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[RUMOR] ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Delayed Until 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight might be delayed until 2015. (Batman: Arkham Knight, PS4, Xbox One)

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DaleCooper  +   153d ago
NO NO NOOOOOO!!! It was going to be THE game to get me through the Fall season. Say it ain't so!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   153d ago
There main competition is probably Assassin's Creed unity.

Makes sense because these guys have more to lose than Ubisoft consider they have a last gen version of Assassin's Creed. And there is no last gen version of Batman to fall back on.

If true they might aim for a January release date.
Rickgrimes95  +   153d ago
It's true from a gamers perspective this sucks pretty bad but from a business perspective it makes sense fall is stacked with games and the witcher 3 and arkham knight will both sell better now
oIITSBIIo  +   153d ago
Batman Arkham series is way way way better than any AC game . AC can't beat Batman .
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GusHasGas  +   153d ago
Also, let's not forget that there are three huge games releasing just a week before Arkham Knight - Alien Isolation, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, and Dragon Age Inquisition. With all the huge competition, it really does make sense that they'd delay it. CD Projekt Red did the same thing with The Witcher 3 - there was too much competition, so they delayed it to Feb 2015.

I honestly wouldn't mind if Arkham Knight got delayed. Albeit I'm hyped for the game, but I have plenty of other games to play in October.

Arkhamverse confirmed on Twitter that the game IS NOT DELAYED.
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ginsunuva  +   152d ago
Competition is rarely a delay factor.

Plus, next gen is so dry with games that even both games out at the same time wouldn't matter.
Everyone would buy both.
Baka-akaB  +   152d ago

In quality sure , but they do have to sell the game . WIth AC present on two different field and other big titles to hinder it and on two successful but relatively new consoles on the market ? It could be selling more like Arkham Origins than the previous two games , if not careful .

Either way , i'm down it one of those games move up and down a bit in release date . For some on October 7 alone that's already 3 game to purchase . i'll just hope it's not Batman
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thorstein  +   152d ago
Makes sense because the Developer Rocksteady most likely NEVER said it would be out in the fall.

Release dates often come from "suits" working for a publisher who has no inkling of what it takes to deliver software.

Ask anyone in the coding/ dev business if they ever have had a "suit" overpromise what they could deliver. I guarantee a poll of every coder/ developer would result in the following:

Do "suits" often overpromise what you could deliver? (please include everything from shipping dates, to in game options etc.)

Yes 100%
No 0%

Stop listening to suits.

EDIT: Nowhere on the Rocksteady website do we see a launch date for this game. Which begs the question: Is the game delayed if the developer never said when it would be launched? (Note: I said developer, not publisher.)
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joab777  +   153d ago
This happens every year. Get out of the way pf certain games. Last year it was GTA5, B4, AC4 and CoD.

This year it is CoD, AC Unity and Destiny.
Baccra17  +   153d ago
That parity curse. It takes time to gimp the lead console so that the slower one has a chance.
elninels  +   153d ago
Baka-akaB  +   152d ago
You should look at pixels , not inhale them
solidjun5  +   152d ago
wait, what?
Gotcha5  +   153d ago
No way I was going to skip Destiny(not into that hype) for Batman and Alien Isolation.
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MichaelLito79  +   153d ago
What a shame if this is true. I was definitely amped for Batman game this year.
Utalkin2me  +   152d ago
Im sure some other truly good games are coming out around fall season, no need to worry.
DaleCooper  +   152d ago
I'm hoping so. If Batman really is delayed I may end up going with Dragon Age Inquisition, which is starting to look really good after its latest trailer.
showtimefolks  +   152d ago
its good more time for development, this and witcher 3 needs to deliver. 2015 is sort of shaping out to be the best year for next gen games.

witcher 3 delayed
batman rumored delay
halo 5 rumored to be coming in 2015
Uncharted 4 most likely 2015
gillri  +   153d ago
Hmm this and TW3 :(, I just brought a PS4, maybe I should have waited

looks like it be a year and a half after the release of next gen consoles that the actual next gen arrives

No I dont seem so annoyed about the annual release of the AC franhise
smashman98  +   153d ago
Don't worry there's still the order, a new assassins creed, and potentially more to be revealed at e3
showtimefolks  +   152d ago

honestly i see the order not coming out in 2014, at the reveal event many gaming media members had major complains so i can easily see that being pushed back to 2015(hopefully at E3 we will find out for sure, i want ready at dawn to get as much time as they need because its their first AAA game on home consoles and the order 1886 is very interesting)

