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New Watch_Dogs Q&A: PS4 Framerate “Pretty Steady;” Resolution Not Final but “Looks Great” and More

Many are still wondering about the resolution and frame rate of the various platforms of Watch_Dogs, and Creative Director Jonathan Morin responded that question first and foremost in a new Q&A Video.

In addition to that, he also shared a lot of information on gameplay. (Jonathan Morin, PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   90d ago
Well they better hurry up they're about a month away to release.
Eonjay  +   89d ago
Agreed. I honestly don't understand how they couldn't know from a development standpoint. What are the targeting? You can't make a game without knowing what specs you want to build it to. They have to know.

Statements like this so close to release really hurt my head because it doesn't make any sense.
dcj0524  +   89d ago
Actually you can. They've been making this game since 2009 and they had a very vague idea of the console specs.
Withdreday  +   89d ago
They probably know but just don't want to spill the beans on the Xbone version being inferior.

M$ probably paid them to keep quiet.:p
scissor_runner  +   89d ago
Hmmmm this is in the wiiu news. I guess I'll be getting the steam sale pc version and trying out the wiiu version. Why worry about frame rate when you can get it on pc? Then I want to see if ubi did anything cool with the game pad. Otherwise I don't see a reason to get a ps4 for this. Xbone you mean steam console without steam games... Ms should just buy valve.
randomass171  +   89d ago
No kidding. How can they know specifications like that by now? I smell a day one update or patch coming along.
stuna1  +   90d ago
Why people keep playing this same piano song is beyond me! If Watch Dogs is as extensive as they say it is, it's pretty much guaranteed that the resolution is going to suffer on the Xbox1! This not my opinion, it's the industries opinion. Going by all multiplatforms games that have released thus far, it not a stretch of the probability of this happening. The fact that it's a cross generational title should be the cause for real concern! Personally I think the ones who will truely see the game in all its glory will be those who purchase it for the PC.

Everyone else will see a less than definitive version of Watch Dogs! In this order PC,>> PS4 >, Xbox1 >>, (PS3/Xbox360). I put the PS3 and Xbox 360 in brackets because out of all the versions, they will be the closest to one another comparison wise.
christocolus  +   89d ago | Well said
" it's pretty much guaranteed that the resolution is going to suffer on the Xbox1! This not my opinion, it's the industries opinion."

The article says the ps4 version has a steady frame frate and thats a good thing but why do you feel the need to go and drag the xbox into this? Infact why do you keep doing stuff like that? You keep dragging the xbox into ps articles and then you turn around and drag the ps4 into xbx articles? Ive noticed that you love going offtopic and when you do, you make others go offtopic too.

You need to learn to focus on topics and avoid comments that cause unecessary fanboy wars..this article in question has nothing to do with the xbox 1 version.
akshgarg  +   89d ago
Don't ask questions you already know the answer to
truefan1  +   89d ago
What's more telling is the fact that he has 6 bubbles.
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pedrof93  +   89d ago

Why the urge to defend X1 ? It bothers you ? Does it hurt your feelings ?

On topic:

I hope the framerate is really stable in this game, like super fluid/consistent fps (not 60, just stable), and not like GTA 4 jumping all around that also lagged from time to time.
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sonarus  +   89d ago
@pedro its not a defense of xbox1. Fact: the video in question had nothing to do with the Xbox1 so therefore it is unnecessary to include it in the commentary as it just incites fanboys.
MysticStrummer  +   89d ago
Looks like he brought all the versions into it, not just XB1, but only XB1 is being defended in these replies.

He says PCs get the definitive version, so what's the problem?
Eonjay  +   89d ago
And so it shall be for the next 8 years.

If you don't like it thats fine. You may even be right, but you can't tell people what to think. Forcing people to act like they want or need to acknowledge the Xbox One is just as bad as constantly slamming it. Damn comment Nazis acting like they have the moral high ground. Not impressed.
n4rc  +   89d ago
Probably because he didn't trash any other platform..

