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Xbox One: At Least 32 Unannounced Games Revealed by Japanese Developer List

Today Microsoft Japan released a list of developers and publishers that have games planned for Xbox One, and that quite impressive list hides an even more impressive piece of information: only a few of those developers and publishers have already announced their games, meaning that there are quite a few brewing behind the scenes and yet unknown. (Xbox One)

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TimeSkipLuffy  +   497d ago
They need the support even if it would mean to throw a lot of money towards japanese game studios and publish their games. At least if they don't want to fail in Japan again.
Fail in Japan again? If by fail it means sell less than PS4 or Wii U.
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DarXyde  +   497d ago
Er...I would definitely say that Microsoft failed in Japan. No biases intended, but Japan isn't exactly keen on the idea of supporting American products over their own. Apple might be an exception. Overall, there's a focus on sleekness and color choices. Small consoles seem to do better in Japan (PS2 and PS3 sold even better following hardware revisions and different editions). One of the Japanese complaints was the size of the XBOX. A guy even broke his Tales of Vesperia after finding out it was also coming to PlayStation 3. The interest just isn't there when PlayStation and Nintendo exist.

On topic: Some of these I imagine are exclusive, but I saw Nippon Ichi and that sort of put this list into perspective. NIS loves PlayStation and I can't imagine they'd leave them out to hang. Regardless, it's good to see XBOX One gaining some Japanese support. XBOX One has the potential to do better than XBOX 360 and XBOX (which really isn't hard to do, considering the original XBOX only broke about 2 million in sales). Assuming console gaming still has a strong presence in Japan, it should do at least as good as the original XBOX.
Gekko36  +   497d ago
Here we go again!. I am completely flabbergasted by the consensus of most gamers, where by manufacturers MUST do well in Japan. I have never found Japanese games interesting and or entertaining in any way shape or form.

Don't get me wrong I'm sure there is a tiny percentage of western gamers that enjoy that kind of thing, but when did it become accepted that Japan is or was the zeitgeist of Gaming?

We are more connected now in a global economy. So why on earth are we prepared to put prestige on Japan's preferences and then make judgement on global significance.

If Japan doesn't like the Xbox brand, well that's fine. Japan is like America in one particular way, they are insular.

The point is, no one really cares, except journalists and the odd gaming nutter.

On Topic: The fact that MS Japan has so many hidden games in development is fantastic. However my only hope is that they are all aimed at the western markets, since that way they will make more money globally as the audience will be far bigger
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Ninja_G_Aidan  +   497d ago
"fail in Japan" Not worldwide elsewhere! Xbox done terrible in Japan.
Army_of_Darkness  +   497d ago
I think MS will have it much harder this generation still because the way I see it is that since MS has 32 unannounced Japanese games, you multiply that by 2 or 3 and you'll get the amount of PS4 unannounced Jap games ;-)
amazinglover  +   497d ago
I don't think games will be the main reason for MS failing again if they do I think it has more to do with the culture. Also how many on that list will be also available for PS4 with both consoles being x86 and next gen gaming engines making cross development a breeze. Would love to see X1 succeed in Japan to give consumers more choice but I just don't see Sony giving them this generation either.
DigitalRaptor  +   497d ago
Most of these 32 games will be on PS4 also, since Japanese developers are smarter than to go exclusively to a console brand that has historically tanked in every respect in their nation.

I find it funny when people see a headline and don't fully take in things like that. 32 exclusives for Japan is absurd. Even 15 unannounced Japanese exclusives would be absurd...

And of course, there WILL be a heck of a lot more Japanese games from first, second and third party studios on PS4, just like PS3 had landslide support last-gen.
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nerdman67  +   497d ago
Whether that is true or not, the reason the X1 wont do well in japan is because gamers over there only really care about Playstation.
k3rn3ll  +   497d ago
Then how come they only had a couple at launch? Japan hardware sales have nosedive since thw ps4 arrived there because of it. There's nothing for them to play that is aimed for tbem
Alsybub  +   497d ago


The Japanese game market is, very much, led by the games.

As it should be.
AnimeFreak013  +   497d ago
Yeah I agree but then again I'm just happy that MS is trying really hard to bring japanese games to the console like FFXV and KH3 being on X1 besides PS4.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   497d ago
I agree that the fire is on recently and I respect that they are willing to put so much effort. I only hope it will last long enough.
Anyway. From a PS gamer I really like that they just give up and instead show their muscles.
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Axios2  +   497d ago
Excellent news

Hopefully this will translate to a marked increase in the X1's already AAA leading library
cfc78  +   497d ago
Anything goods a plus probably a lot of multiplats in there not sure how many will be exclusive.
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GameDev1  +   497d ago
Errr most of these games will be on the PS4 too. Just saying
TimeSkipLuffy  +   496d ago
Probably yes because it they would make more money. Unless MS is willing to finance the whole thing. I think we might see some exclusives of some popular titles in Japan... I'm afraid it will be titles I would love to play on PS4 instead.
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BattleReach  +   497d ago
Take Two = Red Dead Redemption 2 / Grand Theft Auto V --> PS4/XB1
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DanielGearSolid  +   497d ago
Not all of them are necessarily working on games.

