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Miiverse Retaliates Against New Comment Restriction

The new comment restriction on Miiverse is being largely disapproved of. (3DS, Miiverse, PC, Wii U)

Metallox  +   462d ago
Restrictions in Miiverse are wrong, so wrong in many levels... just recently they banned me for just putting @ in one in my comments. It had to be a mistake, but it didn't matter, I can't publish on Miiverse until April 30th -_-
diepdiep  +   462d ago
I guess they thought you were putting your email in your post. Ridiculous...
guitarded77  +   462d ago
Yup... one time I has a misspelling, and phonetically it would have sounded like a curse word, and they censored it and sent me a warning. Spell check wouldn't be set for the word, also, the comment was censored a day later than posted. So someone had to have read the comment, then censored it. And ANYONE who can read would have known what was being said. The is no way, especially phonetically that the word would have made sense.

I was really enjoying Miiverse when the Wii U came out, but the combination of Nintendo's mods (censoring), and the inability to just have normal conversations like ANYWHERE else on the internet just sucks. Even on n4g we can get bubbled down for bad language, and I understand that those are the rules. But the rules here don't keep us from having normal conversations. The rules in Miiverse do.
DarthZoolu  +   462d ago
Nintendo always doing things gamers don't like.
LOL_WUT  +   462d ago
They'll ban you if you have your PSN and XBL names in your profile description too! ;)

Edit: @ guitarded77 Yea I remember messaging you about it on miiverse.
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guitarded77  +   462d ago
Yup... that also happened to me. My profile said "guitarded77 on other platforms" and they censored my player profile.
randomass171  +   462d ago
Yeesh, that's not good. Nintendo needs to rethink the level of restrictions they put on Miiverse. I thought comments would be monitored more closely. Such a shame it's so cut and dry.
Activemessiah  +   462d ago
Jeez Nintendo, talk about throwing stones from your house of glass...
-Foxtrot  +   462d ago
Nintendo have really got to take the "child locks" off their online system. By that I mean the constant, harsh restrictions they give out and the fact they seem to refuse to evolve their online network but rather keep it contained.

They want a bigger audience, as a bigger audience means more sales and more money but how can you do that when you make your console look "child like" in the eyes of so many. They need to stop being over protective, the ironic part is these minors they seem to be protecting are the main culprits spewing out abuse and immature behavior in online games such as COD, Halo and Battlefield for example.
Sly-Lupin  +   462d ago
As a result of those "child locks," the Miiverse community acts far more maturely than the XBL or PSN communities.

Zero tolerance for profannity and general assholery is a good thing, IMHO. The problem here is overzealous word/character censoring.
randomass171  +   462d ago
Actually what I like about all of this is the Miiverse community coming together against the restriction. I do believe that Nintendo monitoring the service is good for younger users, but a three minute comment restriction is a bit overkill.
-Foxtrot  +   462d ago
Maturley or not does Nintendo have a good online system like the XBL/PSN where you have a good network to browse N64/Gamecube/Wii games, DLC, indie titles, other content for example....nope, it's not half as good as their networks

The fact they couldn't even put co-op into TWO co-op built up games, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World is ridiculous.

Times are changing and Nintendo need to be up to speed. The majority of people are not mature, they aren't, there's nothing they can do about that, it's just how online communities and the internet in general works.

If they keep being so protective then it's never going to grow.


Yes they are two things, but they co exist with one another as Miiverse is a part of the Nintendo network. If they are too protective of that then they would be the same for the entire Nintendo network.
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randomass171  +   462d ago

You're complaining about two completely different things. Nintendo's Miiverse team has absolutely no effect on the online capabilities the developers at Nintendo EAD may or may not provide. That all being said, the online infrastructure is just fine. It has online multiplayer, public voice chat, DLC (Sonic Lost World and Pikmin both have it, if I'm not mistaken). The problem is it lacks modern features the other guys have. In other words, it's decent but definitely in need of improvement.
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Ghost_Nappa  +   462d ago
Nintendo is the only games company i know of who locks downloads to the system you purchased it on so no, their online is not acceptable.
kirbyu  +   462d ago
I agree doing this is wrong, but the people on Miiverse last night were WAY too angry about it.
randomass171  +   462d ago
I think that the community has a right to speak passionately against changes that don't really make the service better, to be honest. If Nintendo is smart, they will listen. Some restrictions are necessary to maintain a good community, but I don't think this is one of them.
OtakuDJK1NG  +   462d ago
There be countless arguments and fights with post on miiverse
Miiverse is strictly Nintendo gaming anything off topic will give you warning not ban.
LightDiego  +   462d ago
I was banned two times already from Miiverse. The mods there are fascists.
FFRyan  +   462d ago
And how is this pc news exactly...
Metallox  +   462d ago
Miiverse is available on PC as well.
deafdani  +   461d ago
That is... a bit of a stretch, don't you think?
Realplaya  +   462d ago
I had a issue where they warned me I fought back with the moderator and he apologized said we reviewed and you did not violate the policy. The point I make is you know the policy quit doing idiotic stuff to get banned.
CaptainN  +   461d ago
Yea this is a little annoying....it limits your freedom of speech! As long as your not a spammer, this should not be implemented. I understand Nintendo trying to moderate and keep things fair and in check...but sometimes the hand holding needs to stop.

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