And also ignoring the dev when he said he can't tell the difference between ps4 and x1.. But keep at it, you may actually fool someone other then yourselves one day lol
CJDUNCAN  +   89d ago
how can they have a steady framerate but not have a locked in resolution?
Magnes  +   89d ago
@christocolous who died and put you in charge of what people post. You don't like it hit the disagree button I get tired of seeing you attack everyone comments sheesh..
scissor_runner  +   89d ago
Stop tagging other consoles when they are only talking about one console. Otherwise people will talk about the other consoles of their choice.

Wondering why ubi didn't use the camera some how. Or did they? Wonder if they will make the game pad useful like they did with zombie u. I think I'll be getting the steam version and then the wiiu version afterwards. Frame rate problems I feel bad for you guys all that ram and power and hype and you just end up a beta tester for sony. Yet i can tweak my pc and if the wiiu is a horrible mess lol then I can just not buy it because I have no illusions that these consoles are not powerful. Yet you got all of these ps4 fans waiting for the power to be displayed.
randomass171  +   89d ago
Seems pretty early to be attacking any consoles right now when no a single console has a confirmed resolution or frame rate. There's a chance that a lot of people can wind up with egg on their face if the specs are nearly identical.
OpieWinston  +   89d ago
Ubisoft devs have already clarified the only reason they're talking about Watch Dogs consistently is because of the exclusive deal with Sony. Which is a common thing in this industry for certain devs with exclusive deals to talk more and more about CERTAIN ports.

I expect to see more gameplay from "The Division" on X1 because of the exclusive Deal Ubisoft/Massive have with Microsoft now.

If you're going based off all Multiplat games then you're probably looking at a very short list of games since this gen started 6 months ago and is still waiting for the surge of last gen devs to get their games ready for this gen.
stuna1  +   89d ago
The fact that I have seemed to hurt certain factions feelings, takes nothing from what I said! By observational standards there was no fanboyish comment made! Reality wise the comment is sound, and have been proven fact based.

PC will have the best version of Watch Dogs just on GP!
The differences comprared to the PC verion will be noticeable concerning the PS4!
The PS4 will have a higher resolution than the Xbox1 version!
All of the above mentioned versions will have a really apparent diffence over the PS3/Xbox 360 versions of the game!

Nothing fanboyish about these facts!!! Because some choose not to accept them....well of course that's their perogative, but this is pretty obviously apparent on how things will play out, just going on the capabilities of the platforms involved, it was never going to be a question of parity to begin with!!!

And in response to christoclus comment, it's quite amusing of you of all people to call anyone a fanboy! Have you ever reread any of you're own comments or, are they just self-generated!?


I'll just laugh at you no comment necessary!!!


Exactly! Which was my point! Yet we have some slinging mud with the only bubble they have! I really do feel honored, especially since these same ones are well known for bringing other elements into an article which isn't necessarally relavant if they think it could possibly help their argument.
OldDude  +   89d ago
I don't think there are enough exclamation points in your response. Seventeen of them doesn't quite convey your point.
azure1990  +   89d ago
It's funny because one of the people working on the game. Said both PS4 and X1 look completely identical. Also the reason why they aren't talking about the X1. Because they have a deal with Sony to only commercial the PS4 not the X1. So we don't and won't know until we're closer to the release and they are allowed to talk about that version and if it's 1080p or not. So run a long fan boy.
frostypants  +   89d ago
@azure1990, actually what he said was that the animation is 100% identical (as that's the part of the game he worked on), and beyond that the games look identical TO HIM. He stopped short of saying that they ARE truly identical.
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corvusmd  +   89d ago
Well either way, apparently they are at the point in development where they feel that the framerate is more important that the resolution on ANY system. Combine that with the fact that the developer themselves saying that your own TV will make more difference in the end that the versions between XB1 and PS4, and your statement at the end of your rant is already null and void about why you put last gen in brackets together.

