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Submitted by RAGE91 659d ago | news

Epic teases "high end" game that will "push next generation graphics"

Epic has a "high end" game in development that will showcase the power of the new Unreal Engine, according to the firm's co-founder Tim Sweeney, much as Gears of War wowed players back at the dawn of the Xbox 360 era. (Dev)

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cfc78  +   659d ago
Sounds promising can't wait to hear more and see more from epic.
MegaRay  +   659d ago
Personally i hate how cool "looking" game sells more than games that play great. :(
I_am_Batman  +   659d ago
Well, graphics are a much more effective marketing tool than gameplay. It's a lot harder to demonstrate a game that plays well than a game that looks great in a commercial trailer.
Mr Pumblechook  +   659d ago
This could be the game that Epic put Gears of War on the back burner to work on.
UltraNova  +   659d ago

Incidentally, Those visuals will be possible in 2020 on high end systems.

Dont get your hopes up.
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GameDev1  +   659d ago

And that is the problem with the current gaming generation, only concerned with great graphics. Indie devs don't get appreciation anymore even though their games are much more innovative due to being able to take risks compared to AAA titles
3-4-5  +   659d ago
K so THAT tech demo needs to be turned into a game NOW!.

* More cyberpunk please
modesign  +   659d ago
haha high end game and epic in the same sentence. haha
Septic  +   659d ago
How is that funny?
FriedGoat  +   659d ago
I think he must have forgotten his medication.
Axonometri  +   659d ago
Uh, Epic has been at the forefront of engine development and high end graphical prowess since they released Unreal. Go look up when that was. Yeah..leaders since then.

Like their games or not, they have been a leading engine developer for many years.
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BassMan125  +   659d ago
I just realized the guards in that Samaritan trailer had the same mask as the character from UE 4 Tech Demo Infiltrator, but without the hair.
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hkgamer  +   659d ago
First time I've seen the samaritan trailer. The story just doesn't make much sense. He is so powerful, I'm sure he can just break that chain off. :P

Anyway, what ever new game epic will be creating I hope it would be crazy fun. I am wishing that they forget about a good storyline, since they normally suck. Bring back fasdt paced action and rocket launcher jumps.
ps360s  +   659d ago
A new UNREAL TOURNAMENT would make my day
DemonChicken  +   659d ago
Would be epic if that happen xD

wouldn't mind some moar Bulletstorm too, such an underrated game.
DefenderOfDoom2  +   659d ago
to ps360 // and a new UNREAL campaign would be amazing ! I am getting sick of developers talking about amazing graphics! These developers need start talking about amazing , challenging and fun gameplay again !! Most gamers play video game because their fun ! Not saying i don not appreciate good graphics, but cmon bring back the fun factor!!
MELMAN26  +   659d ago
Gameplay or GTFO...this is old!
ps360s  +   659d ago
you make a game or STFU ;)
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MELMAN26  +   659d ago
Nope....not a game developer, I am a gamer and a consumer, and as a gamer/consumer, I want to see what your game REALLY looks like. Are you not tired of CG trailers?
ps360s  +   659d ago
@ Melman26

Did they show a CG trailer to their mention game? or was it only recently mentioned?

plus most "AAA" games reveals are at big events (E3)
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Software_Lover  +   659d ago
WTF does "high end" game even mean?

This is getting ridiculous.
GundalfDeGrej  +   659d ago
What's so confusing/ridiculous about that term? It generally means the game will be impressive from a technical and visual standpoint.

