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Killzone Shadowfall 1.14 Patch Reduces Blur In MP

Killzone Shadowfall's latest 1.14 patch features some fairly significant changes, including reduced blur in multiplayer modes. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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Fusromandah  +   183d ago
Soooooo pumped about this new map.
kaiserfranz  +   183d ago
Finally, there was just too much blur in multiplayer. I think I might get back into the fray real soon
Farsendor1  +   183d ago
me 2, will take a break from ff14 to play killzone and spiderman
dcj0524  +   183d ago
Same here. Been playing ffxiv non-stop and I need something else to play.
qu1ckset  +   183d ago
I might repurchase the game if the motion blur is fixed in MP, I thought it was horrid and would get flamed hard on this site for talking bad about it... Sold the game , SP was nice , MP blur ruined the MP for me.
Ninver  +   183d ago
the patch size is ridiculously big, almost 1.1gigs. at this rate our hdd's will be full before the next wave of games are released lol.
JP1369  +   183d ago
That's because of the way patches are currently being handled. It's re-downloading all the previous patches. Total HDD footprint will increase only a small fraction of that, however. Still sucks if you have a cap though.

Kaizer -

Agreed. Hoping 1.7 addresses the issue. I'd love to see a return to patches 1/10 the current size.
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kaiserfranz  +   183d ago
Yeah...It's a bit ridiculous to let us redownload all the previous patches, though. They should fix this ASAP
Ninjatogo  +   183d ago
@kaiserfranz There's nothing to really fix. Last gen people complained that it was annoying to download all the separate patches to update the game. This gen they have made it so you only have to download one patch from whichever version you're on to get to the latest. I have seen some games such as Blacklight adopt an internal update method though (update from their own servers while game is running).
Farsendor1  +   183d ago
i have deleted a bunch of stuff that im not going to be playing for a while.
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RadeonXRay  +   183d ago
Nice to see the continuing support for the game, but I just want that damn co-op mode...
kaiserfranz  +   183d ago
KUV1977  +   183d ago
What? 'Reduce challenge requirements'? I was playing this since release at least 2-3 rounds each day and am almost done with the leveling of all abilities. Now they reduce requirements? All this precious time :/.
BLYAN  +   183d ago
What challenges are they reducing and by how much?
KUV1977  +   183d ago
Not that many:
Supply Box Assists Changes
Old: 250
New: 150

Supply Box Destroy Changes:
Old: 200
New: 100

Game Draws Changes:
Old: 200
New: 100

Buddy Drone Kills Changes:
Old: 300
New: 200

Cloak Kills Changes:
Old: 400
New: 300
BLYAN  +   183d ago
Thanks man that buddy drone kills sucks to get
Can hardly get kills with it
KUV1977  +   183d ago
Buddy Drones worked very well for me. I am missing Supply Boxes, Cloaked Kills (haven't gone for both yet) and Air Support Kills. Those drive me crazy. There are so many supports with anti-bot-missiles that I can't get a single kill in some rounds. In other rounds with less supports I get a gazillion assists from my drone but kills... not so much... turrets where so much easier.
mike32UK  +   183d ago
So happy about the blur reduction! I only ever really noticed it on the park map but when I did it put me off big time which is a shame because that's my favorite Map
Father__Merrin  +   183d ago

same here it was really only the park map where it was noticle

nice to see to them giving Improvements I'll check this out as soon as I'm home
Budobear  +   183d ago
An easy way to balance teams......praise all that is good! It was so easy in KZ2 and 3 this side of the multi-player seemed like a step backwards (compared to all the other options anyway) so an easy way to change faction will be great.
We could do with a better lobby system for sorting clan games really as it was so easy in KZ3 now not so much.
asmith2306  +   183d ago
Haven't played this since just after release. Seems to have a lot more going on now. Time to boot it back up I think.
ironmonkey  +   183d ago
yessss!! i wanted this and requested this a while back and its happening!.

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