Speaking of "playing this same piano song" (projection) or "beating a dead horse" There is much more to gaming than resolution, so why do you keep playing this piano song? It's REALLY not as big of a deal as you think it is, there is SO much more important to gaming than this.....it's nice to have the best possible res/frame rate (FPS being WAY more important), but so far this gen there hasn't been a single game that you could tell a major difference EVEN WHEN you freezeframe, magnify, slow-down, change lighting, and view it on a PC screen less than a foot from your face. If we have to add all these caveats to even notice a difference side by side (why are you paying the same game on PS4 and XB1 at the same time?) then the differences really aren't a huge deal at all...if anything at that point it's worth taking the lower Res version instead of the extra tax and heat on the system. Yes it's nice to have the highest Res, but it's at the very end of a long list of gaming points that are much more important. In fact the differences we've seen so far are so small, that I'd rather get my Watch Dogs on XB1 than on my PS4, simply so I'm not mistaken as being in the same crowd as you... nothing worse in the gamer community than a PS fanboy. They have the WORST case of projection ever, and love picking fights over things that they made up, or arguing with someone over something that the other person never actually said (you can tell what their true motivations are, and that they didn't actually read what the person wrote, because they always re-butt with what they want to say, even if it has nothing to do with the original comment (i.e. "Hey this demo of cloud computing they showed at BUILD, was pretty cool I hope it works out in an open environment, and the 3rd parties seem happy with it" PS Fanboy response "PS will always dominate, you're just stupid and diluted to believe all this misterxmedia crap")...then when PS Fanboys can't win the argument, it's straight to name calling and "na uh" level arguments. (yeah Xbox fanboys suck too, but they aren't nearly as judgmental and hypocritical, they also don't troll, spam and pick internet fights nearly as much). Just go game, stop being petty, you're making the gaming community look bad.

Edit: Just a question, why did Lior get hit with "trolling" for doing the exact same thing that Sony fanboys do to Xbox fans ALL THE TIME??? Except his statement actually has a solid point/difference behind it?
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GW212  +   89d ago
Maybe you should take some of your own medicine and "just go game." These multi-paragraph responses are getting really sad.

A hypocrite without a life? Yikes.
SKullDugger  +   89d ago
@ STUNA1 Tomb Raider Definitive edition was 1080p on both the PS4 and XB1 the fram rate was the deference it was 60 on the PS4 and 30 on the XB1 but it was not steady on the PS4 it had drops down to 40 to 45 and the XB1 was locked @ 30fps.
I_am_Batman  +   90d ago
I hope they can get the PS4 version to 1080p/30fps considering they delayed the game. If they can't that would be a letdown for me personally. Nothing deal-breaking though.
Lior   89d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
tee_bag242  +   89d ago
Dude 30 fps in a game like this sucks. You need 60fps, even if it has to drop to 900p/720p.
All you people happy with 30fps honestly don't know what your missing.
I_am_Batman  +   89d ago
30fps is enough for a game like this. There are barely any games where you really need 60fps.

You also won't get to 60fps by lowering the resolution to 720p and certainly not to 900p when we're assuming that they're just hitting 30fps at 1080p.

The workload is comparable on the GPU side for 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps but 60fps is much more taxing for the CPU so that would be harder to achieve.

"All you people happy with 30fps honestly don't know what your missing."

I'm pretty sure I know the difference. I've played enough games in my life to know the difference and I have enough expirience in 3D rendering to know the technical side of things as well. For consoles it's much more realistic to aim for a steady 30fps and go with the higher resolution.
Concertoine  +   89d ago
If the framerate was significantly better at 900p i'd prefer it at the slightly lower resolution.
randomass171  +   89d ago
I think I agree. My TV only goes up to 720p anyway. I know some people really want that full HD resolution, but I think fidelity and frame rate are more important.
NobleRed  +   89d ago
No 1080P/30 Frames no buy.
xKugo  +   89d ago
Must be having trouble getting 1080p/30fps to settle properly with alot of the new assets into the game. Should probably reduce it to 900p if they're having that much trouble with it, just to simply avoid any errors within the game post launch. Was originally going to get this on PS4 but I think this is PC bound for me. Really wondering how the scaling in this game is because this will be my first 2560x1440p game. Just bought a new IPS panel and really excited about playing this and Witcher 3 on it. Hopefully everything works OK
scotmacb   89d ago | Trolling | show
mad-dog  +   89d ago
Well Ubi, it needs to be 1080P at 30fps on PS4. and there should also be a bit of anti-aliasing.
Chuk5  +   89d ago
Man, watch_dogs is really coming in hot. It's a month away, and things like resolution are still up in the air. It's a bit worrying that the PS4 isn't confirmed 1080p yet, (althought i thought that was all but confirmed). All will be revealed on the 27th next month. WD is quickly turning into the biggest game of the year again.
mcarsehat  +   89d ago
The Q&A is 15 minutes long, how is resolution and FPS in the title?? it isn't even that important,
Immorals  +   89d ago
It's all that matters on N4G..