Personally I'm really looking forward to see what they're making. Epic did a great job with Gears of War, especially considering the limited hardware they had to work with. Hopefully this game will wow us like they did when they revealed the first Gears of War game.
tigertron  +   659d ago
The Samaritan I hope.
Mikefizzled  +   659d ago
Samaritan is a UE3 tech demo. Surely embedding the UE4 Infiltrator or Elemental demos would be more appropriate.
ElitaStorm  +   659d ago
omg that cigarette must be really heavy
Septic  +   659d ago
LOOOL my thoughts exactly
ElitaStorm  +   659d ago
well now we know what next gen cigarettes can do
majdees  +   659d ago
They don't say "push next generation gameplay" or "push next generation presentation". All about graphics now, honestly had enough. To hell with graphics
cfc78  +   659d ago
It's been the big topic this gen i suppose they think that's what everyone wants to see.
GundalfDeGrej  +   659d ago
Let's hope we get both great graphics AND gameplay! Only time will tell.
I_am_Batman  +   659d ago
Since Epic makes a large portion of their money with their engine they'll obviously try to hype the graphics.
vega275  +   659d ago
I wonder will MIcrosoft will try and go for a exclusive deal with epic on their new game.
I_am_Batman  +   659d ago
I highly doubt that Epic would want an exclusivity deal this time around.
stamps79  +   659d ago
I hope not, I want to see games on both platforms.
OwnageDC650  +   659d ago
That character is obviously in a NO SMOKING zone.
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Smitty2020  +   659d ago
That video has been out ages well before consoles were released
Farsendor1  +   659d ago
i like cool looking games, they also have to have gameplay to mach the graphics. until we see more im not sure about this game
Software_Lover  +   659d ago
these audio/video ads should be illegal
brokenbracket  +   659d ago
Quick question for all these gameplay fanatics posting on here... would you like to have really amazing gameplay and then the graphics of like Sonic from Sega Genesis on the ps4??? When you're looking at a gameplay video/trailer, especially this early in its development, are you thinking "man I hope it has amazing gameplay, but really horrible graphics because I don't care if the main character that I have to see 100% of the time that I'm playing the game is all glitchy and blurry looking." Is that what you're really thinking? I'm not a graphics addict, but I'd prefer that they meet somewhere in the middle. Plus, most games aren't going to show all of their gameplay features until closer to the release.
LoveOfTheGame  +   659d ago
I pose a counter question, would you want to have a game with the graphic fidelity higher than the best pc running an insanely modded Crysis 3 but have the exact same gameplay as E.T.?

There I ask, out of the two hypothetical situations we have presented which one would you rather have?
brokenbracket  +   655d ago
I would rather have a game that plays well, but has really good graphics. That's what I would rather have. But people shouldn't get all butt hurt over good graphics and poor gameplay. For example, the new Dark Souls II has decent graphics, but really good gameplay... I've played it for a total of five hours, maybe, and probably won't play it again because I hate a game with horrible graphics. I can't stand to look at something that isn't appealing to my eyes. If it only takes me 6hrs to beat it, then so be it. People have their own opinion though. I was simply saying people shouldn't get so upset over which the developer prefers, better graphics or better gameplay. Just go get a different game if it's not for you.
N4g_null  +   659d ago
The problem is everyone pushing graphics right now are not known to be great game creators. We have movies... the new transformers will be great I'm sure I'll beat it with in the hour and make it to the end before I leave the theater. I mean captain America was a really good cgi game it even had real people in it.

When I can watch the most action packed movie over again but can not be bother to finish these cgi graphic fest then something is wrong. Movies use to take a back seat to gaming. Now we just get bad interactive movies. Plus tech wise the power is all in pc tech not console tech.... so why even hype it. Sure it may look good but why shouldn't it. All of the consoles are sporting really weak tech that has been out for years and budget stuff is better now. Gddr5 is not going to fix that. That is just a huge bandaid. Hsa is not even possible on the ps4. Plus AI is just as dumb as ever.

You know what got better... the tools to make the games. Yet we are not making better games yet.... I'm wondering what is the true disconnect here.
GusBricker  +   659d ago
According to Major Nelson: ID @ Xbox Developers Get Unreal Engine 4 for Xbox One
USMC43  +   659d ago
Blah blah blah.

Epic needs to shut up, stop showing tech demos and start announcing games. No one can play a tech demo.

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