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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 657d ago | news

Bound by Flame Runs At Native 1080p on PS4, Has A Variable 30-60 Frame Rate

"Bound by Flame is an upcoming fantasy-themed action role-playing game that will be released on May 9, 2014 across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC." (Bound by Flame, PS4)

Lucas22  +   657d ago
they should of locked the frame rate at 30 fps
starchild  +   657d ago
Absolutely. I hate these fluctuating framerates. Developers have always capped their games' framerates at 30fps for smoother motion and more consistent controller response, and now because of all the hubbub about 60fps this generation some devs somehow have it in their minds that simply unlocking the framerate is something desirable. Well, wrong. There's a reason framerates have always been capped at 30fps or 60fps.

EVERY 30fps game would run above 30fps if you uncapped the framerate. There is NOTHING impressive about it at all. The only thing it does is make the motion and camera panning jerky and juddery, and the controller response becomes inconsistent.
kevnb  +   657d ago
Did you hate god of war 3? What you are talking about isn't because of an unlocked framerate but because of a poor implementation of vsync. Adaptive vsync and triple buffering make things a lot better. Most serious pc gamers hate locked framerates, and these are gamers who can lock the framerate of any game they want.
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Sy_Wolf  +   657d ago
The level of wrong you reached is impressive.
Army_of_Darkness  +   657d ago
I don't want a locked frame rate of 30fps. Having it fluctuate between 30-60fps is perfectly fine since most games that do that still run pretty smooth to me. The closer to 60fps,the better! Like someone said, God of war 3 is a perfect example of this unlocked frame rate and I loved that game.
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SheenaClinchrud   657d ago | Spam
Palitera  +   657d ago
Variable = annoying.
Septic  +   657d ago
I don't see what the big deal is. Infamous SS had varibale FPS and to be honest, I didn't even take notice of it all that much.
KUV1977  +   657d ago
Killzone has a variable framerate too. I never noticed it there but in infamous it was really bad for me. Having the option to either cap or run unlimited is nice. inFamous looks much better for me now.
Palitera  +   657d ago
1. inFAMOUS SS before the patch was very annoying to me. With frame rate THAT VARIABLE you never know how the controls will react.

2. Killzone SF, on the other hand, I thought unplayable.

So, yeah, I really dislike it and most of you will probably cheer when they release the mandatory patch to cap the frame rate, exactly as you did with Second Son.
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combatcash  +   657d ago
It really depends on the game, with some games you don't really notice the small drops but with some it can damage the whole experience.
dantesparda  +   657d ago

"1. inFAMOUS SS before the patch was very annoying to me. With frame rate THAT VARIABLE you never know how the controls will react.

2. Killzone SF, on the other hand, I thought unplayable."

Man, i feel sorry for you, you are either unfortunately, ridiculously sensitive to control lag or ridiculously exaggerating. Cuz in no way, is KZ "unplayable" and Infamous unreliable

"So, yeah, I really dislike it and most of you will probably cheer when they release the mandatory patch to cap the frame rate, exactly as you did with Second Son."

And while its true that some Sony fanboys welcomed the frame rate cap, some didnt and its not the guys saying it now.
Edsword  +   657d ago
No limit and a framerate that changes between 30fps and 60fps as two different things. You should not really notice stuttering if done right.
Magicite  +   657d ago
not coming to x1?
choujij  +   657d ago
Sad face.
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S2Killinit  +   657d ago
This game is looking amazing btw
stavrami-mk2  +   657d ago
I would play it but amazing is not a word I would use I think this game will average 6's. It seems generic and some of the gameplay and stealth kills I've seen are poor at best. Don't get me wrong I will play it when it goes bargain basement in about 7-8 weeks
Christopher  +   657d ago
Well, he said it looks amazing, not that it is amazing.

And, your opinion is less worthwhile than his. You somehow already dictate it to be bargain bin material after having not played it at all.

I'll be picking this up because the previews have been good, gameplay shown is not bad, it's only $40, and I need a new RPG to play. Whether it's good or not, that's to be seen.
stavrami-mk2  +   657d ago
Cgoodno I've not come here for an argument it's just my opinion and as for my opinion not being as worthwhile as his just shows u have your head stuck up your arse and think your opinion is of higher value due to amazing pompous "bubble" in UK it's 46 pound or around 65 bucks and while you may still buy this on day 1 that's your choice go ahead. Just no need be a prick about it
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Christopher  +   656d ago
*** for my opinion not being as worthwhile as his just shows u have your head stuck up your arse and think your opinion is of higher value***

You should re-read what I typed. I explained why your opinion is of less value than his. You can say my head is stuck up my arse, but at least I'm not prejudging a game that I haven't even played.
stavrami  +   656d ago
lol you should read what you said i pre judged a game ….lol of course i did every human on this planet judges and pre judges everything they do, see ,smell, listen to, you fool ….you have done it yourself here let me show u …..I'll be picking this up because the previews have been good, gameplay shown is not bad, it's only $40, and I need a new RPG to play. Whether it's good or not, that's to be seen. i have said the exact opposite to you we both have pre judged it . don't push on me what your doing yourself .please don't reply because even with your bubble status being high it does not make your opinions more worth while it just means you been brown nosing . goodnight

