Fantastic Watch_Dogs PS4 Footage and Screenshots Show that the Game Was Well Worth The Wait

Watch_Dogs is just a little more than a month away, and today you can see quite a lot of new gameplay footage and screenshots from the game.

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emad-E-three1244d ago

I see what you did there :D

kingfetish171244d ago

Reminds me of a serious-toned GTA V.

Guaranteed PS4 system-seller alongside MLB '14 The Show & The Last of Us Remastered!

Septic1244d ago

It looks sick! Definitely relieved now after all the downgrade debacle. PS4 version for me.

starchild1244d ago

Looks nice. I'm getting the PC version, but I'm glad to see that the PS4 version turned out to be great.

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thorstein1244d ago

Looks absolutely gorgeous. The only question I have now: Will it have a photo mode ala inFamous Second Son?

Meltic1244d ago Show
Monolith1244d ago

Hey cry baby,what does a photo mode have to do with them being two different games. Every game should have it. Disagree and pop bubble for being a douche!

BX811244d ago

Idk, it didn't blow me away visually. I really didn't care for this game before but it's quickly getting on my radar. Lol

RedSoakedSponge1244d ago

if it doesnt, you could always just use the share button to take a photo.

MysticStrummer1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Wow Meltic…

Yeah photo mode would be a good addition to many games.

@Red - Good point

starchild1244d ago

I hope so. Photo mode should be standard in every game.

medman1244d ago

I'm hoping to sample the murder mode in Watch_Dogs.

UltraNova1244d ago


Yeah...pls do us all a favor and steer clear of any schools for a while.

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TooHigh2Die1244d ago

Wow game looks really fun especially that multiplayer. Glad to see its not some GTA online clone but integrated within the campaign. This will be a Day 1 purchase and I cant wait to get into that city and start hacking and invading other players...

RebelWAC1244d ago

Yes and one other thing noted is that it seem like there is no auto aiming involved. A huge plus in my book. Can´t wait for this one!

Farsendor11244d ago

does this video have spoilers?

ITPython1244d ago

Wow, that is actually pretty dang nice looking! It's a night-and-day difference from everything else we have seen.

LackTrue4K1244d ago

i wonder witch console will pull the most sales of this game?

Syntax-Error1244d ago

When people compare it to a new type of GTA they act like that's a bad thing. GTA is the most successful game in history and continues to shatter records, so being compared to the one of the best franchises in history when done is a good thing. Day one for me. This, second son, and Killzone are going to be my reasons for buying a PS3 in May

RebelWAC1243d ago

I don't want to be that guy who tells you how to spend your money but that's a bad investment buying a ps3 when 2/3 of those games aren't available on that system ;-)

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mezati991245d ago

yep this is day one on PS4

Dark111245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Wow that looks bland and generic.

ritsuka6661245d ago

Agree.I have this nagging feeling the game won’t be that great after all downgrade graphics showed in the trailers.

antikbaka1244d ago

Put in the game some glassy cars and lot's of wet alphalt and everyone will think that ur game is cool - that's their logic.

TheGreatAndPowerful1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

"glassy" "alphalt"

freaking xbone users. lol


he posts a picture of a watch and dog and you people STILL don't get it? -_- lol

antikbaka1244d ago

seems there are always professional "wait-ers", get over excited during waiting for a game time period and become "soft" after a game release.

Am_Ryder1244d ago

The video starts with shooting and cover- which DOES look generic.

But did you keep watching? It goes onto controlling giant mechanised spiders crushing cars, invading other players' games, hacking stuff, being a vigilante by hacking into people's texts (christ I can't wait for that)...

I agree, the cover-shooter aspect DOES look bland and generic. But everything else, all the systems behind it and the other content, looks brilliant, imo.

ge3zy691244d ago

How in the world is this bland and generic, do explain please.

starchild1244d ago

Looks fresher than most other upcoming game I have seen. Very far from bland and generic.

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