They're just registered developers
Fireseed  +   497d ago
No this is actually a list of developers currently developing a game for the Xbox One, the registration list was a few days ago.
christocolus  +   497d ago
This is great. Phil said they would take a different approach this time with japan. I hope it pays off.

I was shocked to see nippon ichi, koeitecmo and level 5 there and im guessing ms has something huge planned with platinum games, artoon and mystwalker cos its obvious they skipped those names on purpose.
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DanielGearSolid  +   497d ago
You're right

My bad
Fireseed  +   497d ago

It's all good, easy mistake.
BX81  +   497d ago
Good to hear
lets_go_gunners  +   497d ago
Dat microsoft money tho. E3!!!
Gamer666  +   496d ago
Most of the Japanese stuff will be announced at the Tokyo Games Show after E3.

E3 will be big on North American and Euro devts.
GusBricker  +   497d ago


After they ripped off MS...I didn't see that coming.
Abriael  +   497d ago
They're doing Wonder Flick on Xbox One. That's already announced.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   497d ago
OK... Despite everyone here on N4G loves Sony and hates MS, we need competition for gamers to win. IDK how MS will fair up Japan, but I wish them good luck.
gamertk421  +   497d ago
Well said. Kudos on the Ghostface ref. I'm a big Deck fan myself.
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BX81  +   497d ago
Raekwon and meth of course
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Gotcha5  +   497d ago
Wu-tang not the same without Tha O.D.B
k3rn3ll  +   497d ago
Tommy Mottola... lives on the road
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bleedsoe9mm  +   497d ago
Good news for xb1 owners
KonsoruMasuta  +   497d ago
I am surprised. It looks like Microsoft Japan has finally decided to stop twirling their thumbs around and got some work done.
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maniacmayhem  +   497d ago
Hmmmm, Arc System Works...does this mean a Blaz Blue or the new Guilty Gear Xrd may come to the Xbox One?

And SNK Playmore? C'mon SNK...announce a new KoF already.

And Nippon Ichi signed aboard too...very interesting. I wonder if they might try and bring over their Disgaea series over also.

Yes, it is very shocking to see mostly playstation exclusive devs signing up to bring games over to the Xbox One. MS wasn't kidding when they said they wanted Japanese support for their system.
KonsoruMasuta  +   497d ago
BlazBlue is already one Xbox 360.

This is nothing new.
izumo_lee  +   497d ago
I would take the Nippon Ichi one with a grain of salt. Last gen they also announced support with the 360 & released a game called 'Cross Edge' but after that they completely ignored the platform.

Granted Cross Edge wasn't really a good game per say but i think they saw the sales of it & decided to concentrate on Playstation instead.

Like i said many of these same developers were also supposedly 'on board' with the 360. However as we saw many of them didn't really do anything significant for it. It all greatly depends on the success of the system in Japan. If it fails like the previous incarnations expect the same to happen with these developers.
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avengers1978  +   497d ago
I know everyone is taking this list as just for XB1, but I'm sure there are a large number of multiplats on that list.
Hicken  +   497d ago
Shh. No reasonable suppositions here.
maniacmayhem  +   497d ago
It even says in the article that most will be multiplats. And no one here is thinking otherwise.
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XboxFun  +   496d ago
Uh oh! Multiplats dont count all of a sudden! They sure did count when Sony released a bunch of old pc ports for ps4.

just like sony fanboys to come into a xbox article and try desperately hard to be a bunch of negative nancy's.

Xbox announces Japanese dev support

sony fanboys: "there all going to be multiplats!"

it's true, sony fanboys dont love their system they just love to hate others.
Moe-Gunz  +   497d ago
A lot will be multiplat. I mean if the Japanese developers want to make money that's what they'll do. Since Japan really seem to support Japan consoles more.
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AceBlazer13  +   497d ago
Take your logical assumptions elsewhere.
JustPlay4  +   497d ago
A long as I can get a lot of these games ps4, I'm fine with them being on x1, more sales equal more games for both consoles
Convas  +   497d ago
When has multiplats being on a list stopped folk from peddling that hilarious List of PS4 and XB1 games chart?
Skate-AK  +   497d ago
They should do a new Lost Odyssey.
Godmars290  +   497d ago
Where do you see Mistwalker on that list? Or do you not care that the original team makes the game?

