Bandai Namco Games delays SoulCalibur Lost Swords Launch

Fans looking to play the free to play SoulCalibur Lost Swords on the PS3 will have to wait as the release has been officially delayed.

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waltyftm1522d ago

Now that is a shame, it was the first thing i loaded this morning at 6:50 am GMT and still got the error code, now i know why i don't feel quite so bad.

BattleN1522d ago

Fighting game or what? lol to lazy to google it and I dont have a PS3 :(

waltyftm1522d ago

Cant tell if serious? Offline fighting game for PS3, the Soul franchise is a quality series with a nice variation of characters, this one is f2p.

Vanfernal1522d ago

"Delay".... Oh is THAT what they are calling it?

FamilyGuy1522d ago

I wonder what the issue is? I mean, hasn't this game been out for a while already in the japanese psn?