we also know next to nothing about drive club

E3 2014 will clear the air on many things. right now rumors are The last Guardian will be shown at E3 on ps4 build and with release date of Q1 2015(Imagine sony closing with the demo than showing release date)
raWfodog  +   153d ago
I'm not gonna be getting my PS4 until this holiday season. There should be plenty of great games available by then to keep me entertained well into the new year.
Farsendor1  +   153d ago
you would have stuck with the old fossils slow interface slow updates very slow installs? 3rd party games and cross gen games are more fun on ps4. cleaner picture with better online features
nope111  +   153d ago
Not surprising if true.
porkChop  +   153d ago
Wouldn't really bother me. There are so many great games coming out later this year. At least if this gets delayed to February/March it won't have much competition.
TheHaydenator  +   153d ago
That was quick
LightDiego  +   153d ago
I don't like Batman, Arkham games and the Nolan movies are terrible, i don't know why people like both.
WalterWJR  +   153d ago
First two films and games are great. The 3rd from each are terrible.
HeavenlySnipes  +   153d ago
You two should look up the definitions for "terrible"

The Purge is a "terrible" movie imo. Is the Dark Knight Rises that bad that you would lump it in that category?
KwietStorm  +   153d ago
I don't know what you're on.
I_am_Batman  +   153d ago
I won’t kill you, but I don’t I have to save you.
ironfist92  +   153d ago
Because its okay for people to like things even if you dont like them.
Walker  +   153d ago
I don't believe !
Dudebro90  +   153d ago
They just announced it. Why would they announce it of they weren't sure of the date?
cfc78  +   153d ago
Been out for 24hrs this news has can't see them getting it wrong.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   153d ago

Besides Watch dogs this only other game I preordered for the year. Now to Dying Light or Evolve...
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cfc78  +   153d ago
or both.
Salooh  +   153d ago
Both Dying light and Evolve looks near finish . But evolve may have some issues in the multiplayer so it's a possibility . Issues won't stop dying light from releasing lol ..
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CerealKiller  +   153d ago
I think its healthy for franchises to move off the yearly holiday release schedule. As long as the game is good it will still sell well.
barb_wire  +   153d ago
I read about this this morning.. some say it true others not. Wouldn't be surprised if it is delayed, I expect more games to be delayed into 2015 as well.

They're still 'LotR: Shadow of Mordor' to look forward too in Oct
Salooh  +   153d ago
A lot of games in october , one of them most likely will have a delay. Hope not though. A lot of people think 3-4 games are too much for a month , for me the more the better , i can complete 1 game every week without even playing a lot. So i want the choice if i want to play it or not ..
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videgamenext1  +   153d ago
Man this will suck it was the reason i went ahead and got a ps4. If true i guess I'll go ahead and get watch dogs on ps4 instead of wiiu
blackbirdi  +   153d ago
why that's doesn't surprise me at all :it's new trend
Kingthrash360  +   153d ago
new trend??????
lol you must be new to gaming.
DJ  +   153d ago
I sure hope so, I want it to be the best Batman game ever. Give the developers more time. BTW, the batmobile looks sick. Even better than the version in the Dark Knight trilogy.
mezati99  +   153d ago
please no
KwietStorm  +   153d ago
Geekman  +   153d ago
I'd actually be glad. A little disapointed, but I have a PS4, 360, Wii U, and 3DS to support. If I bought every game I'd be broke.

Still, I gotta say it: DAMMIT!
N8  +   153d ago
I'm OK with it considering it will be the developers last Batman game. I have faith it will be amazing.
DarXyde  +   153d ago
I don't mind. Plenty of other games will be available until then.
DVS-Zev  +   153d ago
It wouldn't be a proper console launch without half the announced year one games being delayed lol
Wescyde  +   153d ago
I have heard that rocksteady already debunked this and its still on track for 2014, until official i would take as just a rumor
incendy35  +   152d ago
Do you have a link?
Plagasx  +   153d ago
little-witch  +   153d ago
A little offtopic... but I hope they make a superman or wonderwoman game next ;-)
DVAcme  +   153d ago
OH GOD NO. This game is LITERALLY the one I bought a PS4 in anticipation for. More than Watch_Dogs, more than Destiny, more than any other. It'll seriously break my heart if this does happen.
deadfrag  +   153d ago
This is false!!
Ghost_Nappa  +   153d ago
Just gonna pretens this a late april fools day prank
BehindGames  +   153d ago
Actually the October 14 release date not confirmed officially, the date just appeared on Steam
xKugo  +   153d ago
Probably realized well into final stages of development that certain ideas couldn't be attained while also maintaining good performance on a "certain" console. I'm no console fanboy(anymore) but why do I get the feeling these delays have something to do with developers inability to grasp the Xbox One's weird architecture. All of a sudden I'm wishing that this gen was more PC/PS4 than PC/Xbox One/PS4.

Man, was really looking forward to this on PC with some godly SweetFX and NVidia treatment this fall.
Crossbones  +   153d ago
This Year Sucks
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