May as well ask for a Western dev with no RPG experience to do it.
Skate-AK  +   497d ago
I have no idea what you are talking about.
DiscoKid  +   497d ago
Did you even pay attention to his comment.
Godmars290  +   496d ago
@DiscoKid :
Are you talking to me, or the guy who apparently doesn't know the difference between holding a game IP, and actually having the devs who made the IP working on a sequel?

Cause by disagrees there are several others who just want the name slapped on something regardless of quality and actual content.
DiscoKid  +   496d ago
He was merely stating that they should do a new Lost Odyssey, "they" meaning referring to its developers. Mistwalker doesn't need to be on the list because he was merely wishfully thinking. THAT'S what you missed.
Godmars290  +   497d ago
Mistwalker. The company that actually *MADE* Lost Odyssey?

If neither they nor Hironobu Sakaguchi are involved with a sequel there's next to no point in asking for one.
Skate-AK  +   497d ago
Ohhh. Gotcha. Wasn't aware of that.
LordMe  +   497d ago
Platinum is not on the list, guess that debunks the Vanquish 2 rumor.
Clogmaster  +   497d ago
This is all just speculation, but given these facts:

-Xbox doesn't sell well in Japan.
-PS4 is the fastest selling console right now worldwide.
-PS4 isn't selling like crazy in Japan.

Then I have no idea how Xbox One will survive in Japan.
Dannyh  +   497d ago
It just takes one to get people to get a system to have traction,the same way Xbox 360 beat ps3 in America and the UK, now the ps4 is beating Xbox one in America and the UK, anything can happen just because Xbox didn't sell better before doesn't mean they are guaranteed to do bad again, they could also have that one game that people have to play the sells million of systems, look at GTA 3 on ps2
mkis007  +   497d ago
360 has yet to top 2 million sales in japan as well.
DigitalRaptor  +   497d ago
It won't survive. It won't prevail.

MS are just trying to buy a dream, one that will not come true.


And after the anti-consumer/ non-gaming/ corporate spinning/ arrogant GARBAGE that has taken place over the past many months, Japanese gamers are less likely to invest in Microsoft console than they ever had been prior, and they're going to remember Microsoft's disrespectful and damaging attitude far longer than most western gamers, that's for sure.
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Redgehammer  +   497d ago
So they hold a grudge for something that didn't happen? Sony has been doing a better job of taking its fans to dinner ( euphemism), but MS plays the game for the long run. Ten years from now the discussion of sales winner will have true gravitas. Right now, however, I think for a console that is higher priced, to be only 2 million behind, in not as many markets, is less than really.
DigitalRaptor  +   497d ago
"So they hold a grudge for something that didn't happen?"

Japanese consumers are smart, that much is obvious but Japanese culture is one of respect and if there wasn't much respect going for the Xbox brand going the previous 2 generations, it must be nothing short of rock bottom at present, after the events of recent months. It concerns their own actions and motives as a corporation large enough to have a directly negative impact on the industry, not because they were "saved" by people who had the good morals to force them out of doing what they tried to do.

Generally, smart gamers won't let MS forget that they tried to screw over gamers and made decisions that would've had a horribly detrimental impact on the industry and how we play games, by supporting them after the fact.

My point was that western consumers are more forgiving when it comes to things like that than Japanese consumers. Like I said, respect goes both ways.

"Sony has been doing a better job of taking its fans to dinner"

Do tell. That one should be funny.

"MS plays the game for the long run."

You going along with their (recent) "it's a marathon not a sprint" routine, huh? They dropped support the the original Xbox and the 360's past few years has been rather bleak as far as true support is concerned. It should be better for them this gen with Phil Spencer involved, but he cannot change Japanese culture.

"Ten years from now the discussion of sales winner will have true gravitas"

Ten years from now Sony will still have a sales and a performance lead. PS3 launched a year after the 360, and even with all the negativity it endured during its lifecycle, Sony cut down an 8 million unit lead, and is currently outpacing the 360, which ended up in last place.

PS4 has none of the negativity surrounding it, and it's the opposite for Xbone, where they don't have that year head-start. If they cut down an 8 million lead, the gap is only going to continue widening.

Microsoft has already launched in the regions where they are best supported and see the most sales. Allocating millions of units to store shelves in other countries doesn't mean they will magically manage to come close to the better global seller, if those regions are not historically great for MS.

"2 million behind"

It's closer to 3, but yeah....
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christocolus  +   497d ago

Most of your comments are always so negative towards the xbox one. You almost never have anything neutral or constructive to say....yet you attack xbox fans in every xbox article for defending their console of choice.

