Check Out What Snoop Dogg and R. Lee Ermey Sound Like in COD: Ghosts – All VO Lines

MP1st - Introducing an entirely new way to customize your Call of Duty experience are two brand new Voice Packs included in Ghosts’ latest batch of customization microtransaction items.

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1217d ago
DefenderOfDoom21217d ago

The problem is , most of the people playing COD GHOST , will not even know this article does exist! They will just buy the DLC and keep playing COD GHOST . Which i think is good thing . Hopefully ACTIVISION will take some of the money they are making off COD GHOST and use it to develop a new IP!

Skate-AK1217d ago

I don't even know who R. Lee Ermey is.

Massacred1217d ago

Watch Stanley Kubricks Full Metal Jacket and you will know

Massacred1217d ago

Both good picks to listen to in CoD. lol

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