Naruto Storm Revolution: Early Sept. Release? CC2 Aims to Sell Over 1.5 Million

CyberConnect2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama talks about Storm Revolution.

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staticdash22886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

Across 3 platforms, this should be achievable.

tayz886d ago

i want it above 3 million! ps4 and x1 naruto would be more than guaranteed!

Yi-Long886d ago

I'd buy it, if it wasn't for the DLC-milking they introduced with UNS3.

Didn't pick up that game because of the DLC, and won't pick up this game because of the DLC. I'll stick with NUNS2 and Generations for now.

Studio-YaMi886d ago

It's not on 3 platforms,just PS3&Xbox360.

Why did thy choose not to release to game for PC is beyond me,will..they lost a purchase there.

Captain_Mushroom886d ago

It's also coming to the PC. Seems like Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst was just the start.

Farsendor1886d ago

its releasing on pc

in the ign article they have a picture of the game cases and pc is in the back

Clogmaster886d ago

I know most people didn't like Asura's Wrath. But I would like it if they made a complete edition that includes all content and updates the gameplay. Never gonne happen though.