You could avoid xbox articles you know since you seem to dislike the console so much. You downplay every positive xbox article and your still trying to downplay this article too. How can having 32 unannounced titles be a bad thing for xbox in japan? So is it wrong for MS to keep trying to crack the japanese market? Going by your comments..Im sure if you had your way none of those devs would be working on the xbox one. If you actually claim to be a gamer then act like it and stop wasting all your bubbles downplaying everything xbx related.stop being so biased. If you cant do that, then pls move on. Im sure there are other articles here on N4G that you would find way more interesting than this.
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Godmars290  +   497d ago
"How can having 32 unannounced titles be a bad thing for xbox in japan?"

1) Not knowing if the titles are multiplatform.
2) Not knowing when they'll be released.
3) Not knowing if they're niche.

If they don't don't do anything different or better than Sony or Nintendo they just aren't going to get any attention. Just like the thing which did them in with the 360 in Japan was allowing Tales of Vesperia not just to go to the PS3, but with major added content.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   497d ago
Awesome news for xbox one.
RPGrinder  +   497d ago
That does not mean ANY games are in dev. That is just a list to show who has a dev kit. Doesnt mean much of anything. Nobody should be worried. That is not a list of games in Dev.

The 360 game list had level 5 too. And they did not make a single game for the system. So it is a tad irresponsible to claim this is 32 unannounced games.
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Concertoine  +   497d ago
Huh, guess that CBOAT rumor about platinum games could be wrong.
Predaking77  +   497d ago
Not trying to be negative but Microsoft doesn't have a chance in Japan. They can throw any game they want and still, nothing will happend. History has teach us that. People on Japan simply doesn't like the Xbox brand.

But, you are free to believe in any miracle magic beans from the sky that will suddenly brainwash everybody in Japan and they will run run run to get their x1.
Flames76  +   497d ago
Why in the world are consoles still being released in japan?Damn the console market is dead there.Its a tablet and handheld market.
gigoran  +   497d ago
You're joking, right? I can tell you from over 10 years of personal experience, consoles mean a lot in Japan. A. LOT.

The thing you would probably be depressed about is the poor history of MS consoles in Japan. It is actually a joke in Japan. And I don't mean joke like "oh it sells so poorly and nobody wants it. It's so funny" (but this is true also). What I mean is that people tell physical jokes about the XBOX to their friends. If someone tells their friends they purchased one they would tease him about his idiotic choice.

The fact is that MS should just give up in Japan. Sony and Nintendo own that country. Surprising isn't it? An American console performs the worst in Japan, but a Japanese console beats an American console into submission in the USA!
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gigoran  +   497d ago
It's funny because MS are always making these announcements of games that are...

A. Secret
B. Unnamed
C. Unannounced

I guess if people knew what the games were they would feel less enthusiastic about it, so they just keep it undisclosed for as long as possible because that's the only buzz they can generate.
MrKrispy  +   497d ago
each company does that so it isn't just the one doing it
DCfan  +   496d ago
Nintendo doesn't do it, sony does but damn, these guys broke the record of announcing unannounced games.
Gotcha5  +   497d ago
No Platinum Games on this list. Would be cool if Microsoft funded Vanquish 2 exclusively for the Xbox One
sebzhd  +   497d ago
The biggest FAIL in Console history has now a date, 4 septembre in Japan.
SoulSercher620  +   497d ago
If these games don't make the XB1 a success in Japan then nothing will.
Sh0ckWav3  +   497d ago
i love Japanese games , specially the old shooters like ranger x , m.u.s.h.a, wish they bring them to arcade
Illusive_Man  +   497d ago
Not a fan of Japanese games but it's plainly obvious the launch over there is not to win Japan. They are launching to at least have a presence. Winning or even selling a bunch on consoles is not neccessary. There are plenty of bases over there, a few groups of Japanese gamers that enjoy the Xbox brand just for the simple fact it is different. Over time having a brand presence can slowly tear down walls. It can open the console up to devs to make new games. Not launching period, does absolutely nothing. MS is a multibillion dollar company, and this like many other things is a business venture. Remember it was only a few decades ago that Honda and Toyota were mocked in the US. Over time the quality increased and people saw that the cars had gotten better. These things take time but they can happen.
Picnic  +   497d ago
I agree with Gecko. The closest Japan has been influential on Western tastes is with Mario, Sonic, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. For a few years mid 2000s there were a plethora of survival horror games from Japan which are .. interesting.. (see the unusual Haunting Ground) but they didn't sell massively and were of antiquated game mechanics.

By the time of the N64 British studio Rare were arguably outdoing Nintendo. Then Scandinavian Remedy with Max Payne. Then the US studio Naughty Dog with Sony.

It's only really SCE Japan who have much bearing on me now as far as Japanese companies go.
#28 (Edited 497d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
corvusmd  +   496d ago
Hopefully none of these titles are aimed at a Japan-only release. If even PS4 and Nintendo are struggling in Japan, then it looks like console gaming is dead there, and MS have historically had a much tougher time in Japan.
LightDiego  +   496d ago
Xbox One looks way better if you want to play games.

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