ps. bargain bin material does not mean its shit just that it gone down in price like 90 percent of games do nowadays within 2 months , why would i be picking it up at all if i thought it was shit . c'mon catch up slow coach
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Chris092  +   657d ago
If it get's around 8/10 from reviews it will be day one for me!
Palitera  +   657d ago
I think it won't reach the 80s. The combat looks very dull and the hits completely lack impact.
Some of you might like it, I know, but since Dragon's Dogma I realized how an absurdly high HP count can ruin a game's combat system.
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ScareFactor  +   657d ago
I think Lords of Fallen will be better. I will still probably try this regardless
Salooh  +   657d ago
Lords of Fallen will be better but not that far for me. The witcher 3 and dragon age are the rpgs that i'm looking forward to . These will be normal games.
VforVideogames  +   657d ago
I think ps4 owners would buy any game at this point since it lack a triple AAA title because as of now all the games suck, I mean killzone has the worst AI in history, resogun is fun for 15 minutes and infamouse its no fun and has outdated graphics.
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choujij  +   657d ago
Ba da ba ba ba, you're full of s***.
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Farsendor1  +   657d ago
i will buy any game regardless not because i think im lacking games to play.
DrJones  +   657d ago
Infamous has incredible graphics. You need glasses.
AceBlazer13  +   657d ago
You really wanna run this game dude?

Final Fantasy XIV
The Show 14
Dynasty Warriors 8
inFamous Second Son
Amazing SpiderMan 2
Bound By Flame

Xbox One
PvZ Garden Warfare
Kinect Sports

At this point Xbox owners are more in need of the indies than PS4, too bad PS4 got the indies as well.So go back to praying you get some release dates for those cgi trailers you got at E3 cause 2014 ain't lookin to sweet for Xbox One owners so far.

Killzone has dumb A.I and inFamous has outdated graphics.Have you seen Titanfall ? You should form your own opinion before echoing your fellow Xbox fanboys, cause your sounding mighty foolish.
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Conzul  +   657d ago
Goddam it stop feeding the trolls.
ErryK  +   656d ago
Go back to the McDonald's you came from.
fonger08  +   657d ago
If I had to guess what would have been the trending articles for the new generation... I would have never guess it would "confirming" 30-60fps or 1080p...
Npugz7  +   657d ago
I like the option to have locked framerate or fluctuating framerate!
Convas  +   657d ago
No thanks.

Either 30 or 60. Make up your mind. There's a reason both Sucker Punch and Guerrilla Games have offered vsync for their respective games ...
Predaking77  +   657d ago

Forget about the game because it have variable fps, something that will be barely visible.

That's crazy. Looks to me like a weak excuse. If the game is good, a variable fps is the least that I would care.
Convas  +   657d ago
I don't know which reality you're living in, but a drop from 58 to 32 is not BARELY visible.
Predaking77  +   657d ago
Looking forward for the reviews or a demo. I wasn't expecting this game to be realesed so soon but that's good.

I don't get why the developer can't confirm the resolution on xbone. The game will release in 2 weeks, they should know by now.
BigPimpin  +   657d ago
There's nothing to confirm because currently it will not be on xbone just the 360.
ocelot07  +   657d ago
As Bigpimpin said this game is not coming to Xbox One. Same as Diablo 3 at the moment.
BigPimpin  +   657d ago
The game looks pretty good imo yeah it could use more time to polish some things but for the most part the game is shaping up nicely. The only concerns I have are the story and the voice acting in the game I hope they did solid there.
iistuii  +   657d ago
A little more power in the console & we wouldn't have this every time a new game was due. 1080/60fps in 2014 should be the norm. Even worse from Microsoft. But hey, what would you all fight over if both consoles had games running 1080/60....
Jdoki  +   657d ago
I don't agree.

No matter how much power you give a dev, they will use it all and then some.

Every game could hit 1080p/60fps IF the developer scaled back the effects / complexity, or they were given unlimited time and money to optimise and refine until they hit the goal.
DrJones  +   657d ago
The more advanced graphics you got, the more it affects framerate and resolution. If you want it to run at 1080p/60fps you will have to make visual sacrifices. There will always be this trade off on consoles. If you want it all, then you buy a powerful PC instead.
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bobkandii007  +   657d ago
woah thats a tough break
Jdoki  +   657d ago
LOCK IT! If you can't lock to 60 then lock to 30. Variable frame rate is pointless.
KinjoTakemura  +   657d ago
Don't really care what the frame rate is, as long as there isn't any blurred motion or skipped/fragmented frames during gameplay I won't have a problem with it. I've had this game on pre-order since March and i'm looking forward to playing it. Reminds me of Dragon's Dogma and I hope the gameplay is similar.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   657d ago
Anyone else getting a Kingdom of Amalur vibe?
theshredded  +   657d ago
Please let there be a demo,game doesn't look that good,I thought it was a download only title at first tbh
Farsendor1  +   657d ago
its been available for pre order at gamestop for a while now.

though my local gamestop seems to advertise ps4 games more than x1 games
sAVAge_bEaST  +   657d ago
So it's releasing on all platforms, Except Xbone?
That's interesting..

If they do keep it close to 60f/s while in gameplay, I{m all for it.
Sadist3  +   657d ago
But I thought the PS4's power was the reason games were 1080p 60fps. Now we know it's up to the developer and how well they can develop for the hardware.
PersonMan  +   657d ago
It has always been that way since the beginning of video games. With more power, there's more they can push the graphics. The more they push the graphics, the more power they will need and eventually they will run out of power and will either have to scale back the graphics or scale back the frame rate or resolution.

These consoles may be more powerful than last gen, but they're not unlimited power. Do you wanna be stuck with slightly better than last gen graphics at a higher resolution, or do you want something truly mind blowing with a lower frame rate?
kewlkat007  +   657d ago
Lol variable is good.. I guess.
BitbyDeath  +   657d ago
Still no mention of split-screen?
PersonMan  +   657d ago
I hate variable frame rates.

Please developers... choose a frame rate... 60 or 30. It can't be both.

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