Wii U eShop-Exclusive Title Twisted Fusion Now Funded

The hydro-powered Wii U eShop-exclusive indie title Twisted Fusion has met its initial Kickstarter funding goal, and it’s on the way to the Wii U eShop in the near future. With nearly one week left to go, there are a host of Stretch Goals that can bring more features to this title.

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mikel10151274d ago

First Hex Heroes, now this! Congrats to all the amazing indie developers reaching their stretch goals for Wii U!

randomass1711273d ago

Congrats indeed! There's a lot of enthusiasm for and from indies on Wii U. It's quite exciting. :)

BlackWolf1274d ago

Awesome! Nice to see more stories of success. Sucks that "21 Days" didn't make it, but at least the core game is funded.

mikel10151274d ago

Maybe if this game is successful, the developers will make a sequel based on 21 days

wonderfulmonkeyman1274d ago

Hotcha! Hope development doesn't take too long; the more games the better!

Reeze1274d ago

Nice! I'm glad so many great games like Planets Cubed, Hex Heroes, and this are being funded. Cult County is a shame... Looks great as well.

randomass1711273d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. I actually donated $10 to Cult County (it was all I could spare at the time) and I thought they would make the goal without too many problems. I guess Renegade Kid's name isn't known well enough. :(

Reeze1273d ago

I think it's very well known, at least in the indie community... I have no idea what it's not doing well...

I would help, but I don't want to make an unhealthy habit of contributing to Kickstarter project I like. I already made an exception with Planets3... Hopefully Renegade Kid can get its funding some other way!

randomass1711273d ago

That's just it though. Keiji Inafune made 4 MILLION DOLLARS for Mighty No. 9. Why the heck would another well known dev make barely a fraction of their goal which was MUCH smaller than that?

Reeze1273d ago

I have absolutely no idea... I actually thought it was a game at first, not just a Kickstarter project.

randomass1711273d ago

Maybe perception is the issue. I mean when they unveiled Cult County there was no engine footage, just concept art. I think that hurt them a little, but overall people just don't seem to know about this game or they just don't care and that's a real shame.