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Submitted by rattlesnake_906 653d ago | rumor

Capcom Germany teasing something, Resident Evil 7?

The official Twitter profile of Capcom Germany tweeted a picture and asked us to stay tuned. The image has two words: RESIDENT EVIL (PC, PS3, Resident Evil, Xbox 360)

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cfc78  +   653d ago
Im very tuned in and waiting.
Mikefizzled  +   653d ago
Update on story: #ResidentEvil 2 und Resident Evil 3 sind ab sofort im #PSN Store erhältlich!!!
Or to English speaking folk. Resident Evil 2 + 3 now available on PSN store.
GeofferyPeterson  +   653d ago
WitWolfy  +   653d ago
Has been available to us EU subscribers for at least 3 years now...
Summons75  +   653d ago
Interesting. Maybe one final hurrah for the story line before a much needed reboot? As long as they drop the coop crap I'll listen and give it a chance.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   653d ago
If Capcom can put out crap like re 6 and still sell over 5 million copies then i see no reason why they can't appease the fans and go back to survival horror, it's still going to sell millions.
Matt666  +   653d ago
when you say survival horror, the only survival horror RE's are 1-CVx anything after that became an action game, so I will only get RE7 if it a good survival horror like the original ones are.
Twiggy  +   653d ago
That's.. the original Resident Evil font..

Resident Evil reboot? Resident Evil 7 with classic style gameplay? another REmake of sorts?

Who knows, either of the three above would demand a blessing.
NYC_Gamer  +   653d ago
It's hard for me to even get excited after Resident Evil 6
DarXyde  +   653d ago
Totally agree.

It's WAY too soon, at least for me, for them to announce Resident Evil 7. I think Capcom REALLY needs to sit back and think about what they've done. I doubt they're ready to correct the issue anytime soon. If it's a teaser trailer with no gameplay, just plot, that's fine. But if they try to demonstrate anything, I'm not expecting anything genre-shattering or different.

You should've seen my disappointment following playing RE6 for about 30 minutes. I got it on Black Friday for $15 and still felt cheated.
-Foxtrot  +   653d ago
After RE4 they said something like

"Oh we are going to focus more on horror"

RE5 becomes an over the top action game from what it was like as RE4.5 and before co-op

After RE5...same story

"Oh we are going to focus more on horror"

RE6 is announced and it's clear horror is not part of their plan although people still believed because of Capcoms bullshit about Leon's campaign.

So now when RE7 gets announced what do you think is going to happen. They are most likely going to feed old school RE fans a bunch of crap to secure sales from us.

It's got to a point where now you can't trust them
Plagasx  +   653d ago
Sigh...the sad truth. I pray it's different this time.
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BeathuberCH   653d ago | Spam
Matt666  +   653d ago
RE 4-6 is the biggest amount of rubbish for the RE series, it wasn't even survival horror anymore, instead it became an action game, if Capcom want me to even to consider getting RE7, it have to go back to the good RE setting (IE RE1-CVx).

For RE7 they should continue from where CVx left off, because at the end of CVx, Claire and Chris said they where going to take umbrella down but that never happened.
Shinox  +   653d ago
I agree with you

Keep in mind that the one who disagrees with comments is gantarat
gantarat  +   653d ago
me ?
DarkBlood  +   653d ago
If they are going to end the story as we know it hope they include everybody like billy and Rebecca
Pozzle  +   653d ago
And Claire. I've missed her.
gantarat  +   653d ago
And Barry , Carlos, Hunk
Max-Zorin  +   653d ago
Hopefully we see some different characters and not the overused Chris, Leon, and Jill.
gantarat  +   653d ago
my opinion
if you ask me ​What's The Worst RE Game I say RE:Operation Raccoon City
RE 6 not good but i don't think it's bad a least i can finish game after patch
(i like Ada campaign)
but RE:ORC i can't finish game
the characters were cool, setting was cool, enemies were cool, but the game play not cool (Don't Touch RE:ORC) 
WitWolfy  +   653d ago
I agree it was was just a quick cash in to give the little fans they had left a mediocre L4D like survival game. Total waste of a good franchise name.
Feldman9000  +   653d ago
I'm almost convinced that if they do a 7, it should be on current gen to finally rid the series of crap. A reboot on the next gen systems would be great.
chazjamie  +   653d ago
what does war have to do with resident? I never finished resident evil 6. someone care to explain?
BassMan125  +   653d ago
Well, did you play Chris's campaign at least?
Its literally like zombie Gears of War. They're fighting a war against Bio-terrorism and zombie breakout all over the world.
cfc78  +   653d ago
But without the zombies.
gantarat  +   653d ago
Fake Poster
solidjun5  +   653d ago
I think they should just Reboot the whole series. The plot just got more and more convoluted.
Farsendor1  +   653d ago
i like the resident evil series because it lets you fight against the zombies/monsters cant stand running all the time, RE5 RE6 had to much action hopefully they ton the action down and focus on surviving
gantarat  +   652d ago
keyword is good mix actions and horror element

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