I dont want this game to suffer the same as thief, performance suffering just to get 1080p (although that most likely due to poor optimisation)
mcarsehat  +   89d ago
I don't blame the resolution for thief being a pain, i blame the devs.

This game has had one of the longest development cycles so i doubt there will be any problems, i'm having a hard time thinking that it will have bugs.
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tee_bag242  +   89d ago
Not just the Devs fault. Truth is both these consoles have grossly underpowered hardware already. You're just seeing more tell tale signs.
Frankfurt  +   89d ago
"Pretty steady"?

It drops to the 20s on the videos released! Brad from GB even said the game ran closer to 20 than 30 on PS4 during his FOUR HOURS with it and that PC was miles ahead of the PS4 version:

#11 (Edited 89d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
MrXMediaFanboy  +   89d ago
Pretty steady at 20FPS then
tee_bag242  +   89d ago
Good link. Yeah this was my concern. The frame rates sound like they're in the toilet.
PC ftw
incendy35  +   89d ago
I am pretty sure I am getting this one on PC. Seems like the safe bet after watching that NVIDIA tech demo.
Farsendor1  +   89d ago
don't like that there is not tuning for guns or cars that kind of stinks.
RegorL  +   89d ago
What? Do you say you can not chip tune your car?

Lots of computers in every car that you can hack...
Farsendor1  +   89d ago
its in the article

There’s quite a bit of customization for Aiden’s clothes, but there’s no tuning for cars or guns.
Farsendor1  +   89d ago
people should read the article before disagreeing with me
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   89d ago
If their insistence on visual fidelity is causing them issues with the frame-rate, then I say they should focus less on sparkle and more on gameplay.
OldDude  +   89d ago
Amen brother...
Consoleslateagain  +   89d ago
they dont want to receive death threats from these crazy fanboys. they would compare it to other open world games with hardly any interaction, good explosive effects, or things going on in the city. then get mad at the devs for have a better living city. but its not 1080p@60fps and x game looks better. look at those particle effects

it dont matter when i blow up the cars and when people shoot its hardly any particle effects. but look ate those particle effects on em.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   89d ago
A sad yet sober truth of the state of the core gaming community, right there.
randomass171  +   89d ago

I totally agree. The problem is people are going to crap all over the game if they announce a lower than expected resolution/framerate.
heisenberguk  +   89d ago
There's some major pop in in that video especially after the floating car at around 8:34!! Looks to be PS4! I just hope it feels more GTA like to play than Sleeping Dogs because I just couldn't get past that game's awful controls!!
#15 (Edited 89d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
bobkandii007  +   89d ago
they better hurry up.
KNWS  +   89d ago
Some interesting videos online showing how blurry and downgraded games look at 1080p native on PS4.

Trail fusion is the latest example. Sony is putting too much pressure on devs to reach 1080p. Graphic downgrades to have higher resolutions is dumb.
sourav93  +   89d ago
frostypants  +   89d ago
It's a balance. Lowering the resolution to improve other graphical aspects could also be described as "dumb". It totally depends on the game. But it should be up to the developer. I doubt Sony is making anyone do anything. If they are I've yet to hear a dev complain about it.
GW212  +   89d ago
azingbo  +   89d ago
I worry that this game will fail. Something just does not fill me with confidence.
I have the same feeling. The whole hacking thing might not be as fun during game play as it seems in trailers. I hope we're wrong, though.
Uh, huh. So the game will be going gold in a couple of weeks, but they still don't know the resolution it will run at? Suuuure, Ubisoft.

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