buy and consume drugs which leads to that crab portion of the game..so it's not real i think..
memots  +   580d ago
thank god..

Games that are set in a Sci-fi world its ok.
But when a game is realistic i like them to remain that way.

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