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BF4 Servers Undergo Hardware Improvements to Fix Lag and “Rubber-Banding” Issues

MP1st - Battlefield 4 developer DICE has noted a recent upgrade to the game’s server infrastructure in an effort to reduce or eliminate the considerable lag a number of users have been experiencing on servers with high player counts. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Am-No-Hero  +   463d ago
correct me if i'm wrong ..

should they do all this " improvments " before releasing the game !!

I think after this they should release it again " BF4 DE " lol

Still the best tho
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2pacalypsenow  +   463d ago
there's only so much can do in a year , online games will never be perfect thats why MMO's get updates almost every week
gedden7  +   463d ago
gamers like u are the problem..... sthu, bf4 was a true let down. such low quality....
2pacalypsenow  +   463d ago
alright go make a multiplayer game and make it perfect then talk
Plagasx  +   463d ago
BC2 had pretty much perfect online play...
bradfh  +   463d ago
don't worry frostbite 3 engine will run good when battlefield 5 comes out. still way better playing bf4 war game then cod arcade game online.
DarthZoolu  +   462d ago
Glad X1 has Azure no hardware upgrade will ever be needed for X1 games that use Azure Cloud.
Funantic1  +   462d ago
BF4 does suck big time. There's no excuse for a game to have this many issues 6 months after release.
sourav93  +   462d ago
What do you mean by "a year"? The duration the game has been released for? Or the Mount of time DICE had to develop the game? Because neither is true, since the from there release of bf3 to bf4 there was a 2 year gap.
onyoursistersback  +   463d ago
i wanted to replay the last mission on ez just to unlock the P90..............

...........4uck my luck!!!
the hole dam career is reset!!!

""""' AGAIN!!!"""" ;
ovnipc  +   463d ago
@im no heroe
My friend I 100% agree with you, but we are talking about EA, money hungry company worst than activision. They should had fix this before they release bf3 that had the same problem. The question here its how much the servers improved, cause next bf may have the same problems, it will even be more demanding than bf4. Gamers blame dice but dice just follows orders when the one to blame its EA.
Elwenil  +   463d ago
DICE IS EA. They are owned lock, stock and barrel by EA. And DICE has a long history of releasing buggy games with issues that are NEVER fixed. Not all are game breaking or as bad as BF4's issues but one can hardly think of DICE as a top quality developer with their history. Do the research, you will see that I am 100% correct.
samchez77  +   462d ago
Blame EA and thier unrealistic dead lines to roll the game out to capture the 2013 Xmas sales rush...........
RedSoakedSponge  +   462d ago
you say that but they are still trying to fix it..... do you really think they should have delayed it until now? thats quite a huge delay lol.
Douchebag696  +   462d ago
I think it's funny that they're just now doing this. The Rubberbanding has been an issue for several months now.
Majin-vegeta  +   463d ago
Been playing all day and holy Batman.Registration is spot on well done Dice
one2thr  +   463d ago
I believe the main reason for the lag and rubber banding was due to the addition of net coded water. To my knowledge net coding for the characters, buildings, vehicles, etc. Is a tedious job to do, but with the addition of a huge moving "body"(the water) that has to look the same on all screens, would be hellish on top of what they had going on so far.

Not saying, this justifies the lag and rubber banding issues, its just how Im understanding the causes, thats keeping this game from being great. (Strictly talking abkut the online aspect)
Aleithian  +   463d ago
Anyone notice any improvement on PS4?
ScottyHoss  +   463d ago
Yes I have, to any PS4 players: try hardwiring your console, it will drastically improve performance on battlefield. Anytime I use wifi it will lag.
Lawndart1981  +   463d ago
Lag and rubberbanding still exist on certain maps and servers, but yes there is a noticable improvement when the console is hardwired
ScottyHoss  +   463d ago
Yes, I've heard naval strike has severe issues, the biggest difference I've noticed is on SA
Ace Killa 08  +   462d ago
Hard wiring is nothing more but a dream for me. Router and PS4 are separated by two rooms and too lazy to pass it through the roof or floor. Wifi and Lag it will be for me :(
invalidsyntax  +   461d ago
Unhook your modem and hook it directly to the console (if possible of course).
tracyllrkn  +   463d ago
It's a shame this game still has issues.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   462d ago
So is ghost and your point is what?
GoodnessGreatness  +   463d ago
The campaign mode always crashes my save file. Such a broken game..
KyRo  +   462d ago
It's the way you quit out of the game. There's a way around it on YouTube so you can unlock them single player guns.
DJ  +   463d ago
I didn't notice any lag issues today. But it is odd to see vehicles and entire fallen trees disappear. Audio doesn't always work for vehicles. Who knew a buggy could quiet as a whisper.
cyclindk  +   462d ago
I've been playing WIRELESS on PS4 for two days now, silky smooth all maps, Dam and Hotel, no issues :) Though still fps drop during hotel collapse
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BALLARD32  +   462d ago
Just played for a couple of hours and it was the smoothest and most fun it's been for me since it launched. It seems DICE is finally getting on the right track, albeit being six months late, and that's coming from one of their biggest critics.
Rimeskeem  +   462d ago
samchez77  +   462d ago
I stick to 32 player matches due to the high player count lag. Hopefully now I can play 64............on PC.
anesthesique  +   462d ago
Players are reporting that the rubberbanding issues have been fixed on both consoles, better late than never I say. Can't wait to try out some of the DLC maps that weren't playable before.
Kingoftherodeo  +   462d ago
ahh so i can finally go back to enjoying this game?
bumnut  +   462d ago
Too late for me, I got bored and moved on months ago. Good news for BF fans though.
tigertron  +   462d ago
Too little too late. I traded BF4 in because I couldn't take the rubber-banding any more.
Sainox16  +   462d ago
Wait they still havent fixed it yet?! I stopped playing this game when naval strike came out
MasterD919  +   462d ago
I have no regrets about skipping BF4 entirely. They got away with this with BF3, they shouldn't at all with BF4.
ZILLA  +   462d ago
How the fix on PS3,the freezing and lock up between maps on Obliteration mode is horrible.i hope its fixed!

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