Open World Games Need to Ditch Story Quests

From the article, "Open world games are a big part of AAA development at this point. The Assassin’s Creed series makes a point of delivering one every year. Major franchises like Borderlands have built digital empires on delivering quirky worlds for you to explore and side-quest in. But open world games have also struggled with a big problem; namely, the main quest tends to be the least fun thing about it."

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smolinsk1462d ago

This article is absolutely right. I always tent to get the main story over with so I can get the real fun going.

LightningMokey1462d ago

Thats probably because the Story isnt compelling enough. I also dont like how theres no sense of urgencey in quests anymore either.

LightningMokey1462d ago

I disagree, I think they need more interesting stories and certain game mechanics should be changed, but without the story there is no context. Why are you there?, What are you trying to achieve etc.Without a Story your just wandering around which is fine, But, its there regardless of the story.

sdozzo1461d ago

Dark Souls. Rebuttal!

tamarkovia11462d ago

There's room for both I don't think stifling a good writer from telling a story through the medium of games sends a good message to our youth or the general public just at a time when we're trying to cement it as an art form imo.

Testfire1462d ago

Games just like any good art should not follow a cookie cutter pattern. Your protest sounds to me like you would rather have one set of standards the video game industry should follow and not deviate from in order to appease the snobs of the art world who couldn't think outside of a box if they slapped with it. The best art in the world is the art that didn't conform to rules, but rather bent the rules to confirm to the artist. That's what youth should learn, "don't be just another brick in the wall."

Having said that, I personally enjoy a storyline in my open world games, but if a dev wants to try something different I won't turn it down. I'll try it and if I like it I'll praise it.

smolinsk1462d ago

Yea but something has to be done, the main story is always so boring for open world games.

tamarkovia11462d ago

@testfire I guess I'm just not articulate enough I agree with what you said freedom of expression, that's the point I was trying to make. I love a good story line and side quests which brings me to thief why are there so many haters out there I love it.

Testfire1461d ago

No worries, hope I didn't come off as a jerk lol. There's plenty of games I love that have had horrible reviews. At the end of the day we play games WE enjoy, that's what matters. The only time I hate on a game is when the game is released in a sloppy state and is obviously a money grab. I haven't played Thief, but it does look interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.